"Yugioh: New Horizons" Story Thread

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"Yugioh: New Horizons" Story Thread

Post by dracostrike » Thu May 15, 2014 4:17 pm

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The following people are confirmed, note that some data is secret and therefore scrambled:
Caster - Data Unknown
Speaker - Zeronex
Data Unknown (Suspected - Lord Dragon)
Hunter - Data Unknown
The Bloody Rose
Rowwdy Yisb
Fighter - Data Unknown
Data Unknown (Suspected - Yustone010x)
Master Lightflare
Phoenix King
Prologue Files: Contains 1-? Folders (data corrupted, formatting currently...)
Date: 15 05 2014 "The Dawn"
Location: P2 Sky-Rise District 07:00 LT

She fell forward, landing on a knee gasping for breath. The wind she felt around her seemed to be dying away now but the feeling of confusion was embedded in her mind. The whirling that had continued for ages now seemed to die away and her body finally became still. Carefully she slowly opened her eyes and waited for them to adjust to the glare of the rising sun. Sky, sky was everywhere and below her feet what seemed a structure, it's roof a metallic patchwork of plates, a massive building came to her mind but she couldn't couldn't place what any building looked like. Raising a hand to her head and pulling back her long hair, she looked around for a second time and this time took in the startled people encircling her. She realised their attire looked wizard-like without knowing where that stereotype came from, with two of them more prominently dressed than the others, with one with a metallic walking cane and grey robes covered in gears and the other wielding a halberd and dark blue hooded robes with runes all over him.

One of the two stepped forward, the one balancing on the cane, his disbelieving grey eyes looked her up and down before speaking.
"I...I guess the Recordings was true." Turning towards his colleague next to him. "Thankfully we knew of that wind or we'd be sliced to dust, Caster."
"Indeed, Speaker. Lucky it was predicted." Came from the black robed man who wielded a halberd across from Speaker. "But now we must speak to her, or I at least think it has that gender..."
The new arrival at the center seemed a little annoyed at this, despite not knowing the difference between what he described, she stood up and took a step towards the Speaker.
"Would you mind telling me what's going on before I go insane?" Her comment seemed sarcastic but the effect was immediate, the assembled seemed concerned for all but Caster who just laughed and asked a question.
"I'm guessing you were taken without your consent then?"
"Taken from where?" Now this sent murmurs around and a frown to the wizened face of the Speaker, tapping his metallic cane as he began to enquire.
"Surely the trip wasn't so long that you don't remember where you come from?" Thinking back, the last thing she could clearly remember was only the whistling of the wind before she has opened her eyes. She didn't notice Caster cuffing the Speaker about the ears, nor him whispering something along the lines of what did you expect.
"I can remember the wind but nothing else....Oh wait, there is one thing." Something had sparked in her memory, something important, something that was a part of her but not knowing why. "I remember the word Lithium."
"Aha!" This caused her to look at the now exclaiming Caster, followed by the Speaker. "So it was said and it shalt be done, your name shall be Lithium!"
"Indeed, the findings did say to prescribe them the name of which sits in their mind, as I remember... Anyways, we have more to talk about and I feel that getting vertigo wouldn't be a great start. But then again.." The Speaker motioned to the edge of the building. "A sight like this is a once in a lifetime sight."

Stepping over to where the speaker had now sat with his legs over the edge, she gasped and started to absorb the sight before her. Buildings, towers, skyscrapers, everywhere below her and they seemed to have no end as she could see the horizon itself was all jagged as the buildings lay silhouetted against the rising sun. There were so many little things like monorails, phones cables and such that she could barely tell what she was looking at. Such a populated place yet from their vantage point not a sound could be heard as their tower came so high above all, except for a long dark line on the horizon going upwards vertically.
"Welcome to the Pinnacle Tower, the highest place on Densa Urba." Speaker sat with his legs over the abyss of urban architecture below before turning his head over shoulder. "Well, nearly. Alright, one thing I need to say. Could you believe in what I about say?"
"What is it?" Perplexed, Lithium turned to see Caster sitting on the ground right behind them, rolling up his sleeves, before turning back to Speaker.
"I need you to believe that you will live." And with that, Caster lent forwards and pushed both of them off the edge.

Location: P1 Ruined Rockies 18:00 LT

His eyes opened and slowly observed the still surroundings. He was amidst a stone formation similar to Stonehenge with trees all around the circle and could see scattered bodies all around him, all "seeping" with blood. One woman did catch his eye, the only one left standing here unhurt, but she looks at him terrified then turns and flees. No words, nothing but the wind. There he stood without purpose unknowing with only a feeling growing stronger....

