Help with a competitive Blackwing deck?

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Help with a competitive Blackwing deck?

Post by PirateKing77 » Fri Sep 23, 2016 2:08 am

(A little backstory before you read the decklist so far)
So back then when I was trying to get back into yugioh it was around the time of 5Ds and my cousin gave me some cards to get back started and it was the first blackwing monsters that came out. Gale, Shura, and Bora I instantly fell in love with the card designs and the speed of them. But as time past I realized I didn't have the money to make the deck from scratch so I just gave up on the idea and bought the structure deck of the agent monsters. BUT NOW! I thought it was strange that blackwing support was coming little by little in some booster sets and I've been getting excited recently since I finally have a job and can afford to make a blackwing deck since they're pretty cheap but when I make this deck I want it to be good... I know todays meta is all about that kozmo, monarchs (well they took a beating in the new ban list) and some others I can't think of atm, so its hard for a blackwing deck to compete even with the new assault blackwings. I have hope though, I understand the weakness of a swarm deck and trying to think of ways around that to keep up with the speed is pretty hard for me, hopefully some of you guys can help me out a bit seeing as you are pretty much pros at this! Well thats enough rambling heres what I got so far...
Monsters: 16
BW Bora the spear x2
BW Kris the crack of dawn x2
BW Elphin the raven
BW Sirocco the dawn
BW Pinaki the waxing moon
BW Shura the blue flame
BW Gofu the vague shadow (I plan on getting another one)
BW Jin the rain shadow
BW Oroshi the squall (either 2 or 3)
BW Zephyros the elite (maybe 2)
Caligo claw crow (easy synchro helper)

Spells: 3
Black Whirlwind x2 (plan on getting another)
Against the wind (might get another)

Trap: 7
Icarus attack x2
Blackback x2
Black return x2
Black horn of heaven

Extra deck: 9
Assault BW Onimaru the divine thunder
BW Armed wing
BW Armor master x2
BW Nothung the starlight
Assault BW Chidori the rain sprinkling
BW Silverwind the ascendant (I honestly don't think I'll leave him in)
BW Tamer Obsidian hawk joe
Assault BW Sohaya the rain storm

As you can obviously tell, its an incomplete deck. The decklist I showed is what I currently have, I do plan to put cards that are not BWs since I know to be competitive you gotta stretch around and can't stay with one way of thinking. But I am open to criticism, even harsh if you have to be, I just want to put a good BW deck out there to show that these guys can still make a scene in todays game.

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Re: Help with a competitive Blackwing deck?

Post by PirateKing77 » Fri Sep 23, 2016 2:13 am

Little side note here, I am planning on adding summoner monk and trishula but would like to here others opinions before buying them online.

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Re: Help with a competitive Blackwing deck?

Post by XYZ Dragon Cannon » Fri Sep 23, 2016 3:09 am

Your Blackwing lineup should look something like this:

3 Kris
3 Bora
2-3 Kalut
2 Gale
2 Blizzard
2 Pinaki
1-2 Shura
1-2 Oroshi
1-2 Harmattan
1 Zephyrus
1 Gladius
1 Steam

Elphin is garbage. Sirocco is a boss but is outdated and slow. Jin is garb. Caligo doesn't have any interaction with the deck.
That's pretty much your entire monster line up though, you don't need any other non-archetype monsters.

The only Blackwing spell you want is Black Whirlwind, and you need three.
I would also go with triple Allure of Darkness if you can find them.

You want three Icarus Attack, and the only other Blackwing traps you should consider are Black Sonic or Delta Crow Anti Reverse. The others are Poop and shouldn't be run.

The Blackwings in your extra deck should be:
1 Sohoya
1-2 Nothung (depending on room)
1 Raikiri
1 Chidori
1 Hawk Joe
1 Onimaru

Then just fill it out with other good monsters like Trishula, Coral Dragon, Beelze, Crystal Wing, Castel, Ice Beast Zerofyne