The Day the YCG took over Story.

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The Day the YCG took over Story.

Post by Ej1997 » Fri Sep 21, 2012 4:15 pm

Im not even going to start the whole usual speach but as usual I pretty much have to. This thread is for the story ONLY. Dont post your comments here! Ill make a comments page for them.
Prolog: The Creation
Long ago before the YCG even existed the human race ruled. They were not different from the YCG but far less powerful and less understanding of the power of the cards. However the First YCGer was the Admin.
The Admin was the Eldest and most powerful of his kind. In the days of the human’s he like many of us hid from society our power. However one day he had enough.
So using his tremendous power the Admin summoned the Egyptian god cards unleashing destruction on humans and YCGers alike. Soon three warriors’ confronted the Admin deck’s in hand hoping to defeat him.
One born of light, the other shrouded in darkness, the third belonged to neither and was far more powerful. And unaided the three warriors confronted the Admin in a last ditch effort to save the planet.
And for month’s they fought. Monster against Monster, Spell against Spell. And soon the ocean boiled and the land was ripped apart from the sheer power of the battle. But neither side could gain a foot hold in the battle. Finally the third warrior watched as his allies were turned to dust and he was left alone to face the Admin.
“Surrender little one.” Admin whispered. Behind him the gods roared. “And I will be far more lenient in your demise.” The man shook his head.
“Not till you are destroyed and peace restored.” With those words the man stood still and drew out his last cards. “Your move Admin.” The Admin smiled ordering his gods to destroy the man. He smiled and activated dark hole. “Now to lock you away.” With those words he activated Spellbinding Circle and Shadow Spell locking the Admin away. As he sank into the ground the Admin screamed.
“What is this?” He yelled. “How dare you do this to me?”
“Fool you tried to play with fire. And now you get burned.” The man answered. Then he set about creating the final spell to erase the memories of the world. Once he was finished he looked at the sunrise. “This is the first day of a new world. The World of the YCG.”
Chapter1: 50 years later
Stardust looked out over the coast waiting for LZ. Behind him the small village chosen to hold the Festival of Dragons was bustling with excitement. All they needed was the supplies coming in from the northern tribe.
“Damn LZ where are you?” Stardust cursed. Supposedly the fireworks he was bring were far greater than the ones his people crafted. Then on the horizon Number 50 Black Corn appeared on the horizon the ships black sails flying high. On board the ships only passenger LZ waved.
“Stardust how have you been?” LZ shouted as his ship docked. Stardust crossed his arms and waved over a dozen villagers.
“I’ll be better when your ship’s cargo is unloaded.” Stardust answered while the villagers began to unload the massive amounts of cargo. “I did not order all of this.” Stardust said. LZ smiled.
“Lord Wink said you were going to need these. Anyways what are these rumors that Dedoom’s men are here.” LZ looked around hand on his deck box.
“Phazed said it was a good idea. An open gesture of peace towards a heartless dictator. If you ask me it was asking for trouble. But don’t worry I brought in security to keep I an eye on Dedoom’s men.” Stardust said has he picked up a cargo box.
“And what about Pojos? They’re sure to cause trouble.” LZ countered. Stardust laughed.
“They wouldn’t be caught dead here. The way Dedoom’s been executing them they sure to stay the hell away. Besides even if they came the guy I hired is awesome at what he does.” Stardust boasted.
“He can’t be that good. I don’t see any other members of my tribe.” LZ said a hint of arrogance in his voice. Stardust waved his hands.
“Shut up and start unloading the cargo with me.” Stardust ordered. LZ nodded.
“Where do you want this stuff unloaded?” LZ asked grunting from the weight of the load.
“Over here near the ware houses. That should be fine for now.” Stardust answered.

The walked into the village robe covering the sword at his side and the three decks he carried. As he wandered into the town people of all shapes and sizes were bustling with excitement for the festival. Up ahead a tavern broke out into a bar fight. Soon the brawl took to the streets.
“What animals.” The man muttered as he drew out a deck. “Fiendish Chain!” Soon chains sprang from the shadows enveloping the combatants. “Who started the fight?” The man face palmed as soon as all the men started to blame each other like four year olds.
“It was that man over there! He’s a servant of Dedoom!” One man cried pointing to another man who struggled in his chains.
“I wouldn’t be in this hell hole if lord Rognarr wasn’t here and invited.” Dedoom’s soldier countered. Then he turned on the man in the robe. “And who are you to decide?”
The man in the robe leaned in close “You have no damn right to know who I am. And if I catch you or anyone else in this town causing trouble you’ll answer to me. Got that?” With that he freed the men from the chains and walked into the tavern. It was wrecked. “Any way I can help?” He asked the owner. The man shook his head.
“Nothing I can’t handle. Even though you better look outside your friends back with company.” The owner said pointing out the window. Dedoom’s soldier had brought along Stardust yelling like crazy.
“I’m telling you these guys have no idea when to quit.” The man said shaking his head. He walked outside.
“That’s him that’s the man. He attacked me out of nowhere for no reason. Arrest him!” Dedoom’s soldier yelled. The man in the robe smiled.
“Actually Stardust yes I did just like this.” Faster than lightning the man had his sword at Dedoom’s soldiers throat. “And I said lying to the councilman is a very bad thing.” As the soldier soiled himself Stardust tried not to laugh. The man let go of the soldier and threw him down the street. “Now get out of my sight dirt ball.”
“Of course it had to be you. You’re the only person I know who can piss people off that bad. EJ.” Stardust jabbed him in the ribs grinning. EJ shrugged.
“You hired me so not my fault.” EJ countered sheathing his sword. “Besides now he’ll tell his buddies there’s hell to pay while I’m in town.”
“Still we don’t want to cause a war. Either way you have to see the fireworks LZ brought.” Stardust said grinning like a child. “We have to fire some off or I’ll go nuts.” Together the two men ran off.
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Wallaceman105 wrote:You know, weddings can be extremely emotional experiences.
Sometimes, even the cake is in tiers.

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Re: The Day the YCG took over Story.

Post by Ej1997 » Thu Sep 27, 2012 3:59 pm

Chapter 2 : The Dictator
“Bring in the next prisoner Dmwro!” Dedoom hollered. He stood in an arena with at least a hundred dead bodies behind him. “I haven’t beat my high score.”
“Of course my lord.” Dmwro said happily going down into the dungeons. “Here’s one” Dmwro threw the man into the arena. “Charged with the crime of being a Pojo.”
“Oh really well then we both know the laws. All Pojos must be slain in my lands.” Dedoom brought out his deck. “But will be given fair trial. He’ll duel me. He wins he’s free. He loses, well it adds to my score.”
“Absolutely! This is too much fun.” Dmwro said tossing the prisoner his deck. “I’d wish you good luck but against my master there is none.” The man drew his top five cards and waited for Dedoom to go first.
“Well then I’ll activate Dark Magic Curtain to special summon Dark Magician and set these. With that I’ll end my turn.” Dedoom said smiling. The man drew his top card looking at the black armored magician in terror.
“M-my move, I’ll summon Celtic Guardian in attack mode and equip it with two lightning blades. Attack my warrior free me from this tyrant.” The Pojo man grew defiant seeing the magician. Dedoom laughed activating mirror force.
“You thought you could harm me? Fat chance Pojo. I activate Polymerization from my hand and fuse my Magician with my Buster Blader in my hand to summon” The Pojo pissed his pants as the tall warrior stepped forward halberd drawn. “I see you fear my Dark Paladin.” Dedoom said trying not to laugh. “It’s the last thing you will ever see. I activate Diffusion Wave Motion from my hand and equip Megamorph to Dark Paladin.” The Pojo didn’t even cry out as the Paladin removed his head.
“I do believe you beat the old record for number of Pojos that pissed their pants sir.” Dmwro laughed.
“You are correct. Take his cards to the armory we may have use for them later.” Dedoom ordered. Behind him Raven coughed.
“Are you done? I get paid by the hour.” Raven kicked away the Pojo’s head. It still showed the man’s face of horror.
“Oh yes I was having too much fun and forgot you were going to be here. Dmwro we stop for today, torture the prisoners who were scheduled for execution.” Dedoom yelled to Dmwro. The dungeon master nodded and sprinted off joy in his eyes. “Don’t worry if you hear any screaming. It means he’s having fun.”
“Can I honestly tell you that you make me sick?” Raven asked quietly. Dedoom laughed.
“But as long as I have money you’re under my control. Besides you aren’t afraid of killing are you?” Dedoom asked laughing. Raven shrugged.
“I don’t mind killing as long as you have a reason to kill. But what you do… it’s disgusting.” Raven said crossing his arms. “And what if I get bored? Killing you might be a challenge.”
“Try me assassin and I promise you that you will not live to see the dawn.” Dedoom’s tone grew darker and his hand twitched over his deck. “Besides I have a job for you.”
“I knew that. Why the hell would I visit this place if I wasn’t getting paid?” Raven asked staring Dedoom down. The dictator shrugged.
“Because you like me so much.” Dedoom said sarcastically. “You know of the Dragon Council don’t you?”
“Yes I do actually. Why do I need to kill one of them?” Raven asked growing interested in the conversation all of a sudden.
“No. But you are close, you see councilman Phazed has a book I want.” Dedoom said quietly. Raven stared at him like he was being ridiculous.
“And let me guess it’s in none of the libraries is it? Or maybe in one of your Dictatoraly rages you destroyed all copies of the book in your kingdom and killed the author like he’s a Pojo!” Raven shouted pissed off he was going to waste his time on this nonsense.
“No none of the above answers. The book is one of a kind written by EJ. Sadly Phazed has no idea how to decipher it being a dumb dragon.” Dedoom looked at the assassin and smiled.
“Of course I can. But nothing under my usual price.” Raven said disappearing. Dedoom smiled.
“Soon this world will belong to me.” The dictator whispered.
Chapter 3: Unease
LZ studied EJ warily. “So they brought you in?” EJ nodded smiling.
“Obviously. Best there is LZ. No need to be so tense.” EJ said dodging a firework as it curved into the air. “If anything you should watch who give explosives to.” Stardust was smiling like a maniac as he launched the colorful rockets into the air.
“Hey once they’re delivered and pay for I could care less.” LZ looked over at Stardust “Be careful unless you want to run out of rockets Dusty.”
“Don’t tell me what to do. Besides I’m surprised you’re still here with all of Dedoom’s men around here. Doesn’t Dedoom hate Wink more than he hates Pojos?” Stardust asked. LZ looked at Stardust like he was insane.
“Well normally I would but given that this town has plenty of bars, women, and with the kind of protection your packing” LZ pointed at EJ who had summoned the Dark Magician sending beams of emerald and purple light into the air. “I’m probably safer here than in my home.”
“Where’s the man who dishonored one of my soldiers?” Rognarr walked over to Stardust deck drawn. EJ looked over at him smiling.
“That would be me. Would your soldier happen to be causing trouble at a bar and lying to the honorable councilman?” EJ said looking at Rognarr. Stardust tried to send him a warning glance but he just waved him away.
“And who the hell do you think you are making such an insult?” Rognarr asked. EJ looked at the Dark Magician who now stood behind him staff drawn.
“I am EJ chief of security till the festival is over, and your soldier was causing a disturbance of the piece.” EJ said quietly. “And if you knew any better than you would know you are looking at the same EJ who fought Dedoom 20 years ago and defeated him. And if you don’t turn around right now then I’ll arrest you.” Rognarr back away his face in a mask of horror.
“You do know if you wanted I could have killed him for you.” LZ said smiling. “And then we wouldn’t have to deal with him.”
“And if you did we’d have a war sprouting everywhere. But then again at this rate you two would do that on your own.” Stardust said crossing his arms. EJ walked away the Sorcerer of Dark Magic appearing behind him. LZ laughed.
“We’d make it look like a fireworks accident.” LZ said laughing. Stardust shook his head.
“I’ll buy you a drink just to put an end to this nonsense.” He muttered. Together the duo walked off LZ bragging about how northerners could hold their liquor better than anyone else.

