Tentei's Guide To Gravekeepers

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Tentei's Guide To Gravekeepers

Post by Tentei » Tue May 10, 2011 11:18 pm

1: Introduction
Gravekeepers are for a relatively cheap meta deck and will probably be one of your first deck because of the release of the popular Marik structure deck and piss off many people because the are so easy to use and incredibly good. This is an overview of the archetype and what works well with it, I did not include cards here that are used in every deck like Mirror Force and Duality.

2: Basics
As with every archetype, you want to play to it's strengths and abuse it's strength, and with Gravekeepers, that strength lies in Necrovalley. Necrovalley is a field spell that produces a massive attack boost for Gravekeepers and shuts the graveyard down for your opponent if they are not running a counter heavy deck or yet another Gravekeeper deck, however, Gravekeepers wouldn't be so good if there wasn't an ample amount of support and options. To main thing that makes Gravekeepers so good is that the all get a 500 attack and defense boost from Necrovalley which usually produces a 2000 attack beatstick right off the bat.So far there is the popular anti-meta which is the most recognizable, beatdown, and burn.

3: Gravekeeper Cards

1-Gravekeepers Commandant
This card is essential to any Gravekeeper deck because in a Gravekeeper Deck, you need to get out Necrovalley ASAP and this card helps a great deal due to the fact that it allows you to search out a Necrovalley from your deck. As with many Gravekeepers, it can be searched using Recruiter.
Run 3

2-Gravekeepers Spy
This card is another staple to any Gravekeeper deck because it can summon any Gravekeepers monster except for Visionary and Cheif.
Run 3

3-Gravekeepers Recruiter
This card is a must have for any Gravekeeper deck because it can search out any Gravekeeper and add it to your hand except for Spy, Visionary, and Guard.
Run 1-3

4-Gravekeepers Descendant
Another must have because it can easily destroy everything that your opponent has. Combo this card with Spy or Chief to easily destroy your opponent's cards and if you need a particular card, use recruiter.
Run 2-3

5-Gravekeepers Assailant
One of the deck's heavy hitters that can kill pretty much anything your opponent has because it can switch their monsters to attack or defense position making it easy to exploit low stats.
Run 0-2

6-Gravekeepers Spear Soldier
Does piercing damage and is optional to run because it only helps do damage.
Run 0-1

7-Gravekeepers Cannonholder
The staple of any Gravekeeper burn deck, it allows you to tribute a Gravekeeper monster to deal 700 damage which can add up. Combo with Recruiter or Sp to search out a cards and use it with Curse to deal 1200.
Run 0-3

8-Gravekeepers Curse
Great with burn decks because it deals 500 damage when it's summoned.
Run 0-3

9-Gravekeepers Guard
Returns a monster to your opponent's hand which kills synchros and can clear the field for an attack.
Run 0-1

10-Gravekeepers Priestess
Gives Gravekeepers an attack and defense boost of 200 and is treated as Necrovalley without the benefits while it's on the field. Good for beatdowns.
Run 0-1

11-Gravekeepers Chief
One tribute, special summons a Gravekeeper from the grave when summoned, easily reviving the tribute, and make your grave open for plunder.
Run 0-2

12-Gravekeepers Visionary
One tribute heavy hitter and well have an extended stay because you can discard a Gravekeeper to negate it's destruction. Chief needs to be on the field for it to use it's attack gaining effect.
Run 0-2

13-Gravekeepers Vassal
Battle damage from this little guy is treated as effect damage.
Run 0

14-Gravekeepers Watcher
Negates Discarding effects, may be very popular in side decks due to the rising popularity of Fables.
Run 0-1

4: Gravekeepers Spells/Trap

The staple of any Gravekeeper deck. Negates most graveyard usage and gives all Gravekeepers a hefty 500 attack and defense boost. You need of them because the top priority of someone facing a Gravekeeper deck is to get rid of this card because of the great benefit it gives to Gravekeeper decks.
Run 3

