Shiranui Sage

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Shiranui Sage

Post by arkain07 » Wed Mar 16, 2016 1:38 pm


You can Tribute 1 Zombie-Type monster; Special Summon 1 Zombie-Type Tuner monster with 0 DEF from your Deck. If this card is banished: You can target 1 of your banished "Shiranui" monsters, except "Shiranui Sage"; Special Summon it. If you activate this effect while "Shiranui Style Synthesis" is on the field, you can target 2 monsters instead. You can only use each effect of "Shiranui Sage" once per turn.

So this card is a direct search for unizombie which is busted. If you have a second Shiranui on the field you can go off into combos. So this one card alone creates grave foder for a free rank 4/level 8 synchro. This makes cards like goblin zombie useless unless you are going deeper into combos. Adding cards like Jewels of the Valiant and the level 4 chaos dragons with a small Lightsworn engine opening up even more combos you can loop and loop more and more each turn and if you need access to your level 2 tuner this card gets there too. However with Uni-Zombie you get to make even more plays for no reason. Thank god Card of Safe Return is still banned. Could you imagine zombies with that kind of power? with cards like zombie master and Style Synthesis always having foder in hand would be nuts. the fact you can pull cards outside your archtype is amazing not to mention free level 6 summoning from the graveyard later down the road with the level 2 shiranui monster. This card allowing more messed up things to happen. Also not to mention sages effect combos with Shiranui Spectralsword when you baninsh both Sage and Spectral you get to ss Spectral and synchro summon a level 8 synchro monster? See how this can become a loop or easily allow you to set up for OTK plays with Shogunsaga. This one card opens up a load of loops not to mention now you have a level 8 set up in your grave for next turn.

Gotta say can't wait for this to come out.
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