“DAMN IT. How the hell did that old fart get here? Why the hell wasn’t I informed.” Rognarr shouted at the mirror. Dedoom appeared laughing.
“Let me guess EJ showed up?” Dedoom couldn’t help but laugh at the look on Rognarr’s face “As long as you go along with the mission you’ll be fine. Besides I thought EJ died in the east?”
“Obviously he didn’t. What the hell do I do now?” Rognarr cast a worried glance at his sleeping soldiers.
“When you see an opportunity kill LZ and all your soldiers. Make it look like the Dragons did it. But avoid EJ at all costs. If he survived the east then he’s more dangerous than I thought.” Dedoom smiled. “Soon Wink and the glorified lizards will be gone and I will rule for all eternity.”
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Wallaceman105 wrote:You know, weddings can be extremely emotional experiences.
Sometimes, even the cake is in tiers.

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Re: The Day the YCG took over Story.

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Chapter 4: Draco’s Promise
Draco blocked another blow as around him dozens of soldiers tried and failed to land a single blow on him.
“Come on boys my wife has more skill than you wimps.” Draco held two long swords blocking and ducking all of the soldiers attempts to land a single blow on him. “Hey Promo if I’d known how much fun it was to train soldiers I’d do it more often. And you did a poor job with this batch if I do say so myself.”
On the wall of the training barracks Promo yawned barely paying attention. “It’s not my fault. Besides it’s exciting when you come across someone with a, little natural talent.” He sighed. “And I thought those soldiers were elite hopefuls?”
“Elite means there good I’m just a lot damn better.” Draco said disarming the entire group in one swift movement. “Collect your swords your all dismissed.” Draco looked at his lieutenant “Any news from Dusty Promo?”
“No all is going well it seems. LZ was late as usual but when is he not. Dedoom’s men are in the least populated part of the village and EJ arrived.” Promo looked at Draco. “Why did Phazed want Dedoom’s men here anyway? The fact he supports it is insane!”
“I know. Either way they’re here; Deal with it. If I had my way-” Draco stumbled as he was tackled from behind.
“DADDY!” The little three year old girl yelled in Draco’s ear. Promo fell of his perch laughing hysterically at the big man being taken down by a little girl. “Mommy was talking to someone about Phazed and said how the bad men were here. Make them go away!” The little girl screamed tears in her eyes. Draco picked her up.
“Don’t worry Draccina no one will ever hurt you as long as I’m around.” Draco said looking at the small girl. “They couldn’t ever best me anyways.”
“Ok but you better keep your promise Daddy.” With that the little girl jumped down and ran off to torment someone else.
“That’s why I’ll never have kids.” Promo said smiling. Draco punched him in the arm.
“That’s for laughing. And wait till you’re my age. All ladies want to have kids.” Draco said quietly. “Still where the hell is Phazed and Zeronex?”
“The two of them are still trying to decipher the book. Phazed is obsessed and Zero. Well Zero’s Zero he’s obsessed with damn books all the time.” Promo looked at Draco. “Come on I’ll lead you to them.” They walked into the large temple behind them.

On the roof the stench of death filled the air. Raven looked down on the two warriors. “Please tell me they’re not going to lead me to my target?” Raven rolled his eyes. “Well I still do get paid so who cares.” He crept down the roof and into the temple.
Chapter 5: The Game Begins
“Stardust can I get one more drink? You know since your buying.” LZ said drunk. “Besides your just sitting there staring at the window.” LZ nudged the Dragon but toppled over as he lost his balance.
“No you can’t EJ will beat the Poop out of you if do anything stupid. And your drunk after two drinks.” Stardust replied pulling LZ off the ground.
“What’s that?” LZ pointed out the window as multiple pillars of light appeared in the sky. “Fireworks?”
“No that’s EJ’s magic covering the village. Soon we’ll be encased in a shell that will allow him to monitor all spells being cast.” Stardust looked out the window. “Rognarr’s not going to be happy about this.”
“Like hell he isn’t. Probably pissing himself, over this.” LZ laughed then frowned. “I probably should get back to my ship.” LZ stalked off out of the bar. Stardust shook his head.
“Stay with me. Rognarr would kill you if he had the chance.” Stardust said quietly. “Either way we can’t leave till EJ’s finished our power interferes with his magic.”
“The fact EJ has to protect you is scary unless… Its Rognarr’s fault isn’t it? You’re afraid of him.” LZ looked at Stardust.
“You have to understand I’m the third wheel on the council. Phazed and Draco have led our people since we separated from Dedoom. We had to show peace in order to put an end to the tensions. Something Wink has failed to do.” Stardust jabbed at LZ. He shrugged.
“Lord Wink is what he is. Powerful as Dedoom? Yes. An ideal leader no. But he harbors a great deal of hatred for Dedoom and his cruelty.” LZ looked at Stardust. “And definitely didn’t allow Dedoom to walk an entire platoon of soldiers into a populated area.”
“I could care less. Let me get you another drink.” Stardust said hoping to hope to get LZ quiet. LZ laughed and started to sing some stupid bar song.

Rognarr looked at the dead bodies. Behind him Dragunity Darkspear stood talons bloody. “Forgive me it’s for the cause.” Rognarr activate Soul Release and left. As he walked away EJ stepped out of an alley Dark Magician behind him staff drawn.
“Thought you’d get away didn’t you?” EJ looked at Rognarr. Rognarr laughed and revealed his trap.
“Have fun with this!” Rognarr shouted as Return from the Different Dimension activated and dozens of monsters surrounded EJ.
“Rognarr this won’t stop me I hope you know that.” EJ smiled as the Dark Magician Girl appeared along with the Dark Magician. “You won’t escape me.” Rognarr raced off to find and kill LZ.
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Wallaceman105 wrote:You know, weddings can be extremely emotional experiences.
Sometimes, even the cake is in tiers.

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Re: The Day the YCG took over Story.

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Chapter 6: LZ vs. Rognarr
Stardust watched as an explosion burst into the air. Behind him LZ glared.
“That’s not natural is it?” LZ began to sober up seeing the flashes in the sky. “And EJ is not behind it either.” Stardust glanced at LZ.
“I’ll check it out you stay here. Don’t do anything stupid.” With that Stardust and the Stardust Dragon flew in the air towards the explosion. He found EJ fighting countless fiends and dragons sword in hand while the Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl fought behind him back to back.
“A little help would be nice Stardust.” EJ shouted slicing the head off of the Black Land Fire Dragon. “Rognarr is loose in the city. Help me kill these things then we’ll talk.” Stardust nodded and leapt off his dragons back drawing his own sword as fire flew from the dragons maul. Both warriors fought back to back as their monsters protected them. Soon the hoard of monsters was gone. “I wonder where he got all these.” EJ muttered. Stardust walked out of the low lying building mouth covered by his shirt.
“Rognarr killed his troops and fled.” Stardust said his face green. “And god he made a mess in there. We have to find him.”
“Fine you take to the air I’ll cover the ground. Quickly he can’t get away.” EJ sprinted off looking for Rognarr, while Stardust flew into the air.
“Why didn’t I see this coming?” LZ turned around as the Gagaga Magician sent his chain wrapping it around Rognarr as he tried to sneak up on the man. “Please I’m not stupid Rognarr.” LZ turned around fire in his eyes.
“Oh really then look behind you.” Rognarr shouted. Dragunity Darkspear hit LZ from behind knocking the man down. Gagaga Girl appeared and forced the dragon into a chain noose crashing it into the ground where it disintegrated.
“Fun trick, anything else?” LZ looked at Rognarr as he stumbled up. The two monsters merged into Number 39 Utopia. “Or can I execute you.”
“Now I kill you stupid. Fiendish Chain!” Rognarr stood up and smiled as Dark End Dragon emerged from the shadows as the trap previously set erupted chaining the golden warrior.
“You really think that will work?” From behind him EJ erupted from the alley magicians directly behind him. Stardust appeared in the sky. Dark End Dragon glared up a the sky while Rognarr glared at the sorcerer. “If you kill him my wrath will indeed be terrible.” EJ spoke softly his sword whirling in his hands.
“I believe you but no I must do this for Dedoom.” Dark End Dragon fired at Utopia and LZ Stardust tried to save them but wasn’t going to make it. EJ cursed.
“Golden Sarcoughagas!” EJ watched as LZ was entombed in the ground and Utopia was destroyed.
“Thanks for killing him for me.” Rognarr looked at EJ and jumped into the mouth of Dark End Dragon disappearing. EJ shook his head with guilt.
“Another mistake on your record Rognarr.” EJ looked pulled out a card and the Dark Magic Curtain appeared and EJ disappeared with his Magicians into the shadows. Stardust landed near the Sarcoughagas.
“Draco’s not going to be happy” Stardust muttered tears in his eyes. “I’m sorry LZ.”
Chapter 7: All Hell Breaks Loose
“PHAZED!!!!!!!” Draco roared as he marched into the great library. Zeronex’s head appeared over a tall pile of books in his hands. He looked at Draco worry in his eyes.
“Yes general?” Zeronex asked evenly. Draco stared him down while Promo stood behind him making gestures trying to signal that Draco was beyond pissed.
“Where the hell is Phazed? He really screwed us over this time.” Draco hollered as Phazed walked out of the library’s balcony office book in hand.
“I heard Draco. And if I’m correct it’s technically old EJ’s and Stardust’s fault. I try for peace and what happens? A former council member betrays us and a new member fails his duties.” Phazed replied. His eyes were icy cold as he glared at Draco.
“You’re the one who allowed Dedoom into our country. No you invited them then dropped the entire problem on Stardust. Now he’s trying to keep our people under control while LZ is dead. Best part is Rognarr’s gone while you sit here and blame everyone else. Now get your sorry excuse for a dragon out there and handle the situation or so help me god damn it I’ll have your head on a spike!” Draco’s fury boiled over at his fellow councilman who held up his hands in surrender.
“Fine.” Phazed walked past Draco and left the room drawing his scythe as he mounted Black Rose Dragon. Phazed looked over at Zeronex. “Guard the book. No one can use it but me if Dedoom ever got his hands on it…” Phazed didn’t finish his thought has he flew off. Draco walked out of the library.
“You know sir, Phazed also is a member of the council.” Promo glanced at his superior hoping not to piss him off any more then he already was. “He’s just as powerful as you and Dusty.” Draco shook his head.
“Yes but Phazed should have been in charge of his own plans not leaving them to Stardust. EJ never would have gotten involved. For twenty years the three of us led our people then EJ left ten years ago. However Stardust joined us in the council five years ago. He’s fairly new so he would enjoy proving his worth and Phazed caught him into this mess.” Draco spat on the ground. “And he knew that EJ was the only person Stardust would contact for help leaving him completely out of bullet’s path.”
Promo nodded “Fine I’ll tighten security. No one will get in without you knowing.” Promo walked away giving orders to troops passing by.

