Anotha' one

If you like to write then we like to read. Here's a place to share your stories, poetry, or whatever.
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Anotha' one

Post by sgtc1 » Thu Mar 10, 2016 4:15 pm

So I wrote a poem the other day and thought it was worth sharing. Enjoy. :3

14 years of age
She sits crying outside her school
A scene all too familiar to her
She comes home to her mother to clean and bandage up her mother's cuts and bruises left by her father
He sits sleeping on the couch, the bottle still in his hand
She takes it and drinks from it, trying to forget
Her mother sobs and cries
The next day the girl wakes up to find her mother dead in the bathtub
She tells her dad but he just slaps her
Doesn't say word
She goes to the kitchen and finds a note from her mom
She tells her she loves her daughter, but that she can't stand living anymore
The tears on the letter still fresh and wet
They mix with hers as she reads
She thinks she is to weak and ugly
The scars on her wrist serve her as a reminder
But what she doesn't know is how many guys think she's cute and too attractive for them to ask out or even talk to
The other girl's hate her because she's so pretty and nice
But she doesn't see it
She just thinks no one wants to be her friend
She's a torn up cherry blossom, still echoing her beauty
She is a broken angel, her wings too shredded up to fly
Behind her pretty face sits a barren wasteland
Her smooth beautiful blue eyes, devoid of color on the inside
Her innocence is now only an old bittersweet memory
Her compassionate tears masked by her counterfeit smile
She does not know how many other girls sit in the same position as her
Listen girl, if you ever think you're ugly always remember you're not
No matter what anyone else says
'Cause the real people know just how special you all are
"F*** being normal!" ~EMIN3M

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