Here is the place to share about any great strategies that you've come up with or that have been used against you.
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Chahine Bond
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Post by Chahine Bond » Sat May 31, 2014 3:29 am

How to defeat the combo of these monsters? i've tried with many decks and it didn't work, i need ideas on how to beat it.
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Rowwdy Yisb
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Re: Batterymen

Post by Rowwdy Yisb » Sat May 31, 2014 3:51 am

If they're using Short Circuit, Starlight Road or My Body as a Shield could be useful. Also Light Imprisoning Mirror is p good
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Re: Batterymen

Post by Chiru323 » Tue Aug 12, 2014 5:36 pm

Chahine Bond wrote:How to defeat the combo of these monsters? i've tried with many decks and it didn't work, i need ideas on how to beat it.
I use Batterymen, and it is a very trolly deck. The quickest way my friend beats it is using agents, as kristya prevents special summons, and that hinderance destroys this deck. Watch out for Short Circuit, as it wipes your entire front and back row, including field, but it can only be activated if they have 3 batterymen on the field at once.

Easiest defense against Batteryman decks:

1: Anti-Special Summon combos/decks
2: Anti-Swarming strategies.
3: Anything that makes the Op discard from the hand, I.E. Darkworlds.

Note: Light imprisoning mirror could be very useful, I just wouldn't recommend relying on it as B-man decks can be taken down hard, so most of it's players would be ready for something like that. Good side choice though.

And don't forget to run some backrow hate as the strongest Batteryman support cards are traps. (Portable battery pack, a continuous double call that ss 2 of any batteryman in ATK mode, including the big powered fuel cell or worse, charger)

Speaking of, when B-man Charger is a tricky monster who gains 300 ATK for every thunder on the controller's field (all B-men are thunder) and when normal summoned, they get to ss any B-man from the deck that's applicable, most would go into fuel cell as it has a nice bouncing eff, I personally use normal charger, bring out another charger, so now I have 2 2400 beatsticks, so I special summon fuel cell and my chargers are suddenly 2700 each, then call or battery charger spell to ss a random b-man and now all my chargers are 3k+.

Remember, this deck can special summon 3+ monsters in a single move without chaining a bunch of cards, so be prepared.

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