I once said Frogs would come back.

This is the place to tell us about your deck and to give other people feedback on theirs.

Please be nice to new players. Don't expect everyone to be an expert, that is why they are asking for advice, after-all.
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I once said Frogs would come back.

Post by arkain07 » Sat Aug 06, 2016 3:23 am


3 Swap Frog
2 Ronintoad
3 treeborn frog
3 Battle Fader
3 Jack Frost
3 LaDD
3 Caius
3 Raiza


2 Twin Twister
2 Enemy Controller
3 Monarchs Stormforth
3 Pantheism of Monarchs
3 Tenacity
2 Salvage


2 Prime

Pretty sure you can guess the extras deck is full of rank 1,2, and 6's due to raiza, Caius, and Prime. Am siding into a few other cards but wanted cards that didin't targets. wanted the best hand traps for the deck to loop. Treatoad is a thing i have been having fun with. LaDD plus 2 treatoad kinda wrecks and opponents board.
Atumman105 wrote:This isn't easy for me to say, but I've been 100% completely wrong about Monarchs. Thanks to Arkain, I now properly understand both them AND the importance of hand advantage. Thanks, Arkain!

user name here is the same as DN Arkain07

Clan = Moon

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