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Post by arkain07 » Sun Mar 06, 2016 3:25 pm


3 purple butterfly
3 wolf
3 black sheep
3 blue cat
3 tiger
3 White Rabbit
3 king of Swamp

3 fusion recovery
3 poly
1 foolish burial
3 tenki
2 twin twister
3 upstart
1 allure of darkness

2 solemn strike
1 solemn warning

3 cat dancer
2 leo dancer
2 Panther dancer

everything else is fill in. So far this is the best i can figure out. I tested fox but not a huge fan of it. I do like King of the Swamp in here so i can go off and poly into Panther with it and can banish it from the grave with tiger for panther and leo as well. I might try a shaddoll version or hero version of it. might be fun
So rank 4 plays are easily produced with tiger and a blue cat in grave and in hand also you can loop it back to hand with sheep to ns him the next turn. Herald of purple light allows you to get sheep back to your hand to loop with it to get poly back. you can pen and foolish also works with sheep. might add zphyros the elite to abuse tigers effect since it has the old school once per turn effect and tenki back to hand.
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