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Siding in for ABC mirror

Posted: Wed Dec 21, 2016 7:33 am
by cezr
So let's assume both players have a fairly standard ABC deck with the full solemn brigade and vanity's for traps + the same side deck (yes, that bit's unlikely but it's to assess strategies' strengths not probability of 2 identical decks) with no completely off the wall techs.

Player X wins Game 1.

The side deck of both players is:

1 Ally of justice - cycle reader
1 Ally of justice quarantine
3 Chaos Hunter
3 Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries
3 System down
2 Magnet Reverse
2 Pot of Avidity

But obviously neither player knows the other's exact deck and side deck. What are the go-to cards assuming you're 1) first turn? 2) 2nd turn?

Re: Siding in for ABC mirror

Posted: Wed Dec 21, 2016 4:46 pm
by cezr
OK, so for example you side in 3 Cahos Hunters and 2 Pot of Avidity. You play 2nd.

Player 1 makes Tsukuyomi and you summon Chaos Hunter from hand, stopping the summon of ABC dragon buster. Player 1 ends turn.

Great, now your Photon Thrasher is completely dead in hand, meaning Player 2 can't make ABC that turn. Player 1 gets a Gadget out, makes Direwolf/Castel —> bye bye Chaos Hunter and Player 1 gets ABC out. Proceeds to win game.

If, on the other hand, Player 2 had sided in Ghost Reaper —> Player 1 basically throws the game. Yet, opening Ghost Reaper and playing first is useless and more than useless. A Tsukuyomi play will reveal Ghost Reaper to the opponent, who will then frantically churn out ABCs as fast as possible before another Ghost Reaper gets drawn.

System down completely ignores who has first turn by clearing your opponent's field (and graveyard for good measure), but thereby leaves you vulnerable to being hit with Ghost Reaper.

So I'm stuck - what is the superior siding strategy out of Chaos Hunter, Ghost Reaper and System down?