Raven watched as Draco left the library and Promo jogged off. He smiled. “That’s my cue.” Drawing his claymore Raven heard a man draw his sword.
“Halt!” The man tried to attack Raven but was cut down in an instant. His companion was held by the throat by Plague Spreader Zombie. His skin started to turn gray and white his eyes molding over.
“Enough loose him on the other soldiers.” Raven ordered the zombie. Another pair of soldiers tried to stop Raven but the newly spawned zombie attacked his fellow soldiers contaminating them.
Raven walked up to the library and busted down the doors sword in hand. Zeronex drew his staff. “Who are you busting down my doors? Do you know where you are? It’s called a damn-” Zero grabbed his throat as he was lifted off his feet by Despair from the Dark.
“I know where I am.” Raven watched as Zeronex was tossed across the room by the giant zombie. “But where the hell is that book.” Raven started looking around the library. A little girl erupted from a supply closet.
“I know where all the books are!” Draccina said laughing having no understanding of the situation. Raven smiled.
“Can you tell me where is Phazed’s special book is?” Raven asked quietly looking at Draccina. She giggled pointing at Phazed’s office.
“In there. Daddy says I’m not supposed to go in there though. But I help out Uncle Zero enough to know what’s in there.” Draccina stuttered having trouble forming sentences. Raven grinned.
“Thank you little girl I owe you one.” Raven said following the little girl up the steps.
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Wallaceman105 wrote:You know, weddings can be extremely emotional experiences.
Sometimes, even the cake is in tiers.

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Re: The Day the YCG took over Story.

Post by Ej1997 » Thu Nov 08, 2012 9:11 pm

Chapter 8: A Raven in the Night.
Draco and Phazed watched as the soldiers came running at them weapons drawn. There entire bodies were blood shot veins showing arms and heads twisting at weird angles.
“Stand down.” Promo shouted at the men charging them. Draco drew out his deck furious.
“They aren’t going to do that Promo. Look at them. They’ve been poisoned. Only cure for that is fire.” Draco drew out his deck. “Epiphany of the Phoen1x scorch them!” The young woman appeared fire cascading down her back like hair. Two fire ball’s blasted the zombies in the chest. Draco turned to Promo. “I need to find Draccina. Find out how many of our men are contaminated.” Draco sprinted towards the library hoping Draccina was annoying Zeronex in safety.

“Here you go Mr.” Draccina handed the thin book to Raven who smiled at the girl putting the book in his pocket.
“Thank you little one. Here for your troubles.” Raven pulled out a silver knife and handed it to the girl. She smiled at him.
“Thank you so much. Wait till I tell Daddy about this!” Draccina said hugging Raven. The assassin smiled ruffling her hair.
“Draccina get away from him!” Draco sprinted into the library sword drawn. Raven drew his claymore and crossed it in front of Draccina. The little girl laughed thinking this was a game.
“Don’t make me make this ugly Draco.” Raven said quietly “Let me leave in peace and I won’t hurt the girl.” The color drained from Draco’s face.
“Please don’t hurt my daughter. Please.” Draco said quietly. Raven nodded.
“Then give me your word that you will not attempt to stop me from leaving.” Raven said quietly. Zero stirred a little bit from under the bookshelves. “And you’ll have my word not to harm your daughter.”
Draco walked away from the doorway. “Deal. Just don’t hurt her.”
Raven and Draccina shuffled away from the office towards the exit. Halfway there however Zero fully awakened realizing Raven was playing Draco for a sucker and was going to bolt away with Draccina hostage
“Mystic Box!” Zero shouted. Draccina disappeared and the Despair From the Dark was destroyed sucked into the box swords slit through it. Raven realizing there was nothing protecting him from Draco bolted out the door. Draco looked at Zero.
“Where the hell did my daughter go?” Draco growled. Zero looked at him disdain in his eyes.
“She should have reappeared right here. Did she have anything that could have interfered with my magic?” Zeronex watched as rage boiled in Draco’s eyes.
“That dagger Raven gave her. It must have messed up the spell. Any idea where she could wind up?” Draco asked quietly. Zero shook his head no. “Then let’s kill that son of a [bleep].”

Promo watched as Raven flew by him claymore drawn. Promo brought out a chain and launched it at Raven catching his ankle.
Where do you think you’re going?” Promo shouted. “Telling from that stench on you you’re the source of these zombies and would know how to fix the problem.” Raven smashed the chain with his claymore summoning Vampire Genesis. Zombies flooded the clearing towards the gates.
“Your right you stupid Dragon. However that won’t help you.” Raven said smiling. Promo laughed.
“I’m not afraid of the undead. But how’s this for ya?” D-Hero Dreadmaster appeared tackling Vampire Genesis as Promo spoke drawing his sword. Raven grinned.
“Oh this is going to be fun.” He muttered.
Chapter 9: The King of Ice
Wink looked down at Len9000 who was on his knee’s distraught with grief. Opda and Hobbit stood next to him heads bowed in respect.
“I know it’s hard for you but LZ will not die in vain. I promise you this.” Wink looked at the man who lost his brother. Len9000 looked up rage boiling in his eyes.
“How Lord Wink? EJ is far out of our reach and he is now allied with Dedoombringer!” Len said glaring at his king. Wink stood somber Opda helped Len up and looked at him.
“I know Len. But he was a dragon at one point there for Phazed may have answers for you when he arrives.” Opda looked at Len “And you have my word LZ’s death will be avenged. EJ when we find him will be destroyed.”
Wink stood up and looked at Hobbit “Hobbit will you please take Len9000 to his chambers. Then will you take a patrol out to scout our southern border.” Hobbit nodded and walked out of the room Len close behind. “What was that Opda?”
“The boy deserves revenge Wink his brother fell at the hands of EJ.” Opda said quietly. Wink glared at the general.
“I understand that Opda but we cannot promise what we cannot give. EJ was once apprenticed to Dedoom and also a member of the Dragon council. His power however much it may have dwindled on his travels into the eastern lands is still equal to my own and Dedoom’s. And we both know that Zeronex owes him a life debt and Stardust is on good terms with him. However tempting it may be to get revenge on the wanderer I will not have you doing so. His wrath may be more than even I can protect you from.” Wink looked at Opda sadness in his eyes “We will wait for Phazed to arrive. Surely he’ll give us some answers.”
“Fine my lord I’ll wait for the dragon to arrive.” Opda left anger growing.
“And while you go do that I have to consult the gods. I have a feeling that something big is happening.” Wink muttered heading into a secret hallway. “I pray that I’m wrong.”
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Wallaceman105 wrote:You know, weddings can be extremely emotional experiences.
Sometimes, even the cake is in tiers.

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Re: The Day the YCG took over Story.

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Chapter 10: Fall of the Dragon’s Castle
Draco watched helpless as Promo fought Raven alone. The two warriors were equally matched but Destiny Hero Dreadmaster was beginning to weaken against the horde of zombies.
“We have to help them Zero.” Draco said quietly. Zero nodded.
“I know it’s just a little bit difficult with these” Zero’s staff ripped of the head of another zombies soldier. “God why did Dedoombringer send this guy?”
“He’s an assassin that’s why.” Draco’s sword tore through another zombie and the creature was soon replaced by two more of its kind. “What I’d like to know is where these things came from.”
“They’re our own soldiers corrupted sir.” Zeronex tore out his deck growing frustrated. “Meklord army of Wisel come forth!” The robotic soldier appeared and attracted the zombies with its shining armor leading them away.
“Good job Zero. Now come on we have to help Promo!” Draco rallied and charged the zombies again hoping to get closer to his friend.

Promo felt himself getting tired out. His arms were sore and Raven hadn’t even broken a sweat.
“Poor boy trying to defeat me. I hope you realize that no matter what you lose.” Raven’s sword missed Promo by inches as he swung. Far away a roar echoed across the grounds. “That’s my ride.” Raven said kicking Promo in the ribs jabbing a dagger in to his knee. “Good bye little boy.” Promo watched helpless as the Dark End Dragon swooped down and scooped up the assassin. Rognarr stood on the dragons back staring down at the carnage.
“I’ll kill you.” Promo shouted launching a chain at the dragon. It caught on the dragons foot unnoticed and he was pulled away as the dragon flew off.
“No Promo. Don’t!” Draco hollered from the ground but was out of earshot. Dreadmaster dissolved returning to its master’s deck.
“Don’t worry sir Promo is resource full he’ll be fine.” Zeronex looked around at the bloodstained ground. “We should leave sir there could be more of those things.”
“Fine. But contact Stardust. Tell him I want every soldier in our nation to be ready. We have a bone to pick with a certain Dictator.” Draco said quietly. He walked out of the once mighty castle hoping to never return.
Chapter 11 : Wink’s Prophecy
Wink sat down cross legged. All around him candles burned in occult symbols and designs. He looked at the original YCG guide written long ago. He closed his eyes.
“God I hate doing this.” Wink placed down his copy of Master Hyperion on the altar. The sun god emerged lending Wink his power.
“The Time is now, the time is great. Gods of the YCG show me my fate!” Wink watched as Hyperion’s hands glowed in fire the curtain of flames showing images only Wink could see. “My god what is this?” Wink said looking at the first images gathering to form a scene.
A man stood leading an army that was battered down and weakened. He stood tall in blackened armor halberd in hand as three Dark Paladins followed his lead massacring the larger army.
The next scene showed a woman her clothes wreathed in flames as she marched an army at the dark man. He smiled as he followed suit letting loose a wave of arrows.
Again the images showed a man crawling out of the ruins of a village deck in hand. He watched as the sky began to darken and lightning arched across the sky.
Again the images shifted revealing a different man his sword drawn the darkened man dying at his feet. The only words Wink heard were “My son.”
Then finally the images shifted one final time. A man crawled up out of the ground and stared directly at Wink as creatures far more ancient and terrible then any scene emerged from the ground.
“Tiny king.” The man spoke softly as he could but his voice vibrated with deep power that resonated from the earth itself. “You look into the future out of selfishness and greed. But let me tell you this, the time of reckoning will so be at hand.”
Hyperion dissolved and returned to his card unordered as Wink looked out the window seeing Phazed landing on his dragon. Wink shook his head.
“This is not good.”
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Wallaceman105 wrote:You know, weddings can be extremely emotional experiences.
Sometimes, even the cake is in tiers.

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Re: The Day the YCG took over Story.

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Chapter 12: The Taste of Success
Dedoombringer watched in his fiends Mirror as Stardust knelt next to LZ’s tomb. The man looked older than he did when he first took his position. Dedoombringer heard footsteps and looked up. Rognarr and Raven stood in front of both glaring at each other. Dedoom smiled.
“Well I’d guess your mission was a success?” Dedoombringer asked quietly. Dmwro walked in carrying a chest full of gold and handed it to Raven.
“It became complicated. Dracostrike might come after you. His daughter’s missing.” Raven said quietly. “But then again that’s your problem so give you your book and take my gold.” With that Raven summoned Regenerating mummy which picked up the gold and walked away following Raven. Dedoombringer smiled holding up the tiny volume in his hands.
“And you Rognarr? Telling by the look on your face you met my old Apprentice?” Dedoombringer asked smiling. Rognarr nodded.
“Yes he was the one who killed LZ sir.” Rognarr watched as Dedoombringer shook his head.
“I doubt it. Though you did what you had to so in the end who cares. Though I’d like you to leave me.” Dedoombringer watched as Rognarr turned away. Dmwro remained.
“Master I do not trust him.” Dmwro said quietly. Dedoombringer nodded holding his sword in hand.
“He plans to kill me. But with this” Dedoombringer held up the book. “I can surpass him and EJ easily. Maybe even the Admin himself.”
“Master do you actually believe the old stories? That the Admin still lives in the east?” Dmwro asked fear hinting in his voice. Dedoombringer nodded.
“And that EJ is the Gray Warrior? No I’m afraid I don’t believe the stories that far but I do know the Admin is real. It’s the only reason to explain why we exist.” Dedoombringer waved Dmwro off. “Now leave me I have work to do.”
Chapter 13: The Gathering Clouds
Stardust watched as Dracostrike and Zeronex walked into the pavilion. Zero threw out a card and Promo’s shimmering Holographic image appeared.
“Stardust have you sent word to Lord Phazed?” Zero asked looking nauseous. Stardust nodded.
“I sent the message to him. Still how far are we from Dedoombringer’s fortress?” Stardust said looking at Draco. The man scratched his beard looking at the map on the Pavilion table.
“About a day’s ride away. Dedoombringer doesn’t know that we are on the offensive. Therefore we have that slight advantage. However this still won’t be easy as we are attacking his fortress.” Draco looked at Zeronex. “And I’m guessing you have a plan?”
“Several. While Promo maybe inside the castle Draco you and Phazed when he returns will lead the assault hopefully when we attack the fortress itself the Ice King may be able to help us.” Zero looked over at Stardust. “You will stay with me. If all goes according to plan you will lead the final wave of soldiers into battle. However if it looks like we might fail Stardust you will have to give the others enough time to escape.”
“I understand.” Stardust said somberly. Draco patted him on the back.
“Remember Dusty we need to save my daughter. Dedoom’s assassin is the only one who would know how to get her back.” Draco muttered clenching his fists. Promo looked at Draco.
“The assassin left the castle about an hour ago sir.” Promo said quietly. Zero nodded.
“Probably one of the many thugs that scour Dedoombringer’s lands. While he is skilled we can track him down.” Zero looked at Draco. “Though we must recover the book against all else.”
“Why?” Draco asked looking at Zero. Stardust however answered.
“It was written by EJ a master sorcerer in his own right. However in the hands if Dedoombringer it would be quiet destructive.” Stardust looked at Draco. “It is even believed the spell to awaken the Admin is buried deep inside of its pages.”

