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Legendary Hero Decks

Posted: Thu Nov 29, 2018 4:43 pm
by Loki6514
There are the card reprints. There are the new cards that support the 3 classic Yugioh archetypes. Like the Nordic deck a lot, this deck is Synchro crazy. The Destiny Hero deck has the Mask-Change-to-a-Dark-Law card. Found this one to be the builder, this one is Fusion summoning mad. Couldn't get into the Phantom Knights deck, the deck might be the strongest of the three. It looked as playable as the other two. . . As good as these decks are, Nordics and Destiny Heroes felt power crept against the latest and greatest. This one seems better than the last Legendary boxed set. Recommend for casual play and gift giving to younger Yugioh players.