Angel 07 and Majesty's Fiend vs Yubel and Jinzo

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Angel 07 and Majesty's Fiend vs Yubel and Jinzo

Post by lagendofdoom » Sat Oct 29, 2016 4:43 pm

okay then I'm a little confused here....
what if Angel 07 and Majesty's fiend on the field and then we have Jinzo and Yubel also on the field
does Yubel effect's work ? the same questions applies to Jinzo,
and does Majesty's fiend and Angel 07 effects influence each other.
which effects does work against Angel 07 and Majesty's Fiend ?
thanks in advance !
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Re: Angel 07 and Majesty's Fiend vs Yubel and Jinzo

Post by Darksoul » Mon Oct 31, 2016 2:00 am

If I recall correctly, none of the above would affect Jinzo seeing as how Jinzo doesn't activated, it continuously applies.

Two of Yubels effects do however activate, the two that do activate are negated whilst the continuous effect is not.

Majesty's Fiend and Angel 07 do not influence each other whatsoever as they are both continuous effects and do not require activation.

I would recommend researching into the different types of card effects, trigger, continuous, summon etc.
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