2008 Hamon Deck

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2008 Hamon Deck

Post by Obelisksummoner » Sun Jul 23, 2017 10:00 pm

Hey guys,
So I just found my old deck and was wondering if they're was a way to update it for today's market
Blue Eyes White dragon X1
Cyrstal Beast Sapphire Pegasus X3
Cyber Dragon X3
Cyber Harpy Lady X2
Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder X3
Hydrogeddon X1
Hyper Hammerhead X1
Jinzo X2
Kaiser Sea Horse X1
Phantom of Chaos X3
Slifer the Sky Dragon X1
Spells and Traps-
Burden of the Mighty X1
Cost Down X1
Foolish Burial X3
Future Fusion X1
Ground Collapse X1
Infinite Cards X1
Mystic Box X1
Swords of Concealing Light X1
Swords of revealing light X1
Bottomless Trap Hole X1
Call of the Haunted X1
Jar of Greed X2
Magical Hats X1
Mirror Force X1
Radiant Mirror Force X1
Time Machine X1
Wall of revealing light X1
Extra Deck-
Cyber End Dragon X1
Cyber Twin Dragon X1

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Re: 2008 Hamon Deck

Post by e31174 » Thu Jul 27, 2017 6:14 pm

Well first thing, the 3 Foolish Burial is a no go with the modern ban list, but not to ruin the idea of the deck, most of those monsters need to go. You could focus on using Crystal Beasts to get Hamon out, but even still as far as I see that still wouldn't really be the best idea due to the additional support for said Crystal Beasts not in the TCG right now. I've never played a Hamon deck personally but I do know that Dragon Queen of Tragic Endings fits the theme really well, and Dark Summoning Beast can also help with getting Hamon out. Finally I would suggest getting more continuous spell cards, Swords of Concealing light works pretty good for stall, but you could add Deck Lockdown to stop searching, Messenger of Peace to stop most attacks or any other Continuous Spell you want.