My Custom fish deck

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My Custom fish deck

Post by Psaras » Sun Oct 09, 2011 9:05 am

I am posting my deck in order to receive advice on how to improve it.I am marking with three dots (...)every card that i am not sure if it has to be in deck and with (-) evey card that i am not sure about its number in deck.Please reply your advices.
Contains:Monsters 18
3x Superancient Deepsea King Coelacanth
3x Royal Swamp
3x Golden Flying Fish
3x Oyster Meister
3x Metabo-Shark
1x Earthbound Immortal Chacu Challhua(...)
1x Gorz(...)
1x Unshaver Angler(...)(-)

Spells 13
3x Mausoleum of the emperor
2x Terraforming(-)
2x My body as a shield(-)
2x MST
1X Big wave small wave(...)(-)
1x Book of moon
1x Pot of avarice

Traps 9
3x Fish Depth Charge
2x Bottomless Trap Hole
1x Mirror force
1x Dimensional prison(...)(-)
1x Trap stun
1x Starlight road

Extra Deck 15
3x Stardust
2x Gungnir Dragon of the ice barrier
2x Thought ruler archfiend
2X Red dragon archfiend
1x Ancient Fairy Dragon
1x Black rose dragon
1x Scrap Dragon
1x Brionac
1x Catastor
1x Trishula(...)

The porpuse is to Summon as fast as you can the Superancient.Then you Sychro(royal swamp+any other 4 :star: Fish) Stadust and another synchro depending on the situation or only stardust.From there you can eliminate...probably every single deck.

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Re: My Custom fish deck

Post by bighobbit » Sun Oct 09, 2011 9:31 am

-1 Flying Fish
-3 Metabo
-1 Chacu Challhua
-1 Unshaven
+3 Nimble Sunfish
+1 Glow-up Bulb
+2 Effect Veiler
+1 Phantom of Chaos

-3 Mausoleum
-2 Terra
-1 Big Wave Small Wave
-2 My Body as a Shield
+1 Reborn
+1 Dark Hole
+1 Heavy Storm
+2 Moray of Greed
+1 Foolish Burial

-1 Trap Stun
-1 D-Prison
+2 Call of the Haunted
+1 Solemn Judgment

Tribute Summoning Superancient is way too slow, aim for Special Summoning him from the Grave.