So its been 5 years now?

Here is where you should post to tell us if you've returned after some time away.
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So its been 5 years now?

Post by Sky » Thu Sep 06, 2018 3:53 am

I wonder if there are still people who remembers me...

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Re: So its been 5 years now?

Post by Lord dragon » Mon Sep 10, 2018 10:40 pm

Yes, yes people still remember you.
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Re: So its been 5 years now?

Post by Nash » Sun Sep 16, 2018 12:16 am

Rowwdy Yisb wrote:weow all these h8rz rnt 1337 enuf to roll wiv us Nash
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Re: So its been 5 years now?

Post by YCG Admin » Mon Sep 17, 2018 11:54 pm

Yes, of course.

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Re: So its been 5 years now?

Post by JhonnyCees » Wed Dec 05, 2018 11:57 pm

Long time to see any of you all
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