Video Madness

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Video Madness

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Video madness
Chapter 1 the New Girl in Town
It was August 30 Dereck’s birthday. His mother had promised him his first game console after school. He had always wanted a console to call his own. His friends had PlayStation 4s and Xbox ones but his family was poor so what could it be. His mother always tried her best working two jobs to get by. With her insistence that she did not have to eat as much as him always seemed disingenuous the land lord breathing down her neck. She drifted deep into alcoholism.
So what could it be? A Wii U whatever it is it is special enough coming from mom. His junior high was just a short walk from the house. The sun was just barely setting its first orange glow upon Marion and it was just beautiful outside. The leaves where orange and brown the air was nice and crisp a perfect day for a birthday.
As he arrived at his school old with a few reinventions. The school used to be the High school. The library was new and the back cafeteria but otherwise the same as the thousands of other kids who went to this school for decades. The town was once a prosperous town but like many things in the rust belt it was not what it once was.
He walked in the front door and there she was the most beautiful girl he never saw. Her black hair that went down to her shoulders her green eyes stared at him. She walked off as a certain uneasiness fall upon him. He had seen her before. A game that he played at a friend’s house he saw a faint blue glow as she finally went out of view. Whispering Willows Elena Elkhorn yes it is a dead ringer for her.
He went to class modern world history his favorite. Well Elena was their teacher introduced her and that was actually her name. The class started and the teacher started talking about Andrew Jackson. Elena face turned pale white she ran out of the classroom. Visions of slaughter filled his head. Natives being killed by the dozens being forced to move to new lands. Children dying and not being properly buried each induvial text book shut on its own one at a time.
Stay calm students remain in your seats. Andrew Jackson was a war of 1812 general and president of the United States…
The lights flickered and the smart board fell off the wall. The entire school was starting to shake.
Elena crying came in saying you upset her. I suggest you leave now it is only going to get worse. He r tear drop necklace glowing blue everyone left blue Elena and Derrick. It is ok said Elena it is all in the past now.
A short while later Elena said you need to pass on. There is no place for you anymore. Another short while later Elena said He loved you but he was forced to leave you behind. What disturbed you? It is worse than I thought than. The pendent stopped glowing.
What was that said Dereck?
I got no… she passed out. As he caught her as she feel. He blinked and he was in old dilapidated house.
A man with glasses what are you doing with my daughter.
I just caught her and…
What happened said John Elkhorn walking up to her she was still breathing?
She was interacting with a ghost at our school and then she fainted.
Elena opened her eyes dad I am sorry.
This happens all the time Elena how many times do we have to go through this. I just got a job again and you can’t keep exposing your powers everywhere you go.
Powers thought Derrick
Yes we are psychics said John.
Derrick would you follow me asked Elena. Slowly leading the way upstairs she turned into a small room on the left the first room in the second floor. It was a moderate size room. There was a bed, multiple televisions, a closet, and multiple game systems new and old. A Nintendo Entertainment System, Sega Genesis, an Ouya, Gamestick, PlayStation 4, Xbox, Xbox One, Atari 2600, and a Sg- 1000 where did you get that asked Derrick.
Which one the Sega Master System?
No the Sg-1000 Sega’s first console. That never was realized here and a Japanese version that is awesome. What games do you have for it?
Ouya heard Derrick. Did you hear that Elena?
Hear what?
Hi I am Sparkie or you could call me Ouya model________.
Sparkie hi I am Derrick.
Who are you talking to asked Elena?
Sparkie your Ouya said Derrick.
It’s no use she can’t hear me said Sparkie. You’re the second person who I ever meet who can hear me.
Elena you can read my mind right.
Yes I’m not that good at it but why?
Sparkie you now you can talk to Elena.
Why would I want to talk to her she does not care about me. I am just an afterthought to her. I want to be loved again.
Let’s turn you on Derrick said walking up to the Sparkie.
Elena just stood there with her jaw dropped. It is talking.
He is talking Elena every console has a spirit a soul that makes it what it is. Everyone has a story to tell about people who loved them. People, who abused them and consoles that where forgotten about, neglected just to be put in a closet never to be seen again for years. So what Tv is the Sparkie hooked up to.
He is not hooked up to any of them. She walked over pulled him into an outlet and plugged in the hdmi cable to the back of the largest television. So what controller is for the Sparkie?
You don’t need one said Elena.
She walked up to the television and said come on take my hand. Derrick did and watched in amazement when he saw Elena walk into the television. Derrick followed and saw a beautiful 8 bit environment. It was a dungeon like environment he looked around and saw several platforms floating in air. Elena was on another platform wearing a blue clock with a hood. She jumped to another platform and shot an arrow at Derrick. He froze as the arrow impaled him instantly. He fell over and reappeared at the same location.
What just happened thought Derrick?
Don’t worry you can’t die in here said Elena. This is all just a game.
He jumped to another platform seeing his 8bit dead body was kind of startling. Wearing yellow armor and a hat he would never wear that again and suddenly he clothes had changed to that of a pink male archer very funny said Derrick.
All you could hear was a digitized voice laughing. Elena shot another arrow. Derrick tried to jump out of the way but failed instead of killing him the arrow bounced off with a squeak. More laughter fell over the area.
Derrick tried to shoot her but Elena not just dodged she landed on the other platform. A couple more arrows where shot. Derrick went done a hole while Elena turned her bow up as he fell. He went above her and he got shot again.
I take it you never played Towerfall. She went to retrieve her arrows from Derrick’s corpses. This continued on for hours. Each death Derrick got a little bit better but Elena was just always just that much better.
Elena dinners ready James yelled.
How can we hear that asked Derrick?
Sparkie what time is it asked Elena.
I don’t have a clock setting.
You have been reading my mind the entire time.
Yes it I am sorry psychic powers can be a curse. It is easier for you me to read your mind than it is not to do so. It’s like breathing I have to suppress using my powers.
Its ok said derrick as he jumped over to her. This is the best time I have had in my life.
I am sorry but I think that is a little too early. See you around as the world started to spin he woke up in his bed with Sparkie with him. Home sweet home thought Derrick.
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Video Madness
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