Meanwhile at Wink’s castle….
Phazed watched as Opda walked over armor polished. Underneath his armpit a helmet was cradled.
“Greetings general.” Phazed nodded at the man who glared at him. “It has been a long time.”
“I know. The last time you were here was at the end of our last war with the dictator.” Opda said sadly “ Now were here because of your stupidity.”
“MY STUPIDITY?” Phazed shouted outraged. The scent of roses wafted into the air.
“Yes. The fact that you even suggested that Dedoombringer’s second in command and a handful of troops be allowed into your festival was outrageous. Lord Wink told LZ it was suicide but he believed in peace with your people.” Opda replied casually as the two men approached the doorway. “Now he’s dead and the murderer has escaped justice.”
“EJ was a member of the Dragon Council. While LZ’s death was unfortunate we must realize that EJ was originally in service to Dedoombringer long before the Dragon’s nation was formed.” Phazed said quietly.
“I still don’t see how that justifies what happened. However know this.” Opda’s voice turned to acid. “If I find out you had anything to do with this you will have to answer to me.”
“Threatening an ambassador?” Phazed asked shocked. Opda shook his head.
“Not a threat a promise.” Then he turned away.
“I’m guessing the General still likes scaring guests.” Wink said standing outside his gates. The king looked exhausted. “Come inside we have much to discuss.”

Meanwhile with EJ…..
EJ walked along the road hood over his head. Next to him a regiment of soldiers sprinted by in the rain as they rushed off to join the upcoming battle. Thunder crashed overhead.
“Excuse me.” EJ looked down to find a little girl soaked in the rain looking up at him. He immediately recognized the face.
“Draccina how did you end up here?” The wanderer asked kneeling down. Draccina looked at him her eyes filled with tears. She looked like she was four years old now.
“I was sent here there was a flash of light and I think uncle Zero sent me here.” Draccina said quietly. Her speech in the short while had improved. EJ shook his head.
“I doubt he did so, on purpose. I’ll have to take you some place safe.” EJ said smiling. He drew out his deck. “Has your daddy ever told you about my dragon?”
“No. He always said that when you left you discarded your dragon deck.” Draccina said quietly. EJ shook his head.
“No I didn’t I simply returned to my original deck.” EJ drew a card and looked at it. “Little did I know what it unleashed.” He muttered. “Come forth Malefic Stardust Dragon!”
Draccina watched amazed as the dragon appeared its long scaly body looking down at her. “ That’s uncle Dusty’s dragon.”
EJ shook his head. “No it’s mine. This one’s just an outcast.” EJ mounted the Dragon and lifted Draccina onto his lap. “I have to get you to a safe place. The monastery over the mountains will be safest for you.”
“Why daddies soldiers can take protect me.” Draccina said quietly. EJ shook his head.
“Draccina war is breaking out. I have to get you to a safe place. I promise your father will find you though.” EJ said quietly the duo taking off. Draccina laughed as the dragon soared in to the air.
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Wallaceman105 wrote:You know, weddings can be extremely emotional experiences.
Sometimes, even the cake is in tiers.

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Re: The Day the YCG took over Story.

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Chapter 14: The Thunder Roars.
Phazed looked at Wink rubbing the folds out of his cloak. “Lord Wink I’m so grateful for being here. You must understand that events have pushed us into this...” Phazed struggled to find the correct words.
“Predicament? I completely agree. Though I wish it were not so.” Wink pointed at the mural on the opposite wall. “Do you remember those days? When you were still a small rebel group in Dedoom’s lands? This is like that.”
Phazed examined the artwork. It did not show his face Draco’s or EJ’s but he knew who it was of. He stood to the left hood over his head vines growing around him. Draco stood in the center his helmet cloaked his face fire burning around him. EJ on the other hand was on the right his armor was bent and rusted was covered by a shredded gray cloak. A hood was covering his face.
“I did not know you knew of us then.” Phazed said quietly. “Though now we stand at the brink of war again.”
“I know some of my people however blame you for LZ’s death. I however blame Dedoombringer.” Wink said quietly. “And I’m guessing Opda made sure you knew that.”
“He did so very well.” Phazed said quietly. “ However-” Phazed was cut short as the Debris Dragon flew into the castle. It landed neatly in front of Phazed and Wink.
“Lord Wink I apologize for showing up uninvited but Lord Phazed must return. We are a day’s ride from Dedoombringer’s fortress.” Stardust’s voice poured out of the little dragon. “We need you back here.”
“And why the hell are you that close to Dedoombringer?” Phazed raged at the little dragon. It flittered its wings looking nervous.
“Phazed Dedoombringer attacked the southern fortress and stole your book.” The Debris Dragon flew off as Phazed’s face turned red.
“Lord Wink I’m afraid-“ Phazed watched as Wink smiled.
“I will be following you. I guess it’s time to dispatch of the dictator once and for all.” Wink looked at Phazed. “I’ll be there in two days be ready.”
Phazed nodded and ran out the castle doors flying off.
Chapter 15: The Battle Begins
Stardust watched as the sun rose on the massive valley. All around mountains covered in snow caged in the army using it as a battle ground.
“This is going to be fun.” Draco said drawing his sword. His armor was dark red painted in orange to look like flames. “It has been a long time since I fought.”
“And I wish it could stay that way.” Stardust watched as Phazed dropped in on them scythe on his back emerald green robes coating his own blood red armor. “I haven’t seen battle if this scale since our secession.”
“And I have been bored ever since. And more importantly,” Draco’s face turned impassive as he watched Rognarr lead his army into the valley. “That bastard stole my daughter.”
“And my book.” Phazed said eyes glistening with rage. He summoned the Black Rose Dragon and flew off. Behind him phantom skyblasters and soldiers followed the man as he flew into battle.
“Stardust protect Zero understand? I have work to do.” Draco stormed off drawing his other sword and charging off soldiers following their leader as he raced into battle.
“Fine.” Stardust muttered. “You old farts have all the fun. And I get stuck with the librarian.”
“I heard that” Zero appeared next to Stardust on the back of the Meklord Astros Melakilne looking down at him. “And those old farts are far more experienced than you will be if you don’t shut your mouth.”

Rognarr watched Phazed fly into the heavens a small aerial force following him, as Draco charged his army following him the horsemen barely keeping pace with fiery warrior on foot. Rognarr shuddered.
“Why did I do this?” Rognarr drew his sword and shield. Then he looked over at Lightflare and Rowwdy Yisb. “You Rowwdy go back to the castle and tell Dedoombringer we may not have much time. Lightflare watch our flanks. Phazed isn’t gone yet.”
“What of you sir?” Lightflare asked. Rognarr sighed straightening his back.
“I’ll lead the army at Draco. Hopefully I can hold him off till his highness gets out of his damn castle and joins us.” With that Rognarr stormed off. “Everyone Phalanx positions! Spearmen to the front shields in front. Let’s show these bastards what happens when you mess with us!”

EJ landed in the pasture near the monastery leaving his dragon with Draccina. She smiled and ran off picking flowers. EJ raced to the monastery gates banging on the doors.
“Xion!” EJ shouted at the door begging for it to open. War cries echoed across the temple from the valley miles away. “Xion open up this door or I swear I will blow it sky high and whatever little sorry excuse for a monster you have hiding behind it.” To emphasize his point EJ summoned the Dark Magician who pointed his staff at the door. “You have till the count of three. One, two……”
The door flew open and Xion emerged. “Jesus not my doors! It took me months to craft these after you blasted the last ones. What do you want?”
“I need you to look after the girl. She’s Dracostrike’s daughter.” EJ watched as the little girl who ran over looked five years old. She handed the flowers she picked to Xion.
“These are for you mister.” She said quietly. Xion looked at EJ.
“But Draco’s daughters is barely two years old how is she…?” Xion started to ask. EJ raised his hand and silenced him.
“I don’t know. Just watch her. OK?” EJ ran off not giving Xion time to reply. “Draco will find her when it’s time I have to go.” With that the Dark Magician vanished back into EJ’s deck and he flew off towards the sounds of battle. The little girl looked at Xion.
“He’s strange isn’t he?” She asked quietly. Xion could barely nod still shocked.
“Yes. Yes he is.” Xion walked into the Monastery Draccina close behind him.
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Wallaceman105 wrote:You know, weddings can be extremely emotional experiences.
Sometimes, even the cake is in tiers.

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Re: The Day the YCG took over Story.

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Chapter 16: The Crossing of Blades
Promo watched as Rowwdy Yisb rode into Dedoombringer’s castle. The man on the horse looked terrified. Dmwro walked out the gates to greet him.
“Yes Yisb?” Dmwro asked touching his sword. Rowwdy looked at him.
“Lord Dedoombringer must help us. We are outnumbered and trapped whatever power he has he must help us.” Rowwdy Yisb pleaded. Dmwro stroked his beard.
“Go back to Rognarr tell him I’ll talk to Dedoombringer.” With that Dmwro waved Rowwdy away. Promo followed Dmwro quietly back into the Fortress.

“My Lord we need to help out Rognarr he can’t hold his own in this fight.” Dmwro looked at Dedoombringer. “It’s time to see what the book has granted you.”
“No it’s not time. But I do have an idea.” Dedoombringer pulled out a card that was lost in the book. “I summon you.” Dedoombringer watched as the card dissolved and turned into a man.
“I heed the call of my savior.” The man drew his sword. “I am Marethyu.”
“I don’t care who you are. Can you hold off the Dragon armies?” Dedoombringer asked drawing is Halberd. Marethyu nodded.
“I’ll do my best.” Marethyu walked away pushing past Dmwro.
“Master what is that?” Dmwro asked Dedoom. He shrugged having no idea.
“I don’t care. But that should at least keep Rognarr happy.” Dedoombringer said sheathing his blade. “Still I wonder why EJ locked him up in here?”
“Maybe he’s dangerous? Or insane? Or-” Dmwro Was cut off by one look from the dictator.”
“Or maybe he’s an enemy of EJ just like me.” Dedoombringer said quietly. He drew his deck that was throbbing in purple light. “Soon very soon I will walk out onto the battle field. I need just one more day.”

