So... This is a Majespecter thing...

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So... This is a Majespecter thing...

Post by Lord dragon » Sun Sep 25, 2016 3:46 pm


First attempt, was trying for Odd-Eyes Majespecter.

It works against the AI... Not that that is saying much.
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Re: So... This is a Majespecter thing...

Post by Vindication » Mon Sep 26, 2016 7:50 pm

Fox is better than Frog as a trap searcher, aside from being able to mask which trap is the searched one you're more lacking in low scales in this deck than high scales.

I'd personally run this lineup for Majespecter cards:
3 Bunbuku
1 Nekomata
1 Kyubi
1 Kirin
1 Majesty's Pegasus
1 Majespecter Tornado

And then max out on Terraforming

Odd-Eyes Fusion only needs to be run at 1 since you can search it with Sky Iris

Personally, I don't love the Dracoslayer engine with Majespecters and would just run the lone Luster Pendulum - I also think you should max out on Pendulum Dragon and run 1 Odd-Eyes Mirage Dragon, and definitely max out on Magical Abductor with triple Terraforming/Upstart.