Dark magician

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Dark magician

Post by Ipod92 » Sun Nov 12, 2017 8:19 pm

Ok guys just wanna know of what you think. Already tell u I use traps so I already know imma hear a lot of Poop bout it.
3x dark magician
1x dark magician girl
2x magician of dark illusions
3x magician’s rod
2x chocolate magician girl
2x apprentice illusion magician
2x sorcerer of dark magic
3x windwitch ice bell
2x windwitch glass bell
1x windwitch snow bell

2x eye of timaeus
2x magical dimension
1x illusion magic
2x dark magical circle
2x secret village of the spellcasters
1x dark magic attack

2x magician’s navigation
3x eternal soul
2x quaking mirror force
1x mirror force
2x magic cylinder
3x dimensional prison
1x jar of avarice

2x dark magician the dragon knight
1x dark paladin
1x dark magician girl the dragon knight
1x crystal wing
1x clear wing
1x windwitch winter bell
1x number 11 big eye
2x ebon illusion magician
1x number 42 galaxy tomahawk
1x performage trapeze magician
1x firewall dragon
1x decode talker
1x proxy dragon

Was thinking of dropping the dark magic attack and jar for 2 spellbook of knowledge. Ideas?

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Re: Dark magician

Post by Rotkiv77 » Sun Nov 12, 2017 11:13 pm

Personaly i would run only 1 max 2 dimensional prison and drop jar of avarice to run the spell books

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