Rognarr felt Draco’s sword drop on his shield. He countered shoving the warrior off and swinging his own blade through the air. Draco dodged weaving out of the strike.
“You’re old Rognarr.” Draco said laughing. Rognarr glared launching a jab at Draco’s torso then slamming him with his shield. Draco backed away shaking his head. All around them war cries were heard but were drowned out by the tension between the warriors.
“How’s that for old coward?” Rognarr said. Draco spun around his swords creating sparks on impact with Rognarr’s shield. “You’re weak.”
“How’s this for week?” Draco slammed his fist into Rognarr’s face sending the other warrior tumbling back. He took his sword and drove it through Rognarr’s shield. Rognarr twisted his shield arm yanking the blade out of Draco’s grip.
“Good show my friend but it will take more than brute strength to defeat me.” Rognarr charged Draco who side stepped taking back his blade and ramming Rognarr in the back with its hilt. Draco raised his sword for the killing stroke but Rognarr kicked his ankle and Draco tumbled and fell. “See what I mean?”
Then Phazed’s voice boomed from the heavens “But thinking is my job.” Phazed descended onto the ground ramming his Black Rose into the enemy army where it exploded. Phazed unsheathed his scythe while Draco got up. Rognarr stood his ground against the two men. “And I’m pretty sure against us you are indeed out matched.”
“Ha but it is you who is out matched.” Rowwdy Yisb rode into the battle tackling Phazed. Phazed picked up Rowwdy with one hand and tossed him away. Lightflare appeared drawing his own sword against Phazed.
“Phazed deal with the Rognarr’s lieutenants I’ll deal with Rognarr myself.” With that Draco launched himself at Rognarr and the battle resumed.

“Lord Wink we are a day’s ride from battle do you want us to continue on?” Opda asked looking at Wink. Around them Len9000 ,and Big Hobbit worked diligently trying to keep their army organized.
“No we can rest here. Get-” Wink stopped and collapsed feeling his pulse weaken. His skin crawled and he felt a cold chill of something ancient awakening run down his spine.
“My Lord are you all right?” Len9000 rushed over lifting Wink up onto his horse. Wink opened his eyes.
“I’m fine. But we have to keep moving.” Wink said looking at Opda. He nodded and rushed off ordering soldiers to get moving.
“My Lord what was that?” Len9000 asked concerned. Wink looked at Len the old king tired and exhausted.
“For a second I thought I felt the presence of the Admin.” Wink shook his head. “But that is impossible isn’t it?”
Chapter 17: The Storm Front
Marethyu looked down at the two opposing armies. Thousands of men battled for their existence while Marethyu descended unnoticed into the battle.
“Die!!!” Three of the Dragon armies soldiers cornered Marethyu his back against a cluster of boulders. Not even thinking Marethyu unsheathed his curved sword.
“No it is I who should be saying that to you.” Marethyu said quietly. One of the soldiers charged him hoping to kill him. Marethyu caught his blade in the hook of his own and rammed the soldier in the chest with his own sword blood soaking the ground. The second soldier attacked Marethyu spear bristling at the man.
“You’ll pay for that!” he shouted and he swung the spear like a bat hitting Marethyu across the skull. Marethyu glanced up at him.
“Was that supposed to hurt?” Marethyu asked as he sliced the spear in two with his own blade then gripping the man’s throat. “Because it didn’t.” Marethyu took the man snapped his neck and tossed him aside. The third soldier raised his shield while in his hand was a long sword.
“What are you?” He asked quietly as he circled Marethyu. Marethyu smiled swirling his sword in his hand. It flashed strangely the dimming daylight.
“I am the man who will kill EJ.” Marethyu then charged the man slicing at his shield. The man tried to dodge but Marethyu’s sword curved into his shield striking the very bone of his arm. “And no one will stand in my way.” Marethyu pulled out his sword out of the shield then in one quick movement had the man’s head lying on the ground. Behind Marethyu on a boulder the first soldier was trying to stand.
“Don’t you dare try to leave I’ll stop you.” He muttered. Marethyu smiled.
“Where is the tactician in this army?” Marethyu asked quietly putting his hand on the soldiers arm. Black strips of energy rolled down his arm into the soldiers head forcing the truth out of him.
“Zeronex is at the far side of the valley.” The soldier said quickly gasping for breath. Marethyu smiled.
“Good now” Marethyu shoved his sword through the man’s body striking sparks on the rocks behind him. “Go to sleep.”

Dedoombringer stood at the window of his tower. Outside about a mile away he saw the flashes of battle. Dedoombringer brought out his deck that was beginning to slow as the energy within it began to subside.
“Soon I’ll walk into battle oh so soon.” Dedoombringer whispered. Promo leapt out from behind him sword drawn.
“No you won’t Dedoom.” He growled. Dedoom laughed. As he drew his halberd off his back the black blade reflected the sunset blood red.
“Little dragon I’ve known you were here the whole time.” Dedoombringer said smiling. “In fact I even know that in your back pocket is my book.”
“How did you?” Promo started to ask but Dedoombringer fast as lightning kicked Promo into the throne room. Promo flew into a statue.
“I am all powerful Dragon.” Dedoombringer said twirling his weapon ripping the floor apart. “In fact” Dedoombringer reached down and took back his book. “I probably-”. Promo leapt up and punched Dedoom across his jaw causing him to drop the book.
“Could find a way to shut up?” Promo asked. Dedoombringer glared at him.
“I’ll make you regret that.” Dedoombringer snarled as he swung his halberd. Promo raised his own sword to defend himself but the halberd cut through it with a simple word from Dedoom. Dedoombringer grabbed Promo by the throat.
“You’re unlucky little dragon. Unlike the Pojo’s I’ve slain in the past you have info I can use. Dmwro!” Dedoombringer shouted. The man appeared by Dedoombringer’s side immediately. “Take Promo to the dungeon. Give him the VIP treatment.” Dmwro nodded putting Promo in chains.

EJ collapsed on the ground as he felt a course of power run through him. His mind flashed and he saw pictures in his head.
Dedoombringer defeating Promo single handedly without any trouble.
Then he saw him.
He saw Marethyu kill three soldier’s without breaking a sweat or even trying. His curved blade identical to his own.
“Dedoombringer what have you done?” EJ asked and continued on landing in a clearing at the edge of the battle. “Because this time you have definitely gone too far.”
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Wallaceman105 wrote:You know, weddings can be extremely emotional experiences.
Sometimes, even the cake is in tiers.

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Re: The Day the YCG took over Story.

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Chapter 18: The Thunder Echoes
Rowwdy Yisb felt the end of Phazed’s scythe crack across the back of his helmet while Lightflare dodged the deadly blade. Rowwdy charged Phazed hoping to catch him off guard only to have the blade of Phazed’s scythe flash before his eyes.
“Boy you are out of your league.” Phazed said quietly. Lightflare jumped hoping to catch Phazed off guard but Phazed caught Lightflare by his armor and tossed him at Rowwdy. The duo crashed into the ground. “And it is pathetic.”
“You can’t kill us.” Rowwdy got up quickly and drew his sword covering Lightflare as he rose.
“Besides its two on one you stand no chance.” Lightflare drew his own sword and began to circle around Phazed while Rowwdy stood his ground.
“Trying to catch me off guard? Please that’s child’s play.” Phazed charged Rowwdy and Lightflare followed racing after him. Phazed jumped and using Rowwdy’s head as a spring board back flipped so that he was behind Lightflare watching as the two collided. “And I am no child.”
“Phazed stop toying with them.” Draco hollered. On a hill about ten yards away Draco was locked in combat with Rognarr.
“Please I haven’t had any fun in a long time” Phazed said quietly. He swung his scythe as one of the Dedoombringer’s soldiers attempted to attack him. The scythe caught the man by the leg and he tumbled face first into the ground. Phazed swung his scythe again and the man’s head rolled away. Rowwdy seeing the carnage rose again while Lightflare was still unconscious.
“Then take me on alone.” Rowwdy said grimly. He picked up Lightflare’s sword and rushed Phazed. Phazed smiled.
“Fine then little boy.” Phazed side stepped Rowwdy but as he went to swing his scythe Rowwdy ducked and kicked Phazed in the chest. Phazed stumbled while Rowwdy charged again. This time however Phazed feinted a blow with his scythe at Rowwdy’s left but then he used the blunt end of the scythe to sweep Rowwdy off his feet. He looked down at the younger warrior. “Yield.”
“I don’t think so.” Rognarr left his battle against Draco and charged Phazed himself. Phazed swung his scythe but Rognarr simply ducked and slammed Phazed in the chest. Rognarr looked down at Rowwdy. “Get Lightflare and both of you hold off Draco. I’ll deal with this one.” Rowwdy nodded. And picked up Lightflare awakening him and the duo raced off after Draco who stood at the hill fighting off Dedoom’s soldiers.

“Len I want you to stick by me when the fighting starts.” Opda said looking down at the young man. Len nodded.
“Lord Wink must think I’ll attack the dragons?” Len asked quietly. Opda shook his head.
“No he trusts you. It’s just we can’t have you going off looking for EJ. He would tear you apart piece by piece.” Opda said quietly. “Besides killing more of Dedoombringer’s men will target me so I’ll need you as my back up.”
“What about Lord Wink?” Len asked looking at Opda. Opda shook his head.
“Len Wink is just as powerful as Dedoombringer. No one is stupid enough to take him on alone. Especially with Hobbit right next to him.” Opda said quietly as the sounds of battle began to reach his ears. “We’ll have to figure out where Zeronex’s wants us to attack from though. That old man is crazy about his battle plans. Almost as crazy as he is about his deck!”

Zeronex looked at Stardust who was staring out at the battle from there mountain base.
“You seem off Lord Stardust.” Zeronex asked leaning on his staff. Stardust shook his head.
“Why are we doing this? And why can’t I help out any more than I am?” Stardust asked quietly. Zero shook his head.
“You are young. And what you are doing is very important without a tactician an army-” Zero was cut off as he spun around and using his staff blocked Marethyu’s sword just inches from his throat.
“An army cannot function.” Marethyu said quietly. Stardust punched Marethyu across the face sending him flying back.
“Zero get out of here I’ll deal with this guy.” Stardust said drawing his sword. Marethyu laughed as Zero sprinted off.
“Oh you’ll deal with me eh? Well this should be exciting.” Marethyu said as he launched himself at Stardust. Stardust held up his sword and sparks flew as the two blades collided. Stardust head butted Marethyu sending him stumbling back.
“Oh my aren’t you good at this?” Marethyu asked. Stardust nodded as the two warrior’s started to circle each other.
“EJ trained me Marethyu. He even once said I was his finest pupil.” Stardust said as Marethyu charged him. Stardust side stepped and slammed the hilt of his sword into Marethyu’s helmet. Marethyu however countered kicking Stardust in the back with as much force as he could.
“Funny thing little Dragon, if EJ trained you” Marethyu swung his sword and as Stardust ducked Marethyu kneed Stardust in the stomach. “I was trained to kill him. So you are at a loss.” Stardust rose and slashed at Marethyu coming short of his throat. Marethyu kicked Stardust in the ribs. He brought his sword up to kill. “Well then goodbye.” Before Stardust could get up or raise his blade in self-defense another blade identical to Marethyu’s appeared and blocked the strike.
“I don’t think so.” EJ said quietly and using the curve of his own blade sent Marethyu stumbling into a tree. EJ helped Stardust as he stood up. “Stardust get back to the camp. Tell Zero to draw you forces back and wait for Wink. Dedoom’s coming.”
“What about you?” Stardust asked. Marethyu groaned and stood up.
“I’ll deal with Marethyu myself old friend.” EJ said. Marethyu looked over at him and smiled.
“I’ve waited a long time for this.” Marethyu charged EJ and swung his sword causing sparks. EJ shoved him off as he swung his sword using the curve to get behind Marethyu and flipping him onto the ground. Marethyu grabbed EJ’s ankle and threw him across the clearing. EJ slammed into a tree. “And I won’t let you stand in my way again.”
Chapter 19 : Ah nothing clever for this one.
“God your tough little bastards aren’t you?” Draco growled as Rowwdy swung his blade and he ducked. Draco kicked Rowwdy in the ribs. Lightflare attacked Draco sword over his shield. Draco side stepped and tackled Lightflare. As Draco rose Rowwdy launched himself at Draco. Draco’s swords flashed. Rowwdy gasped as Draco’s sword took off a large chunk of his hair. Then all of a sudden Phazed was sent flying at Draco who dodged his comrade as he soared through the air. Phazed slammed his scythe into the ground stopping his fall and he landed on the ground feet first.
“Draco we can’t fight them off by ourselves help me!” Phazed said quietly. Draco helped him up.
“Sure old friend.” Draco said quietly. And the duo stood back to back as Rognarr joined Rowwdy and Lightflare in circling him. Rognarr charged Phazed but Draco spun around and Rognarr barely had time to react as Draco’s swords came crashing down on him in a giant X. Rognarr wheezed. While Draco held Rognarr at bay; Rowwdy charged in trying to catch Draco off guard. Phazed moved to intercept his scythe pulling Rowwdy off his feet. Lightflare charged in but Draco grabbed his face and tossed him at Rowwdy while Rognarr closed in on Phazed. Phazed countered swiftly slamming his scythe into Rognarr’s shield lifting Rognarr into the air. While Rognarr fumbled with the straps of his shield trying to free himself Rowwdy and Lightflare attempted to charge Phazed. Draco moved and back handed Rowwdy sending the man flying while squaring off against Lightflare.

