I need help with IB turbo combos

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I need help with IB turbo combos

Post by Poske Yugituber » Mon May 13, 2019 5:42 pm

So the Gandora-X apparently works differently in the TCG compared to OCG :? :? Gandora uses "Original attack in the TCG therefore the FTK WON'T WORK.

Here you ll see 2 decklists . The TCG decklist makes no sense because Gandora doesn't work in the TCG and thats what I need help on (granted YGOPRO uses OCG RULES but I don't wanna abuse that).

In short IB summon in my replays = Ftk. Since I can't FTK with my TCG decklist I need some help. How could I meld this 1 card combos to create stun boards ?

I was thinking about adding REDMD but what do I do after that? How do I put up negates?
Why do I Specifically want 1 card combos? There is 24 of them. Consistency is through the ruff and they are all about the same past the IB summon

Any Genius minds? Tell me what to do with a single draconnet since I can't ftk :P :P