Blue-Eyes Does Everything

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Blue-Eyes Does Everything

Post by MysticJhn » Wed Dec 26, 2018 2:08 am

I have done a similar topic before, but that was well before Link Summoning, and may have even been before Pendulum Summoning.
I just happened to be thinking once again about it, so I'm back to redesign a deck around the concept.
The concept being "Can you make a deck in Yu-Gi-Oh! that does everything?"
Literally a deck that has all the kinds of cards (Normal, Effect, Tuner, Fusion, etc....) and can perform very kind of Summon.
A deck that has every type of Spell or Trap card in the game.
It doesn't have to use it all the same duel, or even the same match, but it's all possible.

To me, there are only two viable archetypes that have enough variety of support, along with enough generic support, to get the job done.
The first of these is Blue-Eyes White Dragon.
The second of these is Cyber Dragon.
Now both of these cover most territories alone, although they both are lacking certain support.
Blue-Eyes lacks an in-archetype Xyz and Link Monster, Cyber Dragon lacks an in-archetype Synchro and Ritual.
There are other things, but I cannot think of any other archetype that could build a viable deck with minimal outside support.
I shall be designing a Blue-Eyes variant (out of familiarity), but feel free to comment with a Cyber Dragon (or other archetype) variant.
Also feel free to comment on cards that would serve a job better, or on any kind of card I might have missed.

Deck - 41

Monsters - 22
3x Blue-Eyes White Dragon (Normal Monster and Tribute Summon monster, naturally)
3x White Stone of Legend (Normal Summon/Set, Effect Monster, Tuner)
2x Protector with Eyes of Blue
2x Maiden with Eyes of Blue
Fairy Tail - Sleeper (FLIP Effect Monster)
Darkstorm Dragon (Gemini Monster)
Vector Pendulum, the Dracoverlord (Pendulum Monster, Scale 3)
Performapal Coin Dragon (Pendulum Monster, Scale 5)
Blue-Eyes Chaos Dragon (Ritual Monster)
Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon
Kinka-Byo (Spirit Monster)
Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon
Leng Ling (Union Monster)
2x Armed Dragon LV3 (Level Up Summon)
Armed Dragon LV5 (Level Up Summon, Tribute Summon)

Spells - 16
2x Polymerization (Normal Spell Card)
Bingo Machine, Go!!
2x Silver's Cry (Quick-Play Spell Card)
2x Chaos Form (Ritual Spell Card)
Toon World (Continuous Spell Card)
Mausoleum of White (Field Spell Card)
Dragon Shield (Equip Spell)
2x Dragon Revival Rhapsody
Burst Stream of Destruction
2x Trade-In
One for One

Traps - 3
Dragon's Rebirth (Normal Trap Card)
Dragon's Rage (Continuous Trap Card)
Ultimate Providence (Counter Trap Card)

Extra Deck - 12
2x Neo Blue-Eyes White Dragon (Fusion Monster)
Blue-Eyes Twin Burst Dragon
Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
3x Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon (Synchro Monster)
2x Borreload Dragon (Link Monster)
Flash Charge Dragon
Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon (Xyz Monster)
Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Blade Dragon
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