Rex Raptor - King of Games

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Rex Raptor - King of Games

Post by MysticJhn » Mon May 14, 2018 12:33 am

This story is mostly inspired by my recent stint playing as Rex Raptor in Duel Links and partly inspired
by the manga "The Case of Being Reincarnated as Yamcha", wherein a Dragonball fan is reincarnated as Yamcha after a near death experience.
This will take a similar course of action where a Yu-Gi-Oh fan will wake up as Rex Raptor in the anime and abuse
his knowledge of the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise to make himself the best duelist in the series.

Chapter 1: Ani-ME?
Jeff's eyes slowly adjusted to the light of morning before he yawned and stretched, staring up at the ceiling.
He was feeling like he got the best night's sleep ever when he felt like his eyes hadn't quite adjusted yet.
He gave a look around his bedroom and everything didn't look quite right.
"Wait a second," he thought to himself, "this isn't my bedroom. Where the heck am I?"
As he glanced around in confusion, he rubbed his eyes only to freak out and scream.
What was wrong with his hands? They were... they were cartoonish.
At first glance they were human enough, but they were cell shaded like some anime cartoon.
"What is going on here?" he asked himself out loud.
At that moment an anime woman knocked on his bedroom door.
"Rex? Are you okay, son? I heard a scream."
"Rex?" he questioned.
"I'm coming in." At that moment, the door opened and it was a living, breathing, talking anime woman!
"This has to be a dream," he said, now realizing his voice wasn't his normal, natural speaking voice either.
He pinched and tugged his cheek and it hurt. This was all real.
"Oww!" he exclaimed.
"Are you alright, Rex? You're not sick, are you. You wouldn't want to miss the tournament today."
The strange woman leaned in and pressed her forehead to his for a moment.
"No, you seem fine. Get out of bed or you'll be late."
"Tournament? Rex? Late? Who are you?"
The woman sighed and said, "I don't know if it's nerves or you're just being silly, Rex Raptor,
but your mother told you to get out of bed. Now go!"
The woman exited the room and closed the door, leaving Jeff stunned at everything that had gone down.
"Did she just called me Rex Raptor? Like in Yu-Gi-Oh!?"
Jeff did the only thing he could do and got out of bed. He looked around further and he could come to only one conclusion.
This was an anime.
Wait a second, an anime? Was he supposed to be... no, that's impossible!
Jeff saw a mirror in the bedroom and rushed over to it.
He could only be shocked and disappointed by what he saw. The reflection wasn't of himself, it was of Rex Raptor.

Jeff paced the floor going through everything in his head.
How did this happen? Everything was normal when he went to bed last night.
He was a real boy in the real world... he wasn't even Japanese, he was American! How could he now be in Japan?
He looked across the room at the mirror again. Not only was he in Yu-Gi-Oh, but of all characters, Rex Raptor himself.
As if this situation wasn't weird enough, he had to become one of the worst characters on the show.
Wait, did Rex's mother say it was time for a tournament? What tournament?
He tried to think quickly of everything he knew about the show.
Jeff had been a life-long Yu-Gi-Oh fan, so he knew it all well.
He collected all the cards, he had watched every anime episode.
What tournament could this be? Duelist Kingdom? Battle City? Kaiba Corp Grand Prix?
Just then he noticed a deck of cards on his dresser and picked them up. The contents might clue him in on where in the story he was.
He read off the names as he shuffled through the cards. Uraby... Megazowler... Serpent Night Dragon... Red-Eyes?!
"Hold up, Red-Eyes B. Dragon? That's Joey's card. Unless... unless this is before Duelist Kingdom and Rex didn't lose it yet."
He thought to himself for a moment. "Well then, if Duelist Kingdom hasn't happened yet... oh no! This is the tournament Rex loses to Weevil!"
It just occurred to him that in an early episode, Yugi and his friends watch the finals of the Japanese National Duel Monsters Tournament.
In that televised match he loses to Weevil Underwood!
"Of all the crumby characters to be stuck as! I don't want to lose to Weevil! But wait! I don't have to!"
"Rex, hun, it's time for you to go, are you dressed yet?" called Rex's mother from another part of the house.
Jeff looked in the mirror with a grin. If he had to be Rex Raptor, he might as well have some fun.
He quickly dressed as Rex would in the show, which was made easy by the cartoon trope of all his clothes being the same outfit in his closet,
and ran out the door to catch his train.
It was time to duel.

Chapter 2: Rex Raptor - National Champion
Outside his mind, he was just Rex Raptor, duelist, riding a train.
Inside his mind, however, he was Jeff. An American kid, a Yu-Gi-Oh fan, and most importantly, a real person from the real world.
As luck would have it, or a lack of it depending on how you view things, he was somehow in the Yu-Gi-Oh anime as Rex.
Although Jeff knew Rex Raptor would do terrible in the anime, he had plans to change it.
He was the best duelist at his school, there was no way he was going to ruin his reputation following some script.
The only problem was that, despite all his card game knowledge from the past decade of his life playing the game,
this was still the first season of the anime, and the card were terrible and out of date.
He had flipped through his deck earlier, and his pile of vanilla monsters weren't going to cut it.
What could he do? He was stuck with Rex Raptor's deck from this point in the anime.
There was only one thing he could do.