For days he stood there not knowing what to do, watching the sun glide past again and again with the bodies disappearing as predators come and take their fill. Then suddenly he collapsed to his knees and the slow realisation that it was his turn as a massive wolf came into sight, treading towards him. But deep inside him something gnawed at him, something greater than the primal fear, hunger, awakening him from his stupor. He felt a need for devouring for he did stand alone for a few days and nights and he begins to feel his human body changing, adapting to the task in hand as his mind puts it.

His skin begins to harden and split into sections, forming an airtight tough grey armour around him. Feeling around his mouth, the discovery of large fangs within his mouth, filling it with a metallic taste, somewhat surprises him and his once smooth hands have become gauntlets, each bearing it's own wicked clawed grip. The wolf jumps at him but he just laughs and bats aside it's puny attempt, leaving it whining on the floor.

Slowly he turns towards the wolf and feels the air push against the wings as they begin to expand outwards. As he dives towards the wolf, one thought passes over his mind and he feels the hunger for food with even knowledge becoming strangely more pronounced.

Hunger. The desire to fulfil oneself, in body and mind.
Date: 16 05 2014 "Period of Rising Sun"
Location: P3 Abandoned Mine 02:00 LT

Groping around in the near pitch-black dark, he stumbled forward. These long walls were his prison and were beginning to affect his mind as well as wearing out his limbs. But a small section of light came into view at the end of a corridor as he rounded the corner, he stared at the light before running towards it. He went into the glare, shielding his eyes as he carried on forwards near oblivious to a surprised shout. One stubborn stone met his foot and at that moment his eyes adjusted to his surroundings. As he flew through the air, he saw several white orbs glowing with a fierce light around the area. The area seemed to be just bare rock which had carved out by the tools, but the area was small, too small as his momentum carried him right to the edge to see the 200 foot drop below which bordered this area.

"Easy Tiger!" A sudden pull from behind on his clothes and he felt his course of flight change and he felt his feet land on the edge of the cliff. Looking over his shoulder, he saw a man wearing a cowboy hat with a massive tooth at it's front had grabbed his clothes and was holding him back from a untimely fall.
"Let's get this fish back into the water perhaps?" While quite humorous the question, he didn't appreciate to be left hanging over the edge for any longer than needed. After pulling him back, both of them collapsed and breathed heavily for a few minutes before a small chuckle arose from the hatted man.
"Next time you attempt flying, at least check you have wings alright?" Smiling, the man dressed in deep brown leathers looked him up and down before speaking. "Ya can call me Hunter for now, what's your name then?"
Searching his mind, he couldn't fathom much from it's contents other than one word.
"Zanrith?" This rose an eyebrow and he straightened himself up before looking around.
"Looks like you need a few questions answering, if you are who I think you are." Coughing just like before a big speech, Hunter turned towards Zanrith smiling. "Like why don't remember anything perhaps?"
"You know of that?" Bemused, Hunter takes a deep breath and goes into high-speed.
"I don't know the specifics but as a result of transportation across dimensions, Ethar particles become en-lodged within your body due to them only inhabiting the nether plane between dimensional shifts. These particles thus cause large-scale anterograde amnesia upon entering the brain, however I presume you can remember the events afterwards so that isn't too much a problem." Winking at Zanrith, Hunter laughs as Zanrith's stunned expression continues. "However while these particles DO mutilate the body upon impact creating the amnesia, there is a latent effect connected to adrenaline but sadly the Recordings could reveal no more..."
"So I've...changed?" This was all Zanrith could muster from this iformation overload but Hunter was already moving.
"Enough talk, let's get something to eat."

Location: P3 Oil Refinery Depot 06:00 LT

"For Unseen's sake! What happened here?!" The worker looked at the twisted destruction before him, pipes were slashed and machinery was absolutely wrecked. The room was meant to be just a filtration room but this was like a horror scene, something had gone on a rampage in here, fire and oil were everywhere. The worker then heard a quiet sound of a footfall and straightened up trying to pinpoint the sound when the back of a head suddenly rested on his shoulder.
"You know how to keep a girl waiting." The worker near jumped out of his skin and spun around to see the figure had jumped back into the shadows. Trembling, he reached for his walkie-talkie but as he did he saw a figure slowly emerge before him.
"Oh my so amazing, I wonder how scared you can get." Stunned, the worker tried to raise the walkie-talkie but she jumped forward coming nose-to-nose with him and gently stroked his face.
"So white...this just makes my passion grow!" Leaping back, he tried to dart for the door but she is there, positioning herself leaning against the door-frame.
"It's time...." Terrified the worker looks around to find no escape and when he looks back at her, she yet again nose-to-nose with him. "...To fire up my true passion!"

