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Is Duel Links Mickey Mickey Mouse?

Posted: Mon Feb 12, 2018 4:24 pm
by MysticJhn
I was just playing, and while dueling the NPC character Mickey, I couldn't help but notice certain similarities to a particular mouse.

Link to the Wiki in case the pic doesn't work.
Mickey Mouse

Well first, the names are the same.
Then you look at the head.
Duel Links (DL) Mickey has black hair, just like the top of Mickey Mouse's head is black.
Mickey Mouse's face, though, is tan like human skin, so it matches DL Mickey's face.
Both have big, dark eyes.
They both wear red with white circles on their outfit.
Both are short.
Both wear shorts.
White shirt, white gloves.
If you could see DL Mickey's sneakers, I'd be certain.

However, it's almost enough for me to believe DL Mickey is meant to represent Mickey Mouse.
Is Konami slyly slipping a reference in the game that isn't Yu-Gi-Oh related?

EDIT: Okay, so in the Japanese version his name is a generic "Energetic Boy", but still!