Winged Dragon of Ra Counters

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Winged Dragon of Ra Counters

Post by HeartoftheCards1 » Tue Dec 27, 2016 1:18 pm

I am a non-competitive player who makes decks based on the characters from the original yu-gi-oh show.

With all the new dark magician, blue eyes and god card support I am revamping some of my decks.

I have added Winged Dragon of Ra Sphere Mode and Phoenix Mode to my Marik deck, it includes all his classic trap cards and torturous monsters.
I am wondering, what cards make taking down Ra, with its new support, easier? Is there a good way to stop the recycling effect or get one of the monsters out of the way? I am particularly interested if any of the new Dark magician or Blue eyes support cards will help with this so I can make my yugi and kaiba decks balanced against Ra.


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Re: Winged Dragon of Ra Counters

Post by knyteii » Sun Feb 12, 2017 9:16 pm

If you were to flip him face down with a card like Book of the Moon or Paleozoic Canadia, his attack and defense would become 0. From the sound of the card's words, it looks like it is only unaffected by effects during its normal summoning.

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