Jeff stood in front of Duel Monsters Duel Dome and looked up at it.
It was impressively big for a place just for playing a card game tournament.
He had been to a few regional events in reality, and they were nothing like this amazing fantasy realm.
It was then he wondered if he'd actually have to duel through a whole tournament.
He knew he had to win to make it to the finals like in the anime, but exactly how many duels would that be?
There had to be hundreds, if not thousands of people in this arena, surely in this anime world the National Championship would be huge.
He remembered from the show how the finals not only took place o a huge holographic duel field, but was surrounded
by bleachers full of fans all cheering for him.
Jeff took a deep breath and walked through the front doors. What he saw was amazing.

It was pitch dark!
"What the heck? Where am I?" he thought.
He then heard an announcer, first introducing Weevil Underwood, and then himself.
As Rex Raptor's name was called, a huge door opened in front of him and he was lowered in a cart above the giant duel arena!
It was already the finals!
"The finals? Already? How? When? I didn't even duel anyone yet," he thought to himself.
"Is this world skipping the parts that aren't in the anime? Or is this the only opponent this world knows, so I'm automatically in the finals?"
He cleared his head of the confusion and just rolled with it. He was Rex Raptor after all, who knows what could happen.
He looked across the dueling arena to Weevil Underwood.
Weevil wasn't doing anything, and neither was the crowd. It was as if everything was frozen.
"Oh, that's right," he thought to himself, "nothing happens in this duel until I'm supposed to play Two-Headed King Rex."
He realized that most of this duel went unseen as Yugi, Joey, and friends talked to each other and then it cuts right to the end.
Jeff examined his hand with a grin.
"It's time to duel!"
"What did you say?" asked Weevil.
"Oops, I said that out loud," Jeff said to himself, forgetting his role already.

"I'll Summon this, Two-Headed King Rex in Attack Position!"
With a flare of light, a hologram of his monster appeared before him.
Just for a moment, Jeff could only stare in awe. This sort of thing could never exist for real, this was so cool!
"But wait..." he thought, and looked over at Weevil's field. There was a face down.
"Your move," he announced, playing his part correctly.
Weevil laughed, "And all I have is this weak little bug," and played Basic Insect, a mere 500 ATK monster.
"Yup," Jeff thought to himself, "it's exactly what he was supposed to play, and now it's my turn."
Jeff knew that Rex was supposed to attack now, but he had a different idea.

As Jeff got off the train, he looked down the street to the arena he was supposed to be going to right now.
This was where he was meant to duel and lose to Weevil Underwood, but that wasn't good enough.
He refused to be a loser in this duel, and there was only one thing to do.
He quickly located a game shop, and they naturally had Duel Monsters for sale and well promoted.
He was glad for once to be in a universe where the card game was insanely popular to the point of televised matches.
Jeff came out of that shop with a whole new supply of cards.

Looking over Weevil's field, he knew exactly what the face down was. Vortex, a card that stopped him from
attacking the Basic Insect and somehow allowed Weevil the chance to equip it with Laser Cannon, run over his King Rex, and win.
Jeff wasn't about to allow that, and his trip to the game shop was about to pay off.
"Weevil, do you think you can fool me, Rex Raptor, with that pathetic face-down?" announced Jeff in his most dramatic anime voice.
Weevil only gasped. "Pathetic?!"
"Yes, pathetic! I'm going to destroy that and then squash your bug with my Two-Headed King Rex!"
"Grr, there's no way you can win."
"I can with this!" declared Jeff and he pulled out Mystical Space Typhoon!
"That's impossible," screamed Weevil. "You there's no way you have that card!"
"Mystical Space Typhoon, destroy Weevil's Vortex!"
"How did you know I was playing Vortex?"
"It doesn't matter, because now that Vortex is destroyed, my Two-Headed King Rex stomps your bug!"
As the 1600 ATK dinosaur virtually smashed the Basic Insect, the world froze for a moment.
"What is going on here?" Jeff pondered.
Suddenly, as though by magic, the crowd cheered again and Rex Raptor was announced the winner of the National Championship.
"That was weird, was that because the universe didn't know how to react to me changing things?" he questioned.
He ignored that problem for now, though. It was time for him to celebrate.
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Re: Rex Raptor - King of Games

Post by MysticJhn » Mon May 21, 2018 3:33 am

Chapter 2 is posted and I wonder if anyone is actually reading this.
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Re: Rex Raptor - King of Games

Post by MewMew1989 » Mon Mar 18, 2019 10:15 pm

MysticJhn wrote:
Mon May 21, 2018 3:33 am
Chapter 2 is posted and I wonder if anyone is actually reading this.
I'm reading this. I love Rex Raptor kicking ass and taking names.

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Re: Rex Raptor - King of Games

Post by MysticJhn » Tue Mar 19, 2019 2:20 pm

Wow, I thought this was a dead story.
The thread is almost a year old with no replies.
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