EJ rose rubbing his back.
“You’ve gotten better at this.” EJ said his eyes brimming with anger. Marethyu laughed.
“And you’ve gotten old.” Marethyu said and he charged EJ his blade flashing at him. EJ ducked and punched Marethyu in the gut. Marethyu tried to stab EJ but he dashed out of the way. Marethyu sighed.
“This is getting tedious.” EJ said and he charged at Marethyu. Marethyu stood his ground and their blades met and lightning struck between them. Both men were shot back as a cause of the shockwave. EJ stabbed his sword into the ground to avoid flying of the cliff while Marethyu slammed into a boulder nearby. As EJ climbed up Marethyu stood up. Marethyu looked at EJ.
“You have not changed. Have you?” Marethyu asked. EJ shook his head no.
“Not since that day. If anything I’ve grown more powerful excepting new Ideals but no I am still the same.” EJ turned his blade horizontal. “And if you know anything about me you know I will kill you if you test me.”
Marethyu just sighed. “God you’re annoying with your Ideals. I think it’s time I shut you up.” Marethyu attacked EJ and both their swords moved like lightning faster than the eye could see. Marethyu backed EJ up to a boulder but EJ used that as a kick board and jumped over Marethyu slamming his face into the rock. Marethyu countered by grabbing EJ and tossing him at the cliff. EJ stabbed his sword into the ground and he rose. Marethyu launched himself at EJ again but EJ just parried all of his blows as Marethyu became reckless.
“I will not die.” EJ muttered.

Dedoombringer rode toward the battlefield deck at his side Halberd strapped to his back. He watched as lightning sparked in the heavens.
“EJ’s here to? Oh this will be fun.” The old dictator rode towards the battle on his black horse glee in his eyes.

Stardust watched as Dedoombringer appeared in the distance. He looked at Zero.
“Dedoom’s coming.” Stardust told the old tactician. Before the old man could say no Stardust summoned his dragon and raced off. “I’ll hold off Dedoombringer.” Stardust hollered. Stardust drew his blade and looked forward to ending the war.
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Wallaceman105 wrote:You know, weddings can be extremely emotional experiences.
Sometimes, even the cake is in tiers.

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Re: The Day the YCG took over Story.

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Call chapter 19: A hair's breadth away.... :D
Thank you YCG, for everything.

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Re: The Day the YCG took over Story.

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Chapter 20: The Lightning Strikes
Wink watched as his soldier’s flooded the battlefield aiding the Dragon army and repelling Dedoombringer’s forces. Opda and Len9000 worked furiously cutting down all who opposed them. Next to Wink Hobbit stood hand itching at his mace.
“Let me at them my lord.” Hobbit growled. “Let me show you what is to come.” Wink shook his head.
“I want you with me Hobbit. You are my friend and I trust you.” Wink watched as a small group of Dragon soldiers sprinted over. In the middle of them Zeronex stood trying to push out them out of the way.
“Lord Wink it is an honor to see you again.” Zero said bowing. The old man looked distraught hair flying at weird ends. “Though I see you northerners have yet to learn battle strategy.”
“We do know strategy. Beat the snot out of Dedoombringer’s soldiers then go home. Wash rinse and repeat over and over.” Hobbit grumbled stroking the handle of his mace. Wink glared at him then looked at Zero.
“I’m sorry for him. He’s itching to kill.” Wink said quietly. “Though I’m guessing Lord Phazed and Lord Draco are on the frontline. Though where is Stardust?”
“He’s gone to confront Dedoombringer.” Zeronex said sighing. “That young man has spirit and his senses. He’ll be fine.”
“I doubt it. Dedoombringer would tear him apart.” Wink looked at Hobbit. “Get my war chariot ready I’m riding into battle.”

Len brought his sword down on another one of Dedoombringer’s soldiers slitting his throat. Behind him General Opda fought savagely. Then Len saw them. Lightflare and Rowwdy were locked in combat with Phazed and Draco while Rognarr was sneaking in for the kill. Raising his blade Len’s face turned savage as he saw the man who killed his brother. Without breaking stride Len charged Rognarr bringing his sword down on the man who furiously raised his sword to defend then slammed Len with his own shield.
“What the hell? Northern bastard.” Rognarr lunged at Len who simply rolled out of the way and tackled Rognarr’s legs. Rognarr stumbled but was still standing. He kicked Len in the face causing his nose to bleed. Rognarr brought up his for the killing stroke but Len countered his rage pouring though him his blade finding Rognarr’s and sparks flew.
“Is that what you said to him when you killed him?” Len asked shoving Rognarr away. Rognarr looked up at Len.
“I have no idea what you’re talking about however that’s what I’m going to say when I kill you.” Rognarr said kicking Len in the chest and as he stumbled Rognarr slammed Len in the face with his shield. Len dodged Rognarr as he tried to stab Len in the gut. Rognarr turned toward Len “And I promise you this I will kill you.”

Stardust flew on his Dragon wind whipping in his ears. Dedoombringer had yet to notice him giving him a little bit of an edge. Stardust patted his dragon on the back. “Come on boy let’s nail him.” Stardust said quietly and his dragon roared. “Cosmic Flare!” With those words bright white blue fire sailed at Dedoombringer engulfing him.
“Nice try little Dusty but you’ll have to try harder.” Dedoombringer said smiling. He was standing over the ashes that were his horse. “Now it’s my turn.” Dedoombringer raised his Halberd and the Dark Paladin appeared. “Go my Paladin!” Stardust watched in horror as one blast of pure energy blasted his dragon to nonexistence and he fell out of the sky.
“Fiendish chain!” Stardust growled and chains flew out of the card in his hand enveloping the Paladin. Stardust charged Dedoom his sword shining silver. Dedoombringer snarled and swung his halberd Stardust blocking it with his blade.
“You are good. Though I don’t remember you.” Dedoombringer said slashing his blade at Stardust who danced away. “I can guess by your Dragon though that you are Stardust Dragon.” Dedoombringer said quietly. “And that you are EJ’s replacement.”
“That’s right.” Stardust said defiantly. He lunged at Dedoom who dodged bringing this halberd down on Stardust. Stardust dodged and punched Dedoombringer in the gut. “Also I’m the one who will finally defeat you.” Dedoombringer chuckled.
“No not really.” Dedoom said quietly. “EJ said that once to when I went off on my own.” Dedoombringer spun off the ground bringing his halberd down on Stardust who went down on one knee under the weight of the blade. “This is the proper place for Dragon’s don’t you think? Kneeling to their rightful master!” Dedoombringer snarled as Stardust rolled away.
“No Dedoom a Dragon deserves to be free.” Stardust said smiling. Behind him the Stardust Dragon reformed rising from the ground.
Chapter 21: The Bellowing of Thunder
“DIE! DIE! DIE!!!!!” Big Hobbit bellowed as he charged into battle using his mace swinging. He caught one of Dedoombringer’s soldiers square in the jaw another with a blow to the head. Then he jumped out of the way as Wink crashed through Dedoombringer’s men’s ranks in golden armor spear in hand.
“For the North!!!!” Wink cried as he slammed his spear in the face of one of Dedoom’s soldiers. Wink rode toward Stardust and Dedoombringer leaving a wave of death in his wake.

Dmwro watched from Dedoombringer’s mirror at the battle. Seeing Wink riding toward his master Dmwro twisted his wrist. He knelt and focused the mirror. He saw EJ and Marethyu battling on the cliff tops of the mountains. Lightning crashed around them. Focusing on Marethyu Dmwro ordered.
“Your savior needs help. Confront the golden warrior.” Dmwro ordered from the mirror.

“Not now.” Marethyu growled. EJ saw the opening and his sword sung as it found Marethyu’s stomach. Marethyu glared at EJ.
“You know that tickle’s.” Marethyu said through gritted teeth. EJ looked at Marethyu completely not understanding what happened. Black mist trickled out of the back of his body. Marethyu slammed EJ with the hilt of his sword. The man collapsed. As Marethyu raised his sword for the kill Dmwro’s voice bellowed in his ear.
“Get over there and stop Wink!” Dmwro ordered his voice rising with anger. “Or so help me you’ll face my wrath.” Dmwro threatened. Marethyu sighed.
“Fine.” Marethyu glared at EJ who lay on the ground. “Well goodbye.” Marethyu picked EJ’s deck box and stole his deck. “I told you I wanted this back.”

Dedoombringer watched as the Dragon appeared behind Stardust. He stood his ground smiling. “I must ask how is this creature still standing?” Stardust laughed.
“He was protected by this guy.” Stardust pointed his thumb behind him and another Dragon appeared. It was almost identical to the first Dragon. “Protected him.” The Stardust Dragon and the Flashing Carat Dragon stood side by side snarling at Dedoombringer.
“Who cares my Paladin is still stronger.” Dedoombringer said quietly. He glace over at his Paladin who was trying and failing to free himself. Raising his own Halberd Dedoom smiled. “And I am the original dragon slayer.”
“Then let’s see that proven Doom.” Stardust pointed at Dedoombringer and his two dragons attacked the man. Doom jumped out of the way and the ground where he was had a massive crater. The Stardust Dragon tried to blast the man with fire but Dedoombringer sliced through the flames with ease. Stardust drew his sword attacking Dedoombringer who dodged and kicked him in the chest. Bringing his sword down on top of him the Stardust Dragon folded its wings over its master and Dedoom’s blade struck sparks against the gem like scales. The dragon launched a valley of lightning like fire which Dedoom deflected off his blade sending it into the heavens.
“Damn these beasts. I have to do something to deal with them.” Dedoombringer reached into his deck and smiled as he found the card he was looking for. “Hierophant of Prophecy serve me!” Dedoom shouted and the man in green appeared book and staff in hand. “Next let’s try this. Spellbook of Wisdom!” The man swapped out books then the chains on the Dark Paladin. He rose drawing his halberd malice in his eyes. Stardust felt his dragon’s body tremble with rage at the sight of the blade that had slain many of its fellows before it.
“Calm down old friend we’ll figure something out. Hopefully.” Stardust held his sword even.

