Fangame Marathon!

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Fangame Marathon!

Post by xion52998 » Thu Jun 09, 2016 4:51 pm

Hey guys, I'm here to promote a speedrunning event that is happening starting tomorrow at midnight to about 2 PM Sunday over at The schedule can be found here.

Fangames are a subgenre of platformers based off of the notoriously difficult game I Wanna Be The Guy, and there are over 4000 of them. They feature incredibly difficult platforming, incredibly difficult bosses, and are all around incredibly difficult. The difficulty comes from character, the Kid, having only one HP, so for example, dying when halfway into a boss fight will force you to restart. I cannot stress how hard some of these games are - up to hundreds of hours.

The marathon features some of the best fangame players in the world attempting to run all kinds of fangames at breakneck speeds. If you are bored at all, this weekend, or just want to see something incredibly impressive, check out!

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