After an explosion rippled across the entire platform, people gathered in the main square to see what was going on. Up on the roof of the now smoking building, in sight for all in the nearby square was her, swinging the slightly singed worker around like Ring a Ring o' Roses before hanging him by his shirt on a pole.
"Oh I can feel it now, no more dullness. Just changing burning crimson sights!" She yelled out before leaping down from the building to land right before the onlookers, when she looked up her eyes glowed yellow. Treading slowly towards them, stepping across the slipped oil coming from the destroyed building, her form began to change. Bat-like wings sprung from top of her head and fire began to cover her fingertips. This fire began to spread and crackle it consumed all of her body apart from her white face, a few oil puddles came up in flames but neither were directly connected to more, apart from the one in the front of her.
"What are you?" Asked a scared worker getting a happy laugh as a response.
"Me? Hmm I guess you can call me The Bloody Rose but now! Let the fireworks show begin!" She used the fire in her hands, moulded it and solidified it into a flaming scythe before whipping across the oil in front of her. The fire caught and the resulting minutes were filled with flaming explosions and laughs of ecstasy, mixed with a few terrified screams of the workforce.

Giggling to herself, she turned back and took in the beautiful sight of crimson, the now-rising sun only added to the fierce red of burning across the site.

Passion. Unleash the Fires of Creation.
Date: 16 05 2014 "Period of Rising Sun"
Location: P2 Rebellion HQ 11:00 LT

He arrived, but before he could even open his eyes his body was grabbed and carried away. He struggled briefly trying to resist his massive strength but the burly arms held him close as he seemed to be dashing sidewards in between obstacles.
"Hold on Kiddo, we are nearly there." Came a gruff reply as he finally began to open his eyes. People, tons of people, all wearing armaments and armour all around. The place itself looked a bit ramshackle, like a scrap-iron fort, but it literally seemed to be alive with the number of people, small tents with arms lying out of them holding their precious beer and wooden structures which even had people lying on the rooftops draining away the hours. But one thing he did notice, everyone was looking at him and even running after them, patting his captor on the back sometimes. Suddenly his captor jumped onto a raised wooden platform lit by glowing orbs and placed him down.

"MY FAMILY!" Boomed the gruff man, who wore the fur jerkin presumably just to show off his guns, before looking at the stunned kidnapped one. "Today is the day we have a new brother joining us!"
"What's going on?" Bewildered, he kept looking around as more and more people gathered.
"Ah, I almost forgot! There's supposedly a word stuck in your noggin, what be that word?" Completely flustered now, he scrambles for a word or anything...or two!
"Rowwdy Yisb!" Yisb blurts making the great man roar with laughter and then lift him onto his shoulders.
"Look around you, tell me what do you see?!" The man yells as he slowly turns around, with the people around him beginning to cheer. Yisb begins to smile as he realises everyone is cheering for him and shouting his name.
"People, so many happy people..." Looking up at the little man on his shoulders, the man winks.
"Freedom. Everyone here is free!" His fist pumps the air. "And we want to help the rest of our friends to become free too, what-cha say? You along for the ride?"
"Hell ya!" This man's positive attitude had now taken a grip on Yisb now, for he was punching the air too.

Several hours and one cup of whisky later, Yisb was sound asleep in the tent behind two figures as they talked.
"Great speech, he's already fallen for you, Fighter." The grey-robed man spoke as they shook hands.
"Indeed, it was your plan after all, Speaker, or should I say, Zeronex."

Location: P1-P2 Demi-Point ??:?? LT

He slowly awakens, lifting himself from where he had fallen...slowly. He noticed that he had fallen slowly....too slowly. Lifting his arm, it felt too light and he tried to jump, promptly hitting his head on the ceiling. This time he opened his eyes, seeing the entire room was like a cylinder of glass, with metal floor-work on the top and bottom. More amazingly though was the view through the glass, he realised he must be in outer space as he was facing a planet before him. It's huge surface spread out covering most of the view but he also noticed something was actually attached to the planet, what seemed like two massive metal pillars, both stretching out in opposite directions. As he followed the pillar going to the right, he could just see another planet was connected via this pillar and after checking there was another planet connected on the other side to the other pillar.
"Wait! I'm in one of those pillars!" He exclaimed as the realisation struck him, here there were 3 planets all connected by these pillars which made him think. "I'd like to see what's it like down there, on all 3 places."

