These are my cards please tellwhat to do with them

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These are my cards please tellwhat to do with them

Post by DragonV2 » Sat May 26, 2007 12:28 am

Spell cards

Different Dimension Capsule
Legendary Ebon Capsule (2)
Emblem of the Awakening (2)
Creature Swap
Ruthless Denial
Righteous Justice
Mystical Space typhoon
Power Capsule
Ritual Foregone
Linear Accelerator Cannon

Trap Cards

Call of the Haunted
Trap Jammer (2)
Shattered Axe
Icarus Attack
Chain detonation
Justi Break
Ritual Sealing
Damage Polarizer
Attack Reflector Unit

Monster Cards

Cyber End Dragon
The Six Samurai-Yaichi (2)
The Six Samurai-Nisachi (2)
The Six Samurai-Kaimon (2)
Gren, the tactician of dark world
Gene Warped Warwolf (2)
Shien's footsoldier
Firestorm Prominence (2)
Whirlwind Weasel
Cyber Gymnast
Banisher of Radience
Avalanching Aussa
CyberDark Edge
Barrier Statue of the Abyss
Barrier Statue of the Drought
Combo Master
Dark Lucius LV4
Storming Wynn
Radiant Spirit

how should i build on this deck or what structure deck would this properly build on

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Post by transmigrated fatrat » Tue May 29, 2007 8:14 am

Random cards and strike of neos special i see , hmmmm looking at monsters (samurais and statues) u could run an earth prevention deck with the earth statue (drought is earth right?) x3 alongside invincible fortress , or six samurai wise u could follow my brother and use warriors triumph get more samurais ,use wolf 4 beatdown and hopefully find a great shogun shien by buying more strike of neos , i hope this has pointed u in a starting direction and u hav some ace magic and traps theyll help u keep shrink
Why not yu-gi-zero?