Oh boy, a Decade.

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Re: Oh boy, a Decade.

Post by Schy 2.0 » Thu May 10, 2018 3:49 pm

Haven't really posted here since 2011 I think. my own 10 year "anniversary" was February, but I don't think that counts since I was only active for 3 years. it's crazy to see some of the old members still haunting this place. hope you're all doing well

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Re: Oh boy, a Decade.

Post by MysticJhn » Thu May 10, 2018 7:51 pm

Your joined date says 2012, which means your decade anniversary won't be until 2022.
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Re: Oh boy, a Decade.

Post by EvilGod10 » Tue Feb 05, 2019 6:35 am

I too am late to the decade party
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