Need help to spot fake cards

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Need help to spot fake cards

Post by Hehe1733 » Fri Jan 11, 2019 1:21 pm

Hello guys :)

As the title suggests, I have some cards where I can't tell whether they are fake or original. I hope I choose the right place to post my question, if not I am sorry, maybe let me know where I should have posted it or if I can more my post to the right place.

If you don't want to know anything else and just want to see the fotos here they are. Every foto has one or two cards on it that I am pretty sure are original, because I bought them from a trusty seller. The other card(s) is from eBay. I thought it might help to compare the maybe fake ones to original ones. ... PNICa?dl=0

Few years ago, I was a big fan of Yugioh cards. But as I got older, other interests took over and I stopped collecting cards. That was around the time when the synchro monsters became a thing.
I remember that back in the day it was really easy to tell whether a card is fake or not. The fake ones were so different that you could spot a fake one miles away.
Not knowing that the fake cards became really good, I bought some cards on eBay the last few weeks. I wanted to feel the nostalgia of some old cards, that I always wanted in the past.

Than I saw videos on YouTube, where people show the new fakes, and suddenly I was not sure if I spend a lot of money on fake cards.

I red a lot of articles and watched YouTube videos on how to spot the fake ones. But sometimes it's only something like a blurred 1st edition symbol to tell that a card is fake.

I thought that the active players, like you all probably, could help me spot the fake cards..:)

A few words to the cards I need your help with (folders in my link are named the same as the list below):

1) LOB-000
As I saw online, there are also reprints of older series, for example the LOB-000 in my collection is supposed to be a reprint. But I noticed that the sparcle effect is a bit on the low side, as you can probably tell from the fotos... Is this normal for a reprint?

2) Ring of destruction
Both are the same Limited edition. Both look exactly the same. One has a gold square in the bottom right corner, one a silver one.
As far as I know, first edition or limited cards always have a gold one. So is the other card fake? I swear it looks besides the square exactly as the other card.
It also seems strange to me that someone would fake a special edition card, that is not really expensive.

3) Yata
The brown on one card is a little different colour than the other card. Slightly different colour = fake?
Also: one is called LOD-000, the other LOD-EN000. Strange?

4) Traps
Tragedy is way darker than all other traps I have seen so far.

5) Water Dragon
The shiny effect is different on one card. It also shines from different angles than the other two.

6) Grandmarg
Different shiny effect and different brown.

7) PSV-G016
different shiny effect.

8.) More fotos of maybe fake cards
Just some random cards that also have slightly/a lot different colour tones than my old ones. These pictures only show cards where I am not sure whether they are fake or not.
ONLY FOR THESE PICTURES: the card on the left is always the (hopefully) original one.

One last question: Sometimes I see cards with a G, for example (don't know if this number actually exists) LOB-G000. Do you know what this means?

If you need better fotos or have questions, feel free to ask :-) Hope you can tell whether I got ripped of or not and thank you all in advance..:)

Common Duelist
Posts: 2
Joined: Mon Jan 07, 2019 10:20 am

Re: Need help to spot fake cards

Post by Hehe1733 » Thu Jan 17, 2019 12:31 am

No one has an idea? :(

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