Monarch users-CHECK IT!

Here is the place to share about any great strategies that you've come up with or that have been used against you.
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Monarch users-CHECK IT!

Post by Wallaceman105 » Fri Oct 10, 2014 11:43 am

With RotA at 3, I recently designed, well, refurbished, really, what may just be the new best Monarch deck: RotANarchs!
Basically, it uses RotA to search for easy summons, and Return to search Monarchs. It also uses 1 Orichalcos and 1 Terraforming. In it, you can run 10 Monarchs and almost never clog. This is the build that I've found best:
2x Mobius
3x Caius
2x Thestalos
3x Raiza
3x Heroic Challenger - Assault Halberd/Photon Thrasher
3x Junk Foward/Photon Thrasher
3x Spell Striker
2x Jester Confit

3x RotA
3x Return of the Monarchs
1x Terraforming
1x Seal of Orichalcos
2x MST
3x The Monarchs Stormforth

2x Monarchs Awaken
1x Mirror Force
2x Breakthrough Skill
1x Escalation of the Monarchs/The Monarchs Erupt
:lol: :lol: :lol: no. :evil:[/spoiler]I encourage anyone who loves them Narchs to test this out....particularly against Shaddolls, who we seem to have a nice little advantage against.
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Zanrith wrote:Make the extra deck great again, too many pendulums are entering our decks!
Just build a wall of floodgates.
And make the OCG pay for it!

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