Atlantean Dragoons is one triggered boi ;) Atlantean orcust showcase

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Poske Yugituber
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Atlantean Dragoons is one triggered boi ;) Atlantean orcust showcase

Post by Poske Yugituber » Thu Jun 13, 2019 7:49 pm

He is Probably sad because he is unable to trigger/enable himself. Damn evolution forced him to live in symbiosis with non legendary folk, why can't he enable himself ):: ... Imagine being a dragoon, looking like a sea horse.Wait a Horse? A dragon to? So we can ride this boii? How many times has Atlantean Dragoons heard such stuff? He is not a battle pet, nor a courier. Also that damn Prince, he is so ENTITLED !

Aqua Dolphin triggers him
Mermaid triggers him

Nothing groundbreaking just a really good Atlantean Orcust build. I wonder if we ll get Metal snake while Orcust stays relevant.

Well time to build some fresh rokkets because Dragoons is not the only one triggered by knightmare engine being SPLASHED everywhere including the water deck. Careful Orcust!! Your machines might get rusty, who knows maybe Konami ll take care of something Rusty (Bardiche) due to that ;)[/youtube]

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