2-Gravekeepers Stele
Puts 2 Gravekeepers back from the graveyard to your hand, regardless of Necrovalley. Use this of Rite Of Spirit.
Run 1-3

3-Rite Of Spirit
Call Of The Haunted for Gravekeepers, often overlooked and underrated, can be very useful in many situations whether as a swarming tactic or quick defense. Can run this or Stele.
Run 0-3

4-Royal Tribute
This card is semi-limited for a very good reason because if it is played on the first turn, it's usually game for the Gravekeeper player. This forces both players to discard all monsters while Necrovalley is on the field. Gravekeeper players can usually recover easily with Stele or Rite.
Run 2

5-Gravekeepers Servant
Your opponent must discard a card off the top of their deck in order to attack.
Run 0

5: Gravekeeper Monster Support Cards

1-Breaker The Magical Warrior
Is a spellcaster that can destroy 1 spell/trap card when it's summoned. Useful for getting rid of that face down Mirror Force or D. Prison.

2-Blackwing-Gale The Whirlwind
Many people use this card because it opens synchro summoning opportunities for Gravekeepers. I personally don't use this.

3-Cyber Dragon
An all around good card because it lures out many face down trap and it doesn't matter if it's destroyed because that's it's sole purpose. Can work well in any deck but I personally don't use it.

4-Cat Of Ill Omen
Adds a trap card to your hand if Necrovalleys on the field, if not then added to the top of the deck.

5-Owl Of Luck
Like Cat Of Ill Omen, except with spell cards instead of traps. Good with Necrovalley.

6-Charm Of Shabti
Negates battle damage with Gravekeepers.

6: Gravekeeper Spell/Trap Card Support

A great attack booster as all Gravekeepers are spellcasters. Three of these can turn most normal Gravekeepers into 4400 attack monster, enough to kill nearly all Malefic monsters and everything else. I run 3 and that's why I prefer Breaker over Gale and Cyber.

2-Dark Illusion
Nearly all Gravekeepers are dark monsters and this card negate cards like Royale Oppression, Mirror Force, D. Prison and many other destruction cards, even Judgement Dragon. I run 3.

7: Conclusion
I would like to remind you that it is up to you to make your own deck, not me, I'm just here for advice.

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Re: Tentei's Guide To Gravekeepers

Post by shadowdragon » Wed May 11, 2011 7:17 am

would it be safe to say shadow imprisoning mirror is vital against gk?

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Re: Tentei's Guide To Gravekeepers

Post by bighobbit » Wed May 11, 2011 8:23 am

This should be in the Guides section.
No offence, but canasian's was much better. It was better constructed and presented the reader with a clear idea on how to run GKs competently.
I respect how you're trying to encourage the reader to make their own take on things, but please don't encourage them to do things you wouldn't.

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Re: Tentei's Guide To Gravekeepers

Post by Davro » Wed May 11, 2011 9:07 am

I can see a fair few punctuation errors in here that need to be corrected.

As for the actual content, I am unsure. I wouldn't say it isn't helpful, but it could do with an example and maybe a bit more on WHY cards should be run, not just their effects.

Overall I think its a good start :D
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Re: Tentei's Guide To Gravekeepers

Post by DoomMoose » Thu May 12, 2011 8:02 pm

Okay, gonna be brutally honest here.
1.) Wrong section, although that's already been addressed.
2.) viewtopic.php?f=47&t=21336
This is a different GK guide written by canasian.
It's a good guide, and is superior in every way. We didn't need another, they haven't changed dramatically since he wrote that.

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Re: Tentei's Guide To Gravekeepers

Post by moonsaber » Thu May 19, 2011 12:09 am

Tentei wrote: 2-Dark Illusion
Nearly all Gravekeepers are dark monsters and this card negate cards like Royale Oppression, Mirror Force, D. Prison and many other destruction cards, even Judgement Dragon. I run 3.

This is completely wrong, dark illusion can't negate mirror force, oppression or judgment dragon because none of them target.
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