Agent Sanctuary Support

So you have some great ideas for cards or you've already created one already. Tell us about your card and show us a picture of the card if you have it.
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Agent Sanctuary Support

Post by thomasjcs » Sat Dec 20, 2014 12:48 am

Sky Sanctuary
Normal Trap

While this card is face up, it's treated as The Sanctuary In the Sky. If you take damage while you control a fairy type monster, increase your life points instead.

The Agent Of Sanctuary
Level 4

When this card is Normal Summoned it's switched to defense position. While this card is face up on the field it's treated as The Sanctuary In The Sky. If you control another face up Agent fairy type monster, your opponent cannot attack or target this card for card effect's. Once per turn you can Special Summon 1 Agent Fairy type monster from your graveyard by halving this cards DEF.

Paradise Sanctuary
Normal Spell

Destroy this card at the End Phase. This card is treated as The Sanctuary In The Sky.

Seeking Sanctuary
Normal Trap

Activate if your field Zone is Empty. Select 1 The Sanctuary In The Sky from your deck or graveyard and activate it. Increase your opponents life points by 500 for every light monster you control.