Xion looked at the little girl next to him having no idea what to do. She looked up at him smiling.
“So Mr. Xion where do I stay?” Draccina asked looking around. Xion shook his head.
“I don’t know I’ll have to ask my master.” Xion said quietly he walked up the monastery stairs Draccina at his heels.
“Whose your master?” The little girl asked quietly. She fiddled with her pockets pulling out a silver dagger. “Is he scary?”
“All depends on if he’s getting paid.” Xion said sadly. “I don’t how though he was so good. I promised his mother when she died to take care of him but-”
“Talking about my past is not allowed. If anyone found out I’d lose my pay.” Raven appeared out of his office. Draccina charged him and gave him a big tackle hug.
“It’s so good to see you again.” The girl said choking the man. His face was red and Xion was trying not to laugh.
“How the hell are you here?” Raven asked. He glared at Xion “Explain yourself!” Xion shook his head.
“Sit down I’ll explain.” Xion said quietly still trying not to laugh as the little girl clung to Raven’s neck.
“Fine but just laugh.” Raven ordered.
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Wallaceman105 wrote:You know, weddings can be extremely emotional experiences.
Sometimes, even the cake is in tiers.

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Re: The Day the YCG took over Story.

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Chapter 22: The Eye of the Storm
Len dodged as Rognarr tried to slice off his head weaving out of the way. Draco stood behind him.
“Sir I just got message that Zeronex needs to speak to you.” Len said quietly. “It’s urgent.”
“Right now?” Draco asked kind of upset dodging Rowwdy as he tried to head but Draco. “I’m kind of busy.
“Yes right now damn it!” Len shouted. “ Don’t worry I’ll draw the dummies towards Opda and Hobbit. Get lord Phazed and get to Zero!” Len drew his sword and watched as Draco slammed his swords into the ground and his legs turned to a swirling whirlwind of flames. He rushed over and grabbed Phazed by the waist before flying off. Rognarr looked at Rowwdy Yisb.
“I need you to sound the frontline to fall back. Unless Dedoom shows up soon or EJ dies we have no chance at getting the soldiers rallied again in time to win this battle.” Rognarr ordered Rowwdy. The young man nodded and rushed off as Lightflare and Rognarr closed in on Len. Rognarr then raised his hand at Lightflare. “Stay here this one’s mine.” Rognarr approached Len who raised his sword.
“I’m going to kill you. I hope you know that.” Len muttered quietly. Rognarr answered with nothing and drawing his sword he brought his blade down on Len’s who could barely withstand Rognarr’s blade as sparks flew. Rognarr kicked Len’s feet out from under him and Len went down and Rognarr brought his blade down on the middle of Len’s chest.
“You were never going to kill me. You were way out of your league.” Rognarr looked as Opda saw what had been done. Then they both heard Wink’s voice boom across the battlefield.

Marethyu looked down from his perch at the carnage caused by Wink. Marethyu looked through the cards of his newly acquired deck furiously looking for an answer to the King’s threat. His hand instinctively reached for one card. Raising it above his head Marethyu called the ancient monster.
“I summon the Dark Magician!” Marethyu watched as EJ’s ace monster appeared staff drawn. Soldiers all around looked up seeing the Spellcaster of legends standing before them. However no one knew the man behind the monster as the Dark Magician’s armor turned black. “Dark Magic Attack!”
The Dark Magician sent lightning after Wink who jumped out of his chariot just as it was turned to splinters. All around the remains of the chariot soldiers lay dead.
“Who dares to attack me?” Wink asked. Opda and Hobbit both looked over as their King’s voice boomed across the battleground. Marethyu laughed.
“King Wink I am Marethyu. And I have slain Ej1997.” Marethyu’s calm steely voice echoed farther then Wink’s voice had. Now everyone stared at the man who now held EJ’s magician and claimed to have killed the man. “And if you do not surrender to my lord Dedoombringer and myself I promise you will suffer the same fate.”
“Never!” Wink shouted furiously. “I refuse to submit to anyone. I am King!” Wink drew his own card and Master Hyperion appeared who let loose a volley of sun born fire at Marethyu and the Dark Magician. Marethyu raised a card and a little winged sprite jumped in front of the blast and it dissipated. Soon soldiers from all around shouted as Dedoombringer’s rallied at the news of EJ’s death. Marethyu descended from his perch. Drawing his sword he charged Wink.
Chapter 23: The Passing of the Eye
Stardust jumped out of the way as the Dark Paladin slammed it’s halberd into the ground where Stardust had stood previously. It glared at him eyes full of hate.
“Run as far away as you wish little dragon you cannot escape me.” Dedoombringer said laughing. Stardust drew out a card.
“Then I’ll stop you! Nightmare’s Steel Cage!” Stardust hollered and Dedoom and his Spellcasters were trapped. Dedoom only laughed.
“Nope my Paladin if you would.” Dedoombringer said gesturing to the iron bars containing him. The Dark Paladin nodded and its halberd cut through the cage and Dedoombringer walked out calmly. “Please try anything. You still don’t stand a chance against me.”
Stardust looked at his two dragons. Both stood behind him snarling as the Paladin approached. Stardust could only think of one solution for the problem.
And it would cost him his life.

Draco crashed into the ground next to Zero while Phazed vomited from their bumpy ride. Zeronex looked at them.
“Get your acts together. I need you to help me.” Zero said quietly. In his hand was his deck. “We need to push back Dedoombringer’s forces now. Or else there is no stopping him and his army.”
“Of course but how?” Draco asked picking up Phazed who was still slightly green. “And where is Stardust?”
“Stardust has gone after the Dictator himself.” Zeronex looked out over the battlefield his great age and wisdom set in his eyes. “I now realize what must be done.”

Wink dodged Marethyu’s blade as he danced out of range of the man’s sword. Above there monsters clashed in a violent tremble as the Dark Magician dodged blasts of fire that rained out if Hyperion’s hands. Wink forced his spear in to the ground and using it as a vault kicked Marethyu in the face. Marethyu’s nose leaked black mist as it corrected itself pain in his eyes.
“That really hurt.” Marethyu said quietly. “Now let’s see what I can do to you.” Marethyu punched Wink in the face. However Wink countered and grabbing Marethyu’s arm he pulled Marethyu over his shoulder slamming the man into the ground.
“Don’t you dare touch me you filth.” Wink said spitting on Marethyu. Marethyu kick Winks feet out from under him causing Wink to grab his spear to avoid falling. Wink forced his spear into Marethyu’s sword arm. This time black mist flowed violently trying to repair the damage but Wink twisted the shaft of the blade and the mist caught fire burning Marethyu.
“DAMN YOU!” Marethyu screeched forcing his blade into Wink’s ankle. Wink roared in pain and staggered back. “You WILL pay for that.” Marethyu picked up his sword in his opposite arm. “Good thing I can fight just as well with this arm.”
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Wallaceman105 wrote:You know, weddings can be extremely emotional experiences.
Sometimes, even the cake is in tiers.

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Re: The Day the YCG took over Story.

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Chapter 24: The Winds of the Night
Stardust gasped as the Dark Paladins Halberd flashed before his eyes. Behind him the Stardust Dragon lashed at the Spellcaster with its tail. The Dark Paladin jumped out of the way and the dragon hit its counterpart who staggered. The Dark Paladin stabbed the Flashing Karat Dragon in the back and the dragon began to dissolve.
“See what is to come little dragon. I will destroy your entire race with my Paladin.” Dedoombringer said as the dragon wailed in pain. “Watch as your dragon is destroyed and the other one suffers.” With his words the Dark Paladin slammed it’s halberd into the Stardust Dragon. It roared in pain but did not dissolve. It tried to swat the Paladin away but the Spellcaster simply jumped away from its weapon leaving it in the dragon. With a wave of his hand the halberd tore across the dragons body and returned to its master hand. “I’ll make you regret making this one unkillable.” Dedoombringer said menacingly. Stardust simply stood in watched tears in his eyes waiting for the right moment.

Phazed summoned the Black Rose Dragon again watching as the beast appeared. It looked at him fear in its eyes. Phazed rubbed the dragon’s snout and it growled. “Don’t be afraid. Zero has a plan.”
“Your right I do. You are going to decimate the rear of Dedoombringer’s army while Lord Wink and Opda hold Marethyu and Rognarr at bay. I’ll sneak through the chaos and go help Stardust before he does something so foolish it’ll end his life.” Zero explained perfectly.” Draco will hold his position here for the time being. He said there was something he needed to do.” Zero explained. Phazed shook his head.
“I have no idea what that could have been. But let’s hurry before it’s too late.” Phazed leapt onto his dragons back and it jumped of the rocky out cropping. The dragon fell like a rock then pulled up into the sky. Zero shook his head.
“That’s not clever! It’s already been done multiple times before! If I can just remember when.” Zero muttered and he started the climb down using his staff to hang onto the cliff in some places. “Though I wish I could do that.” Zeronex muttered.

Rognarr watched as his shield cracked Opda’s blade driving hard into the metal. Rognarr tried to shove him off but Opda instead brought his foot around in a round house kick slamming into Rognarr’s stomach. Rognarr grabbed the foot and used it to toss Opda who turned in the air and landed on his knees.
“You are much more skilled than the boy.” Rognarr said quietly as he rose staggering. “To bad your people enjoy throwing their lives away fighting far better fighters.” Rognarr stood face to face with Opda again. Opda shook his head.
“A fighter knows his surroundings better than anyone.” Opda said quietly. He sidestepped subtly. Rognarr shook his head frustrated.
“What do you mean?” Rognarr said quietly. Then Lightflare came flying at Rognarr and the two tumbled and fell. Big Hobbit walked over.
“He means like that dumb ass.” Hobbit muttered. Opda shook his head.
“You just let him escape.” Opda said calmly. All around him soldiers fought but Rognarr and Lightflare were gone. As one of Dedoombringer’s soldiers charged him Opda simply disarmed the man and gutted him. “Damn. Come on we’ll find Rognarr later.”

Draco followed the scarred earth from where Zero said Marethyu appeared. He touched on place where the mountain was cut deep by a blade. Across from that a tree was split in half cracked at the center.
“Where is he?” Draco walked around following the tell-tale signs of battle till he found the body. EJ lay there eyes closed blood pouring from his head. “EJ!” Draco drew his swords. The old man coughed up blood trying to stand up but falling on his face. He rolled over and looked at Draco.
“Hello old friend.” EJ said smiling. “Come sit down. Before I die we need to talk.” Seeing Draco’s completely shocked look EJ added “Don’t it’s not for one of our Spellcaster Dragon debates.”
Chapter 25: The Rising Moon
Zero snuck through the battle lines staff drawn. Two soldiers tried to stop him but he simply slammed his staff into their throats.
“Foolish. I’m not an old fool.” Zeronex muttered. “I haven’t lost a fight in a long time. Except to Draco. Damn him and those stupid tests!” Zeronex muttered punching another man in the throat then kneeing his partner in the nuts slamming him into his comrades. He looked up into the air. “Now would be a good time Phazed.” Zero muttered as he bashed to soldiers heads together.

Phazed patted his dragon on the back.
“Now my friend.” The Dragon roared and black and red fire raged into the enemy. Phazed drew a card from his deck. “BLACK GARDEN!” Phazed staggered and nearly fell from his dragon as he weakened, below thousands of vines exploded at the enemy ensnaring the enemy. The Black Rose Dragon loosed flames again lighting the vines. Phazed patted the dragon again. “Now it’s all up to Zero.”

