What is Yu-Gi-Oh missing?

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What is Yu-Gi-Oh missing?

Post by MysticJhn » Sat Oct 14, 2017 2:53 am

Exactly what the title says, what do you think the game, video game(s), anime, or manga is missing that it hasn't done yet?
Well, besides from real world holographic duel disks.
Let's keep it to realistic expectations.

For instance, I had a thread made ages ago where it discussed "missing" structure deck themes.
Basic themes, not even archetypal themes.
For themes like Dragons, you have had structure decks for every era of Yu-Gi-Oh since the beginning.
Yet for something just as old, like Insects, it's never been touched once.
Not even Psychic structures, and those were new and hot back when they premiered in 5Ds.
You'd think they'd want to sell the new cards, but even these days there's very little Psychic support.

Off that topic, I would like to see a main female protagonist in an anime/manga.
I know the majority of the fan base and target audience is young men or boys, but this is now a well
established brand with a global reach, and geeky things such as card games aren't as male-centric as they used to be.
They aren't shy about putting women on the cards, and have a handful of decent female supporting
characters in the anime, so why none in the lead?

Is there anything else you think is missing that you'd like to see?
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Re: What is Yu-Gi-Oh missing?

Post by Davb2 » Mon Oct 08, 2018 12:06 pm

Id like to see new toon cards maybe... XD idk. Id toon was competitive ir was fun...

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