Trying to make Pendulum Z-Arc work

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Trying to make Pendulum Z-Arc work

Post by Ant_TKD » Sat Nov 03, 2018 8:54 pm

Hi everyone. Just joined the forum and am looking for deck advice for Pendulum Z-ARC.

So far, I’ve artempted a design based around Zekia’s Shah’s YCS 200 Deck, but my deck is still pretty inconsistent. Partly because I’m trying to make Z-Arc of all things. Basically I want my deck to, if not make Z-Arc then at least make other extra deck monsters consistently enough to survive a few turns. The purpose of the deck isn’t to win per se, but to at least make something big before losing. Right now, if I have lots of Pendulum monsters on my field, I can’t really do anything because they’re all mid-matched levels that I can’t use for Synchro or XYZ, and they’re incompatible for fusion.

I miss Double Iris Magician.

I’ve put in an image of Shah’s deck because I really don’t know how I should’ve edited it. What would you guys recommend?


I’m personally unsure on 3 Abyss actor since after the first one, the other two are dead draws pretty much. I’ve only gotten one Jackal King since it seems like a card you want to be searching, not drawing. I’ve added in cards like Odd-Eyes Arc-Pendulum Dragon and Pendulum Fusion but I rarely see the former and my use of the latter is restricted.

Any ideas?
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