Rognarr snuck up on Rowwdy who kicked him in the shins. Rognarr glared.
“Where the hell is Dedoombringer?” Rognarr snarled. Lightflare stood behind him.
“Yeah I thought he was sending help.” Lightflare muttered. “We need help now.” Rowwdy shook his head.
“I don’t know. Dmwro said he was on his way.” Rowwdy answered quietly. “Then that Marethyu guy showed up claiming to have killed EJ.” Rognarr looked at his two lieutenants.
“WHAT? IS DEDOOMBRINGER MAD?” Rognarr roared in rage. “And I don’t want to hear Dmwro said. Dmwro is a moron and he’s Dedoombringer’s lap dog.”
“I know sir. So what do you want to do?” Rowwdy asked. Rognarr looked at Rowwdy.
“Well if Dedoom doesn’t arrive soon I’m calling a retreat.” Rognarr growled. “And he won’t dare say anything about it or else I’ll deal with him.” Rognarr added frustrated.

Wink slammed Marethyu in the chest his spear the tip tearing into his shoulder. Marethyu ripped it out and used it to send Wink flying. Big Hobbit and Opda rushed in to protect their king.
“You will not harm him.” Opda said as Wink rose. “My lord we are here to help.”
“What of Len? Where’s Rognarr?” Wink said quietly. Big Hobbit shook his head scratching his scruffy beard. Tears glistened in his eyes.
“Len9000 has fallen and Rognarr has fled.” Hobbit said quietly. Marethyu laughed.
“Well I hate to break up the touching reunion but you all need to DIE!” Marethyu roared and he charged the group eyes glistening with evil. Not cruel Dedoombringer level evil but pure ruthless evil that would tear them to pieces should the not win. Opda grunted as his sword collided with Marethyu’s. Big Hobbit tried to glance Marethyu in the back. Marethyu kicked Big Hobbit in the face as he used the curve of his sword to lift himself into the air. As he descended Wink grabbed Marethyu’s armor and slammed him into the ground.
“I’m not dying Marethyu.” Wink said as he shoved a dagger into Marethyu’s chest. Marethyu gasped then started to laugh his head off as madness set in.
“Well I’m not dying now am I?” Marethyu giggled shoving Wink off of him. Black mist leaked from the wound.
“Well you will eventually.” Wink growled. “And it will be by my hand.”

EJ bellowed in pain as another wound opened in his chest. “Damn that bastard, making me suffer. If only I was younger.” EJ muttered the coughed again blood spurting out onto his armor. “Draco I know you are furious with me.” EJ whispered his voice rasping. Draco went to open his mouth but EJ raised a hand shushing him. “And with good reason, but if you care about your daughter and your country you will listen to me.”
“Fine I’m listening EJ.” Draco said reluctantly. Looking over the Spellcaster he shook his head. “Still what did this to you?”
“That bastard Marethyu, he’s much more powerful then I though. Whenever he his wounded by a blade other than this one.” EJ could barely move his arm and his sword wobbled. Its blade glinted blood red. “I will feel the blow as if it were me.”
“That sucks. Still make a long story short how do we beat him?” Draco asked. EJ tried to lift his sword but instead it snapped his wrist rolling out of his hand.
“Take my blade.” EJ ordered Draco. “Now stab me in the chest.”
“WHAT?” Draco said shocked. “WHY THE HELL WOULD I DO THAT?”
“Because if you don’t Marethyu will not die and he will kill Lord Wink and everyone else.” EJ shouted then had a coughing fit. “Trust me if you don’t even Dedoombringer couldn’t stop him. And he’s the one who summoned him.” EJ forced the blade into Draco’s hand. “Now kill me. Then take this blade and slay Marethyu. Understand?” Draco nodded and lifted the sword. He brought it down on EJ’s chest.
“Good bye EJ. Your sacrifice death will not be forgotten.” Draco then stood and raced off sword in hand.
“I know.” EJ tried to whisper but his body disintegrated as thousands of wounds tore his body apart.
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Wallaceman105 wrote:You know, weddings can be extremely emotional experiences.
Sometimes, even the cake is in tiers.

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Re: The Day the YCG took over Story.

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Chapter 26: The Lunar Noon
Dmwro watched from the mirror as everything fell apart. Phazed was tearing through the ranks of Dedoombringer’s army while Marethyu was busy keeping the King and his men at bay.
“Master what is to be done? Am I alone in this?” Dmwro looked over at Dedoombringer’s throne. Laying on the throne the book that Marethyu had come out of sat menacingly. Dmwro walked over to the book flipping through the pages.
“Damn I can’t read any of this!” Dmwro screamed. He looked at the mirror and saw Dedoombringer fight Stardust. The Stardust Dragon fought the Dark Paladin and was losing. “Well master at least you’re doing something right.”

Marethyu watched as Opda scratched his arm. He kicked him in the back. However pain still was in his arm from the blow.
“What the hell?” Marethyu twirled his sword and it did nothing. “EJ must have finally died.” Big Hobbit charged Marethyu mace drawn. Marethyu blocked it and kicked him in the chest. Opda swung around and kicked Marethyu in the back, who stumbled then turned around and punched Opda in the face. “Now I’ll actually have to fight.”
“Good now you can die.” Opda said quietly and tried to punch Marethyu in the face. Marethyu stopped the fist and twisted Opda’s wrist sending him into the ground. “Or not.”
Marethyu looked down at Opda sword raised above his throat. “Maybe you can die instead.” Out of nowhere Wink kicked Marethyu in the ribs sending him rolling away. “Damn that hurt.”

Draco felt the EJ’s sword in his hands. It weighed a ton.
“How the hell did he walk around with this?” Draco muttered. The swords hilt glinted bright white and it almost lunged out of his hands. “Whoa!” Draco shouted as he rushed to stop it from falling to the ground. Draco heard Marethyu’s shouts over everything else and his eyes narrowed.
“Time to end this.” Draco muttered and he jumped off the cliff and slammed the blade into side and sparks flew as he descended into the battle.

Zeronex sprinted through Dedoombringer’s army unchallenged. In his wake dozens of soldiers lay dead. However know blood was on his staff. Ahead Zero saw the tell-tale signs of the Paladin. The night stars were gone and a swirling void of Darkness circled above the battle. Then a bright light blew through the Darkness dispelling it.
“Don’t worry oh shining one. I’m on my way.” Zeronex said quietly. He raced across the plains.

Dedoombringer was laughing as Stardust dodged his blade again and again his sword sparked against the halberd. Behind them the Dark Paladin was fighting the Stardust Dragon.
“Give up and I may be merciful in your death.” Dedoombringer offered Stardust. Stardust forced Dedoom’s halberd off of his sword.
“No thanks.” Behind them Stardust Dragon let loose a Cosmic Flare into the face of the Dark Paladin. “And my Dragon agrees.” The Dark Paladin rose and swatted the flames away.
“Then I’ll have to end this the hard way.” Dedoombringer growled and twirled his halberd at Stardust who cancelled the blow sparks flying into the air.
“No I think I’ll have to do that.” Stardust muttered and his hand flew into the air the Flashing Carat Dragon appeared again. However a little race car flew out of his hands and rings bright white flew into the air then the two dragons and the car flew into them. “I’m probably letting you off the easy way too.” Stardust shouted as the darkness above him dispersed temporarily.
And the Shooting Quasar Dragon descended.
Chapter 27: The Stirring Shadows
Marethyu kicked Big Hobbit in the chest sending him sprawling across the field. Opda charged in trying to help his friend thrusting his sword at Marethyu.
“Childish at best.” Marethyu remarked as he parried Opda’s strike and moved to punch him in the face. Opda raised his shield, and Marethyu’s fist collided with the metal.
“Oh really? I’m not the moron who punched a metal shield.” Opda growled slamming the shield into Marethyu’s face. “And I also am not the fool who faced us down with no back up.” Marethyu looked up blood on his nose but he still raised his sword.
“I am not the fool who challenged the man who defeated EJ.” Marethyu countered. He kneeled down swiftly and kicked out Opda’s from beneath him snapping a knee in the process. Opda roared in pain. “And I don’t lose my footing so easily.” Opda wheezed.
“I don’t care what happens to me. As long as I die fighting for what I believe in.” Opda said quietly almost like a silent prayer. Marethyu raised his blade.
“Good but what you believe in won’t exist once I’m through with this world.” Marethyu said quietly then all of a sudden a wooden shaft sent Marethyu flying.
“Well whatever you have planned can wait.” Wink said quietly. “Opda stay out of the way.” Wink turned on Marethyu who shrugged and raised his blade. “This one’s mine.”
“Suit yourself foolish King. I’ve slayed one master today. I think I can go for two.” Marethyu growled. Then behind him a voice boomed.
“No Wink he’s mine.” Draco roared EJ’s blade in his hands. Marethyu smiled. “Take Opda and Big Hobbit to safety since quite frankly I can’t lift them for the life of me.”
“Sure. Take care of yourself.” Wink said as he lifted up his soldiers and walked off. “I’ll be back ASAP.”

“So you killed him? He always did say it was a dragon that’d kill him.” Marethyu said laughing. Draco’s face contorted into a snarl.
“Well then prove yourself. For I am the greatest Dragon to ever live.” Draco charged Marethyu their swords colliding. A shock wave blasted everyone around them back every time the blades collided. Marethyu’s blade nearly impaled Draco’s chest, but as if by its own thoughts EJ’s sword swerved from the path Draco chose for it and blocked the blade.
“So how did it feel to kill him? I’m dying to know.” Marethyu said casually as he parried away Draco’s strike. “Please tell me the details.” Draco brought the sword over his head and Marethyu blocked the down wards strike. Draco’s foot lashed out at Marethyu’s chest sending the man winded sprawling.
“He died a hero’s death. More than I can say for you.” Draco said angrily the blade in his hands howling as he fought. Marethyu dodged Draco’s strike’s weaving in and out of the blows.
“Oh really? So the old fool got what he deserved.” Marethyu turned his head and thought a moment. “Though now in order to get the glory for killing him I must kill you.” Marethyu said thoughtfully as his own sang in the wind as it collided with its twin.
“Then do your worst. Oh wait you already are.” Draco said quickly as he ducked and kicked Marethyu’s wrist. Marethyu’s sword spun out of his hands and clattered on stones a few yards away. “And you aren’t that good.” Draco said raising his sword at Marethyu.
“Is that so? Then let’s see how I fare.” Marethyu launched himself at Draco in a mad dash surprising him. Marethyu disarmed Draco and tossed him in the same direction as his sword. He stood over Draco eyes cold and devoid of humanity. “I want to see you die.”
Draco reached out his arms for anything to help him. He felt a warm familiar hilt. “Oh really Marethyu? I was thinking the exact same thing.” Draco grabbed the sword in his hands and drove it through Marethyu’s heart. The man’s eyes bulged.
“How could you? My own blade…” Marethyu started to mutter but he dissolved back into whatever foul energy he came from and dispersed. Draco sat up breathing heavily. Wink rushed over.
“Are you alright? Is it over?” Wink asked examining Draco. Draco looked at EJ’s deck box which had fallen off of Marethyu when he had dissolved.
“If Stardust pulls through then yes.” Draco said standing up shakily. He walked over to where EJ’s blade lay. It glinted in the moonlight almost as if EJ was inside of it smiling. Pulling out EJ’s deck box he took the cord it was strung on and wrapped it around the blade. He shouldered the sword then handed Wink Marethyu’s.
“Take this back to the camp and lock it down. When the battles over I’ll have Zeronex see if we can destroy it.” Draco ordered. Wink nodded
“Of course, though what will you do with EJ’s blade?” Wink asked. Draco looked up at the moon.
“I’ll bury it as if it were his body. One last gift to an old friend.” Draco muttered.
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YCG Takeover
Wallaceman105 wrote:You know, weddings can be extremely emotional experiences.
Sometimes, even the cake is in tiers.