Magnet Warriors deck for casual play

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Magnet Warriors deck for casual play

Post by ew94 » Tue Oct 17, 2017 10:26 am

Hi everyone.

After the new Structure Deck: Yugi Muto came out, I was looking forward to build around the new Magnet Warriors it came with, complementing Valkyrion and the three classic Magnet Warriors I had from long ago. After watching a few profiles on YouTube and playing some test matches on YGOPro, this would be my final deck. I won’t be getting into much competitive play, and I want to stay away from Synchro, XYZ and Pendulum, I just can’t seem to get into them and prefer the traditional style of play.

Monsters (23):
- Alpha the Magnet Warrior x2
- Beta the Magnet Warrior x2
- Gamma the Magnet Warrior x2
- Valkyrion the Magna Warrior x2
- Berserkion the Electromagna Warrior x3
- Delta the Magnet Warrior x3
- Alpha the Electromagnet Warrior x3
- Beta the Electromagnet Warrior x3
- Gamma the Electromagnet Warrior x3

Spells (15):
- Fusion Conscription x2
- Polymerization x2
- Swords of Revealing Light x1
- Terraforming x2
- Mystical Space Typhoon x2
- Twin Twister x2
- Magnet Reverse x2
- Magnet Field x1
- Fusion Gate x1

Traps (12):
- Chain Destruction x2
- Magnet Force x2
- Mirror Force x2
- Magic Cylinder x2
- Magnet Conversion x2
- Call Of The Haunted x2

Extra deck (2):
- Imperion Magnum the Superconductive Battlebot x2

My main strategy with this deck will be pretty much to get Imperion out on the field. The effects of the Electromagnetic Warriors and Delta will help to get all the tributes necessary for both Valkyrion and Berserkion. My spells are engineered for getting back Magnet Warrior when necessary (Magnet Reverse and Magnet Field), stalling for summoning any monsters I need on the field (Swords of Revealing Light), getting either Fusion Gate or Magnet Field from my deck (Terraforming) and defense against any traps my opponent might spring from my summoning or attacks (Mystical Space Typhoon and Twin Twisters). With my traps it’s pretty much protection against attacks (Magnet Force, Mirror Force and Magic Cylinder) and destroying potential tributes for my opponent (Card Destruction). Call Of The Haunted will primarily be used to call from the Graveyard either Berserkion or Valkyrion, so in the case they are destroyed I can special summon their respective Magnet Warriors from the Graveyard.

This is one of my first times building a deck like this, so any comments and/or critiques are welcome.

Thanks! :D

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Re: Magnet Warriors deck for casual play

Post by xion52998 » Tue Oct 17, 2017 3:24 pm

Magnet warriors best tool is Gorgonic Guardian, so your deck should focus on summoning as many of those as possible. That means removing most of the old magnet warriors and focusing on the electromagnets. Rescue Ferret will help with that.

Additionally, your S/T's are horribly outdated. Twin twisters is the only decent card there. You will want to get cards like Pot of Desires, more copies of Twin Twisters, Solemn Strike and Solemn Warning, Ash Blossom and Joyous Spring, Ghost Ogre and Snow Rabbit, Raigeki, and more.

Then you want to consider cards that will amplify your strategy. Brilliant Fusion is a great way to send your magnets to the graveyard, Kaijus offer a board wipe and spot removal, while Destrudo offers a lot of power and proactive plays for the deck.
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