Jumping across the Zero-G area, he lands on the metal-work marked with a giant "P1" and presses a button on the floor. A lift rises up and smiling he steps inside, letting the doors close him in near-darkness. There was a clunk, a bang and then a swoosh as the lift begins to reach such a speed he begins to free-fall. He begins to laugh and does a back-flip.

Adventure. The discovery of new places and people.
Date: 17 05 2014 "Period of Rising Sun"
Location: P3 Hunter Manor 09:00 LT

Leaping out of bed, he yelped with glee and ran to the grand staircase with an ecstatic cry before sliding down the banister at a rocket speed. The maids scrambled as he came darting through them and they sighed as he disappeared through the door at the end of the corridor.
"Where does he get that energy from?" One maid turned to other.
"Well, if you were abandoned and got to sleep in a place like this, how would you act?" Laughing, they continued listening to the sounds of maids scurrying out of the excited man's way.
"Maybe I thought he could be dignified about it and be grateful?"
"That's his way of showing his thanks, through his energy and happiness."
"Remind me why he got to stay here? Still seems weird to me he was just let in."
"It was indeed, one second the head matron was telling him he couldn't stay and then when she heard he couldn't remember anything, she was welcoming in a cup of tea. Something tells me that she must have overheard the master or something and be trying to earn some points with him." Both of them rolled their eyes at this, the oblivious master was knowledgeable in about nearly everything, except with women.
"Also what did she want us to call him again?" A clatter of utensils in the distance signalled his arrival at breakfast.
"I believe it was Master Lightflare..."

A hour later, with a rather full belly, Master Lightflare in his near-complete exploration of the massive manor came across a room. Study, do not enter, read the sign but this sign was missed as he pushed open the door and looked into the room. Musty was the first word that came to mind but there was a mysterious book on the desk in the back of the room, so he did what anyone would do and opened the first page of "-ThePTguy's Diary":

14 04 2012 The First Day
I am writing this from several days afterwards but this day is where it started. Or I started. The first thing was the wind, the second was seeing that huge explosion. Still to this day I remember the heat-wave that made my hair stand on end, even scared off the wild beasts I was fighting. I came closer and watched a lone man limp away from the flaming zone. I went after him to find him collapsed and to this day, I do not know why I dragged him into the cave and helped him with his wounds. He could be bad but he was hurt and I would be even worse if I left him. This is how I met Dedoombringer, his face covered in red blotches and his clothes smoking and covered in ashes. That night we formed a pact to find our lost memories, no matter the cost.

Bored, Master Lightflare closed the book and investigated the door on his right. This oaken door seemed strange though, it was quite cold to touch and odd smells were coming from it and when he listened, he could definitely hear something moving and moaning down there. So slowly, his usual high-spirited temperament slightly lowered, he opened the door and saw some stairs leading down.

Location: P3 Hunter Manor 10:00 LT

Was that a light? No, yes, no, yes that was something bright. His distorted mind was spurned into life from these new colours entering his vision, spinning around in his brain. Moaning he tried to straighten himself but he just fell backwards and laughed. Silly legs, would you mind doing me a favour of doing your job for once, he thought. Bringing himself to stand up, he leant against the nearly-empty wine rack, which was full until a couple nights ago and the cheese one further down was in a similar state.

Plod-plod-plod, what could that be? Footsteps? Footsteps! Of course, I make those sounds too! Listen to me, he thought. Frantically, he half-scrambled, half-skipped down to the far end back of the dark cellar and waited for a response. Nothing eh? Maybe I scared it, oh dear that won't do, won't do at all! I should approach this being and comfort it to frighten away the scaredness! With that, he dashed towards the source of footsteps, earning himself a sharp pain in his ears as the being emitted a powerful sonic attack to his eardrums when he came into view.

To try to quieten the sound, he tried to comfort the being by attempting to rest his hand on it's shoulder but the being dodged backwards emitting an even greater attack upon his ears. Urgh enough! This is annoying now, I am not hurting you so be quiet! I know! Maybe it has a button or something I need to press to stop it. So quickly he began failing his arms upon it to find an off-switch before his drums would rupture. Suddenly though, the sound stopped and a sharp pain across his chest had leapt up, also he noticed he was somehow now several metres away from it and "it" now looked very different. The whole thing was now bandaged up and seemed to have some cybernetic components too.....oh and a large blade now sliding out of the top of his right hand. Two can play at that game then!

