Deskbots IRL 2016(what I wouldve taken to worlds if I were going)

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Deskbots IRL 2016(what I wouldve taken to worlds if I were going)

Post by ChaosDraGon00 » Sat Jul 30, 2016 5:40 am

Anyone else played this adorable deck? I played against it on Devpro a month or two back and got spanked pretty dang hard. So I decided to make it and try it out because it looked so cool and fun. It's a hit at Locals and tbh I won/too 2 with it undefeated Swiss.
2 Kozmo-Demise2-0/2-1
1 Chain Burn 2-0(This is locals guys there is someone who will play this cancer)
1 Monarch 2-1
1 Blue-Eyes 2-0
Top 4 PK Fire 1-0(he left after round 1 and was super salty)
Final Qli-Stun 1-1-1(We went into time game 3 and we shook on it as a draw to split store credit)
[spoiler]Monsters 23
1x Deskbot 1(Tuner)
3x deskbot 2(Stratos)
3x Deskbot 3(Summoner Monk)
3x Deskbot 4(Nordin Plays)
3x Deskbot 5(Spell/Trap Removal)
2x Deskbot 6(Stop Defense/Block Attack)
2x Deskbot 7(Piercing)
2x Deskbot 8(Double Attack)
1x Dealbot 9(Boss Monster)
3x Maxx "C"

Spells 13
3x Deskbot Base(+500 atk and Magical Mallet)
3x Terraforming
3x Machine Duplication
2x Twin Twister
1x Instant Fusion
1x Raigeki

Trap 5
1x Vanities
1x Solemn Warning
2x Solemn Strike
1x Starlight Road

Extra Deck
1x Cyber End Dragon
1x Norden
1x Stardust Dragon
1x Naturia Barkion
1x Naturia Beast
1x Number 30: Acid Golem
1x Castel
1x Abyss Dweller
1x N39: Utopia
1x N39: Utopia Lightning
1x Cyber Dragon Nova
1x Cyber Infinity
1x Wind-Up Zenmaioh
1x Number 61: Volcasaurus
1x Number 38: Halabard Titanic Galaxy

Side deck
3x Flying "C"
2x Majesty's Fiend
2x Ally of Justice Cycle Reader
1x Twin Twister
2x Rippling Mirror Force
3x Rivalry of Warlords
2x Imperial Iron Wall[/spoiler]
A few things to point out the side deck is a mish mash of stuff to combat meta. Namely PK Fire and Kozmo's as well as those Demise.dek's which to me cause the most problems. Other than that I'd say my only changes would be to side against Monarchs better since I only sided Majesty's Fiend and Rivalry which is fine just not as amazing as I'd hope game 2. So what would you guys change or what do you think of the deck as it stands? Yes I would take this to worlds if I was going, Yes I am 100% serious, Reason why is all the cards(except Lightning I think) are all untouched and against Demise decks all I need to do is main/side Backrow hate and then that's it. The deck's monsters mainly help themselves so as along as Backrow and hand traps don't stop me the deck does well. I've even OTK'd people with a 15K atk Deskbot 9.

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