Thought you'd all find this interesting

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Thought you'd all find this interesting

Post by Wallaceman105 » Mon Jul 16, 2018 11:41 am

I haven't touched YGO in months, but my MTG friends and I were getting into a discussion about strategy between different games, specifically contrasting requirements. Eventually, I broke it down in a few posts:
The underlying differences in the types of strategies in YGO and MTG obviously stems from the lack of mana system, however even that is underwritten by the intensity of activation requirements that YGO cards often have. More importantly, what divides the two completely is the point of focus for gameplay. In MTG, this is evenly split between the hand and the board, which is why empty hands and tapped out bases are such important things: they allow total focus on the board. In YGO, the nature of its timing system has always prevented such use of cards in hand. (See makyura the destroyer as the opposite of this)
To put it simply, YGO focuses on the board presence as the core of its strategy, due to:
-A lack of reliable hand-based actions at reactive speeds
-The need to protect a far greater percentage of 'permanents'
-Lack of universal payment system, requiring instead intricate setups to fulfill activation requirements

However, in recent years, hand interaction has been thrown into the game, which fundamentally changes the nature of strategy entirely. Unlike previous power creep, which can be balanced with complexity creep, and vice-versa, the introduction of hand-based actions such as 'Ghost Ogre&Snow Rabbit' and 'Evenly Matched' is BOTH complexity and power creep, as it turns the game's core values and turns it on its head.

Yugioh could try this list of changes and probably improve, albeit with some bans and Erratas well:
-Simplify the Spell Speed timing system to eliminate quirks like the Damage step window and allow for more efficient player interactions
-Limit Inherent Special Summons (Cyber Dragon, Extra Deck summons, etc) to 5 per turn
-Consolidate the combat system to an easily repeatable 2 step system: Declare, Damage
-Raise the minimum deck count to 50
I thought you all might like to comment, particularly anyone who plays both.
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