Masked Avengers Protecting the Peace! A Guide to Masked HEROes

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Re: Masked Avengers Protecting the Peace! A Guide to Masked HEROes

Post by Windsofthepast » Sun Nov 06, 2016 11:46 am

-Fixed a few grammar and spelling errors throughout the guide.
-Added the effect and card image for Masked HERO Blast (will update when better image is available)
-In preparation to revamp the guide for 2016-2017 Cards have been added:
--Tin Goldfish
--Bahamut Shark
--Toadally Awesome
--Elder Entity Nordin (When was this guide made that I didn't have Nordin included already?)
--Instant Fusion
--Soul Charge
--Pot of Desires
--Solemn Strike
--Dimensional Barrier
-Due to the post size limit, the Other Monsters - Fusion Monsters and Spell sections got moved to the second post, along with the traps.

If anyone has Fusion HERO/XYZ HERO deck lists they'd like to submit, please feel free to either post them here, or PM them to me. I'm trying to avoid any of the Tzolkin stuff, as the post limit and vastly different strategy feel as if they belong in a guide dedicated to that deck alone, or at the very least not a Masked HERO guide.
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