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Rogue DPS For Dummies

Posted: Wed Dec 09, 2009 1:00 am
by YCG Admin
One of the blogs that I loosely follow has posted a series of Rogue DPS for Dummies articles that I think are pretty good. I didn't want to just repost the entire articles cause this is the web and it is easy to just link to the original source. These articles are directed more at players new to the class, but even an experienced player is likely to learn a few things here. So far, there are 4 posts in this series:

Rogue DPS for Dummies: Part 1
Covers: Professions and Stats beneficial to rogue DPS.

Rogue DPS for Dummies: Part 2
Covers: Talent builds, Glyphs, Poisons and Cooking recipes that'll maximize DPS.

Rogue DPS for Dummies: Part 3
Talks about Raiding Philosophy.

Rogue DPS for Dummies: Part 4
Continues the discussion on raiding with sections entitled:
1. Don't Die.
2. Good DPS requires effort.
3. Become the Slice & Dice King.
4. You can heal yourself sometimes you know ...
5. Know the fights.

Here is one, of many, things that I just learned in the last article of the series:
The threat drop from feint can be handy at times, but the real good bit here is the 50% damage reduction for 6 seconds that you take from AoE attacks. If you know when to pop this, and you pop it regularly, you take a huge load off the healers.
I almost never pull aggro because I effectively use Tricks of the Trade on the MT. Before I properly used this technique, however, I remember using Feint quite often to try to survive if I pulled it and it never helped. The bosses always smacked me down fast. As a result, I stopped using Feint altogether in favor of Vanish or Shadow Meld when I need to drop threat. This article tough me that although Feint is relatively useless for threat reduction, at level 8, it can still be quite useful as a means to mitigate AOE damage taken. That little trick can make all the difference in some difficult healing situations and I'm looking forward to using it.

A few examples of where this would be very helpful are
Ignis’ Flame Jet: Timed right, you can save yourself from taking about 8k worth of damage and again, that’s 8k worth of healing that can go to somebody else.

XT’s Tantrum: This spell hits everyone in the raid for 10% of their health every second for 12 seconds. So, basically, it is guaranteed death if you don’t do something. Cloak won’t help us here but feint will. Pop Feint right after the first tick of tantrum for the maximum effectiveness, suddenly 12 ticks of 10% of your health because 6 ticks of 10% and 6 ticks of 5%. It would take some significant pressure off the healers during a rather heavy raid healing fight.


Re: Rogue DPS For Dummies

Posted: Wed Jun 01, 2011 10:39 am
by Lord dragon
So is this still accurate?

Re: Rogue DPS For Dummies

Posted: Thu Jun 02, 2011 11:03 pm
by YCG Admin
Lord dragon wrote:So is this still accurate?
A lot of it is still accurate, but much has also changed since Cataclysm. Combat rogues are almost played the same as before.

Re: Rogue DPS For Dummies

Posted: Fri Jun 03, 2011 11:13 am
by Lord dragon
heh, now to finish leveling the rogue. . . or the priest, or the mage, or the warrior. . .