A visor slid across his face, as he felt the plates along as his body solidify and interlock and then the rubber which grew from his hands and feet became round and wheel-like. Right then, he thought, let's do this! At lightning speed, he rushed the bandaged opponent and sent it flying up the stairs with a shoulder barge. He chased up the stairs after it at a rate of knots but with his wheels, he tripped on the last step and went flying, through the wall. Slightly dazed and confused by the sudden influx of light from the outside, he promptly fainted and started to snore, completely ignorant of the bandaged thing lying next him inside the building and the two people standing above them.

"Hunter, what's going on?"
"That, I wish I knew, but I suspect you, Zanrith, may have some new room-mates."

Freedom. The wish to perform any action and be uninhibited by anything.
Date: 17 05 2014 "Period of Rising Sun"
Location: P2 Down-Town District 05:00 LT

A knock resonated at the door, causing both occupants to look up in alarm. Had their plan been rumbled? Casting looks at each other only when did another knock echo out did one of them stand.

"Are you sure you should get that, Shadow?" Asked the sitting man, adjusting a white mask across his face.

"Well nobody knows or should know about us being here, especially I was just in P3 yesterday. So this.........this I did not plan for." Shadow replied, drawing out a serrated blade behind his back and approached the door. The door creaked and moaned like the rest of the abandoned building, which usually didn't have these kind of interruptions. But this one was quite special.

Grasping the door-handle, he pulled the door open and frowned as he saw a man wearing a suit and some red glasses tapped his foot.

"In most cultures, it's considered rude to leave a guest waiting outside for so long but I will let that pass." Outspoken in his words and his actions seemed to be the same as he strode past Shadow, seemingly oblivious of the blade behind his back, taking up Shadow's seat before resting his feet on the table. "You know this isn't what I would call homely but it will do, considering I had to con someone for decent attire already." The sitting man leant back to examine this interesting person, definitely no weapons on him but every time you looked into his eyes, his glasses glinted almost naturally by themselves.

"So, sir, what brought you to this place, discarded as such." Enquired the sitting man calmly crossing his arms.

"Just luck this time, I was out there on the streets for 2 days, had to do some things to survive of course but the strange matter is that I cannot fathom anything before that date, apart from one thing." This statement caused both men to look at each other, exchange knowing glances and Shadow clapped his hands together, dropping the blade behind him. "Ah, I thought that would have an effect."

"Well then, mister guest, would you like some food perhaps? Oh before I prepare something, would you mind telling us what that one thing you can remember is?"

"That, I believe is AcCelEration. In fact, I like saying that out-loud, mind if I adopt that as my name for now?" Laughing, Shadow reached across into a dusty cupboard and pulled out a bottle of wine.

"I won't have it any other way!" As those two began to drink, the sitting man muttered into his mask.

"Pity both of us already found new names to use, like Shadow...and Phantom."

Location: P2 Underground Arena 15:00 LT

Ding-Ding! "And the fight begins, with the blue champion defending his title against this one-hit wonder. He's the new kid here, only 2 days on the block and he ain't lettin' anyone, I mean ANYONE, knock a chip off his block. Yes, yes crowd, corny commentary check!" A hearty cheer rose up as the fighters squared up against each other, punching each other's gloves and hugging.

"Sorry mate but that title just sounds too good." Whispered the red challenger in their embrace.

"Yeah, well you ain't the first." Replied the blue title-holder.

"True, but I will be the last!" Said the red boxer pulling away. The judge stood forward, rose his arms and then began the match.

Blue immediately hopped forward launching a barrage of blows towards the red's stomach and head but each one connected another glove as the blue intercepted. Blue continued his defence, even forcing his gloves to connect sooner and taking his opponent by surprise. With that, the red pushed both of the blue's arms open wide and it happened. Blue's arms were far apart and red's arms had just retracted when his arm reached out impossibly fast. So fast, that even if the blue guy wasn't OHKO'ed from it, he was knocked out of the arena due to the shock-wave from the punch as it broke the sound barrier. The crowd went silent as the deafening bang echoed through the huge cavernous building. There was a loud thud as the fallen blue connected with the floor and everyone looked at the standing red in the ring.

"That's......what you call a Home-Run Shot!" Screamed the boxer and the crowd went wild. His idea of becoming the best fighter in the world had just taken it's first step and wasn't letting around get in his way.

The referee lifted his arms and shouted. "And the winner is Star08! The One Hit Kid!"
Thank you YCG, for everything.