Thoughts on Manga Rules

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Thoughts on Manga Rules

Post by MewMew1989 » Sun Jun 09, 2019 10:48 am

This is about the rules of the manga version of the Yugioh card game. (Specifically, the “Super Expert Rules” from Battle City onward.

In the manga, you can only activate/Set 1 Spell Card and 1 Trap Card directly from your hand per turn. All Spells are like Quick-Play Spells in the TCG. You can’t activate them the turn you Set them but other than that you can activate them whenever you want on either player’s turn. And you can activate as many Spells and Traps as you want once they’re already Set and you passed your turn.

Spells have a big advantage over Traps since you can activate them on either player’s turn, but most Spells (in the manga at least) cannot directly counter your opponent’s attacks/Summons/etc. Traps can block your opponent more effectively. I have yet to see any hand Traps in the manga but they probably work like Spells.

The manga rules seem to make the game more fun, because there is more back and forth, more battling, between you and your opponent. They make the game feel more like poker since you have to spend more time reading your opponent, figuring out which cards they Set are Spells or Traps. They also work as a natural floodgate, without the cumbersome Mana Cards or Energy Cards you see in Magic or Pokemon.

Yugioh as it is played today is cancer. You have to spend 5 hours spamming Link monsters and setting up a board, most of it on Summoning a billion monsters in one turn. The Main Phase 1 has swallowed up most of the game like a tumor, and makes it feel more like solitaire than an actual battle with your opponent. The TCG was always like this but it’s ludicrous now. I’m not suggesting we switch to manga rules or anything like that, but wanted to show how the game was first conceived.

I even flirted with the idea of writing my fanfics with manga rules but it is too late now. If you ever wanted to know why Yugi makes wacky plays in the anime, now you know, since the anime was carried over from the manga, which had different rules.

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Re: Thoughts on Manga Rules

Post by MysticJhn » Mon Jun 10, 2019 8:23 pm

Don't forget that the manga rules aren't written down anywhere really, and they have never been the same as the card game.
The manga basically makes up the game as it goes along, which is why you never see people set monsters face down.
It only exists as a plot device, it wasn't planned as a real working game.
The real world card game came out after the anime even, and was structured more like a real card game.
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