Letters to lonnie Gone Home Fanfiction

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Letters to lonnie Gone Home Fanfiction

Post by jwestbro11 » Thu Nov 16, 2017 8:48 pm

Dear Lonnie, 7/14/95
I saw your mother Linda yesterday and she agreed to send letters to you for me. I know you thought we where over but this was your dream and if that means I have to not see you for a few years that’s fine. You need to think of what will make you happy. I’m willing to wait for you. We can start our life together at any point.
I know it is going tough on both of us but your the toughest person I know. I’ll miss you but that will make us finally being together even better. At least that’s what Linda keeps telling me. The whole running away together idea was stupid anyways. Wish I would have been told that you would turn yourself in before I had it all the way to Salem.
Wish you had been around to see Katie you would really like her. It’s nice to have someone to stand up for me when dad gets unbearable. He destroyed the last letter I was going to write. Got grounded for a mouth when he found out about mine and Linda’s argument. Katie was their protecting me from his overbearing nature.
Whatever you want to need to find in the military I hope you find it.

Love sam.
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