Favorite manga

If you love anime, chances are you have a fond appreciation for manga too, after-all, most anime is born out of these great stories.
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Re: Favorite manga

Post by Laskeri » Fri Apr 13, 2012 12:07 pm

serpentovvoid wrote:Necro revive!

There is no manga i have read that is better than GANTZ.
GANTZ is alright, but it's not the best.

My list, in no particular order;

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
Soul Eater
Deadman Wonderland
Medaka Box
World Embryo
Bokurano: Ours

I tend to like more seinen-ey stuff, but there's some shounen-ish stuff that I like as well (I say this because a lot on this list is somewhere in between.)

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