Jurrac Attack Deck needs someone to look at it.

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Jurrac Attack Deck needs someone to look at it.

Post by ZenithofRa » Tue Apr 03, 2018 2:21 am

I'm wanting to build this deck for my board game collection. So its only gonna be played casually for fun. I just wanted it to have a cool Dinosaur meteor theme going on while still being viable and tactical. Im thinking the direct damage should help make this a sort of beat down deck.

"Jurrac Attack"
Monsters (19)
Jurrac Brachis x3
Element Saurus x3
Jurrac Guaiba x3
Jurrac Velo x3
Jurrac Dino x2
Jurrac Aeolo x2
Jurrac Titano
Miracle Jurassic Egg x2

Spells (16)
Jurassic World x2
Lost World
Rekindling x2
Terraforming x2
Big evolution pill
Fossil Dig
Hinotama x3
Monster Reborn
Meteor of Destruction x3

Traps (6)
Jurrac Impact
Fossil Excavation
Spiritual Fire Art - Kurenai x2
Quaking Mirror Force
Survival Instinct

Extra (4)
Jurrac Giganto
Jurrac Meteor
Jurrac Velphito

What are your thoughts. Can this be a fun viable deck and if not what does it need. Also Ideas on a Deck Name is also welcome

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