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Trivia Games & Contest Folder Cleanup

Posted: Fri Jul 09, 2010 12:17 pm
by MysticJhn
As you may have noticed, all the games with no ends and have turned into just post count raisers are starting to be locked.
While this is not an end to having fun, and by all means have fun, it is an end to endless games.
These sorts of games have no point and the only reason for them to exist is to keep post counts high.
Everyone on this forum has played these games in the past, myself being no exception, but from now on this section is going to stear clear of those kinds of game.
Hopefully this inspires people to make forum games that actually require effort to play with creative angles that will be more fun than just posting 1 line or in some cases 1 word, only to come back 10 seconds later to reply to the person who just replied to you.

Any new thread of this type from now on will be more likely than not, deleted.
Your games don't need to be hardcore intense, just try and make things that don't have the potential to turn into back and forth fests.
A game thread will be locked if it skews off into a post count raiser, even if that's not how it started.
And, as always, spamming is not permitted, but that applies everywhere on the forum.