The Pokemon DBS: Draco's Breeding Shop *reopened*

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The Pokemon DBS: Draco's Breeding Shop *reopened*

Post by dracostrike » Fri Jun 09, 2017 12:08 pm

This post was last updated on June 6th 2017
First of all, let me welcome you to the thread, the purpose here is to help other players to get IV'd pokemon if they don't have the time or resources to do so themselves, at a competitive level. Effectively you can create a competitive team by just posting down below what you would like ^^

Also if you are looking for a Hidden Ability or a pokemon which is just out of reach, I could possibly help you out too ^^
If you were to receive a Pokemon from me, it would have the wanted nature as discussed, 5 IVs maxed, wanted egg moves and the correct ability. The level will be 1, no EVs and no items, so you will need to train the Pokemon yourself.

My contact details are DS name: Draco, IGN: Dracostrike and FC: 2809-8726-1156, to ask any questions, just down below and I will reply usually within 48 hours.
As for what I am looking for in return, usually a PPup would suffice but since there are a few things I am currently looking, if you could provide me with any of them then I would be excited to negotiate a deal :)
Looking for:
Kartana - Jolly Nature
Amaura - Hidden Ability
Turtwig - Hidden Ability
Piplup - Hidden Ability
Oshawott - Hidden Ability

(Spoilers appear to be down atm ^^)
Thank you YCG, for everything.