Recommended cards for Spell-Counter type deck ?

This is the place to tell us about your deck and to give other people feedback on theirs.

Please be nice to new players. Don't expect everyone to be an expert, that is why they are asking for advice, after-all.
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Recommended cards for Spell-Counter type deck ?

Post by bbgun21 » Thu Jun 30, 2016 3:21 pm

Hey YGO Community.

After a long time of not playing YGO, I recently got myself YuGiOh! ARC V Tag Force Special for my PSP, and I have to say it's really nostalgic seeing the same cards which I played with when I was younger and the library of cards is HUGE.

Last time I looked at YGO was back when I watched YuGiOh! GX years ago and saw some new deck types (Cyber-Dragon,E-Heroes etc...), and back when I played Power of Chaos on my PC with my friends, so the knowledge of cards and the current meta is very limiting to me.

I was looking for advice on the deck I play which is Spell-Counter (Spellcaster) Deck to see which cards might be helpful to me since I'm being destroyed right now in duels in this game and I'd rather not lower the difficulty. The cards which I have are from Spellcaster's Lord of the Magician with a little edit:

The cards are following:


  • Dark Red Enchanter
    Apprentice Magician
    Breaker the Magical Warrior (x2)
    Royal Magical Library
    Blast Magician
    Mei-Kou, Master of Barriers
    Defender, the Magical Knight (x2)
    Endymion, the Master Magician (x2)
    Silent Magician LV4
    Silent Magician LV8
    Old Vindictive Magician
    Crystal Seer
    Chaos Sorcerer
    Magician's Valkyria
    Magical Plant Mandragola
SPELLS: (13)
  • Magical Citadel of Endymion
    Spell Power Grasp (x3)
    Mage Power
    Magical Blast
    Magical Dimension
    Mega Ton Magical Cannon
    Lightning Vortex
    Mega Ton Magical Cannon
    Mystical Space Typhoon (x2)
TRAP: (9)
  • Magician's Circle
    Hidden Spellbook (x2)
    Magic Cylinder
    Black Horn of Heaven
    Magician's Circle
    Mirror Force
    Pitch-Black Power Stone (x2)
Well that's it hopefully anyone of you folk has any suggestions on what to add and remove from this deck.

Also if you think that Spell-Counter Spellcaster decks are "low-tier" or simply weak in this game or maybe current meta feel free to suggest any other one.

Thanks in forward.

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Re: Recommended cards for Spell-Counter type deck ?

Post by dracostrike » Thu Jun 30, 2016 4:40 pm

Firstly, Welcome to the forum ^^

Secondly, Spell-Counter Spellcaster decks sadly won't keep up with the current meta but I don't think you are planning on running in any tournaments soon so no problem with that if you like friendlies :)

Thirdly, there isn't enough consistent Spell-Counter support still to make these guys truly reliable tbh :/ I would recommend looking at some of the new Spellcaster support from the Structure Deck: Spellcaster's Judgment, to the newer stuff in The Dark Illusion Booster Pack.
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Re: Recommended cards for Spell-Counter type deck ?

Post by Ej1997 » Sun Jul 03, 2016 11:57 am

Hello there friend and fellow fringe player. You've stumbled into the scary dark lonely world of being a spellcaster player.

Don't worry though I'm here to help :D

First thing is first in a spell counter deck you need 3 citadel of Endymion and 3 spell power grasp and 3 toon table of contents along with some final toon creature like masked sorcerer or dark magician girl. The only traps you should be running are magicians circle at 3 and solemn warning. You should have about 10-12 creatures I recommend nights end sorcerer and breaker as a 2 and 3 of respectively. Magical dimension works very well in this deck and you can run skilled dark magician as a 3 of and a single dark magician and don't for get Endymion either as a 1 of or 2 of. Don't forget your trust spell and trap removal of MST. After that throw in what you want. Happy spell casting!
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