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Lair of Darkness

Posted: Tue Jul 10, 2018 6:43 pm
by Rotkiv77
I feel something’s missing but can’t figure out what any ideas?

Darkest DiabolosX3
Lilith Lady Of LamentX3
Ahrima The Wicked WardenX3
Dark GrepherX2
Armageddon KnightX2
Dark Armed Dragon
Tour Guide From The Underworld
Destrudo The Lost Dragon’s Frisson

Lair Of DarknessX3
Allure Of DarknessX3
Enemy ControllerX2
Recurring NightmareX2
Monster Reborn
Foolish Burial
Card Of Demise

Torrential TributeX2
Mind CrushX2
Eradication Epidemic Virus
Heavy Storm Duster
Solemn StrikeX2
Solemn Warning

Underclock Taker
Proxy Dragon
Masterking Archfiend
Decode Talker
Topologic Bomber Dragon
Leviair The Sea Dragon
The Phantom Knights Of Break Sword
Number 41: Bagooska
Number 101: Silent Honor ARK
Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon
Number 39: Utopia
Number S39: Utopia The Lightning
Black Rose Dragon
Clear Wing Synchro Dragon
Dark Strike Fighter

Chaos HunterX2
Ra Sphere ModeX2
Eater Of MillionsX2
Effect VeilerX2
Lullaby Of Obedience
Recurring Nightmare
Cosmic Cyclone
Twin Twister
Chain DispellX2
Solemn Judgment