Help out the Drac!

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Help out the Drac!

Post by dracostrike » Thu Apr 23, 2015 10:31 am

Hai guys, how's everyone doing, having fun? Oh, you say I am trying to get you in a nice mood so someone might accept a difficult and unusual request? Like I need to use those kind of tactics on someone as Super Special Awesome as you guys ;)

So if you don't mind or like the challenge, here's the request:
[spoiler]4 monsters going from left to right; evocator chevalier (flipped so he is facing left), Phoenix Gearfried, Red-Eyes Flare Metal Dragon (facing right), Black Metal Dragon. This can all can be swapped around and order changed if it's difficult to arrange.

The "dracostrike" name can be placed either anyway in the centre or the right. Some kind of kunky text would be cool.

Background would be up to you, though I would feel a theme of fire and darkness is better suited over a candy theme

Optional: If there is space left, some text saying Smaug's famous lines: "I am Fire. I am Death!" in similar text.[/spoiler]

I did say it would be difficult and feel free to reject this if it's too much ^^ But I would be immensely grateful if anyone could help me :)
Thank you YCG, for everything.