Protect My Lord Shi En

Here is the place to share about any great strategies that you've come up with or that have been used against you.
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Protect My Lord Shi En

Post by thomasjcs » Thu Aug 07, 2014 5:43 pm

Any Ideas on how I can build my deck to not only protect my Legendary Six Samurai-Shi En from being destroyed by battle or card effects, but also bring him back when he's either destroyed or banished besides the usual cards.

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Re: Protect My Lord Shi En

Post by XYZ Dragon Cannon » Thu Aug 07, 2014 9:25 pm

Safe Zone + Soul Charge/CoTH?

I don't know.

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Re: Protect My Lord Shi En

Post by Wallaceman105 » Tue Aug 26, 2014 11:36 am

LSS Enishi is crucial to protect him from monsters, since he kinda takes care of S/T himself, and as for revival, I favor cunning.
The best field setup (imo) is Shi En, LSS Enishi, Kizan/Kageki, with Double Edge set and Cunning in hand, with 4+ Six Sam in graveyard.
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