Empty jar

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Empty jar

Post by SetoKaiba » Thu Jan 09, 2014 12:16 pm

1X Morphing Jar
2X Needle Worm
3X A D Changer
2X Deep Diver
1X Spirit Reaper
1X Marshmallon
2X Swift Scarecrow
3X Book of eclipse
1X Book of moon
3X Book of taiyou
2X A Feather of the Phoenix
2X Magical Mallet
3X upstart Goblin
2X The Shallow Grave
2X Pot of Duality
2X Magical stone Excavation
1X Foolish Burial
1X One Day of peace
3X Mystical Space Typhoon
2X Prohibition
1X Swords of revealing light

This is a deck I just randomly decided that I wanted to build. But i'm not sure how well I did building it.

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Re: Empty jar

Post by Zanrith » Thu Jan 09, 2014 6:02 pm

I have a bit of experience with empty jar.
You need to get rid of all the monsters, except Morphing Jar, 3 A/D Changer, and 2 Deep Diver. You should also get rid of 1 Duality, all of the Mystical Space Typhoons, Prohibition, and Swords.
Replace all of them with draw cards, and add a Morphing Jar #2.
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