Returning to the game of yugioh.

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Returning to the game of yugioh.

Post by dce7845 » Thu Jan 05, 2017 3:13 am

So i dont really post much on here but i thought i should share my experience on how i re-entered the game of yugioh. This isnt a complaint just me sharing what ive seen. I started playing yugioh when i was 7 which was around the 2003. I took on shop tournaments and even went to a regionals in i believe it was 2005. I stopped playing when Teledad became a good deck because my 10 year old self (what a brat i was) got mad because he couldnt pay for a Teledad deck with his monthly allowance. I came back into the game a few months ago because i have job now and i thought, hey it would be a cool hobby to pick up again. I watched about a billion videos on youtube trying to catch up with the times and it was an extremely tough experience but when i finally figured out what was going on with the game it was time for the 2016 regional tournament in Arlington a few weeks ago. So i bought myself an ABC Dragon Buster deck (stupid good deck) and went. Now i simply dont want to play the game anymore. I went 6-3 and lost the very next round. Im not mad that i lost. Honestly the guy i lost to played better than me and thats fine. But in the 9 rounds of swiss i learned that yugioh is simply about making a board first turn and not allowing your opponent to play. All 3 of my losses were to Metalfoe decks. And the decks i absolutely crushed were my favorite decks that i played. The deck i lost to in the first round after swiss was something called Nurse Burn. It wasnt too fun. I simply dont like the way the game is heading. I think im going to play casually again. Those are my feelings on the topic. If you think that the game is going to change in someway let me know because i really love playing Yugioh i just cant handle the way its being played right now.
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Re: Returning to the game of yugioh.

Post by Ginsu_Skymourne » Sat Jan 07, 2017 9:22 am

There are so many copy decks out there now it's not even funny, I remember when Six Samurai first came out and no one used it but me (Still do infact) then a few years down the road everyone and their mother started using it and it was the deck that won worlds like 2 years in a row and so many participants used it, now no one uses it and its still my favorite deck, give it time and Metalfoe will disappear for something else... no one has originality anymore... -,=,-

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Re: Returning to the game of yugioh.

Post by dracostrike » Thu Jan 12, 2017 2:14 pm

While it's your decision to leave the game, I would still say to give it another shot. By the sound of it, you caught up using only the web and didn't do much at a locals ^^ That's part of where the fun is, regular meet-ups, shop tournaments and sneak peeks! (God I love those!)

It's very different play-style at regionals and the atmosphere is completely different there, the competitiveness is insane :) But I would still say the heart of Yugioh lies literally in the first episode of it's anime: In a shop playing with friends ^^ Nothing can make you smile more than having a good time with other duelists.

I wish I could say more but I am kinda being hypocritical since I myself am leaving the game XD My reason is simply I don't have the time anymore, so I will say with what time you do have, spent it having fun :D
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