CD deck for links.

This is the place to tell us about your deck and to give other people feedback on theirs.

Please be nice to new players. Don't expect everyone to be an expert, that is why they are asking for advice, after-all.
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CD deck for links.

Post by Wallaceman105 » Tue Dec 12, 2017 2:09 am

3x CD
3x Core
3x Drei
3x Galaxy Soldier
3x Chronomally Golden Jet

1x Instant Fusion
2x Overload Fusion
3x Cyber Repair Plant
3x Power Bond
1x Soul Charge
1x Reasoning
2x Machine Duplication
1x Foolish Burial
1x Raigeki
1x Pot of Desires
1x Limiter Removal
2x Twin Twisters

2x Lost Wind
2x Solemn Strike
1x Solemn Warning

Need unusual ideas for the extra deck.
XYZ Dragon Cannon wrote:
DFB3636 wrote:
Zanrith wrote:Make the extra deck great again, too many pendulums are entering our decks!
Just build a wall of floodgates.
And make the OCG pay for it!

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